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Names you can't believe you got.

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Curved Swords, especially fitting with the parents =P dragcave.net/lineage/fnTqm


"You see those warriors from Hammerfell? They’ve got curved swords. Curved. Swords."

Love this.


I was very happy to snag Wester the other day for a Cavern Lurker, it's a song by one of my favourite bands.

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I got 'asdf' from a few weeks ago.


Still laughing. Really. asdf? Nobody took that, and Dragcave is 5 years old. X3

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I actually got:


Diet Pepsi

100 Grand

Everything's Bigger in Texas

Diet Sunkist

Coca-Cola Zero

Sprite Zero

Diet Dr Pepper


Because no one thought about those delicious diet soft-drinks tongue.gif

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Pillow of your bones for a cavern lurker. Seems my halloweens are all getting Soundgarden/Audioslave/Cornell names biggrin.gif

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Just got Aurulent for a CB Gold... and either his future first offspring or mate (perhaps a Sunsong...) will be Honeyed. biggrin.gif

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Blood Red Rose


Wow, A Rose by Any Other Name and A Rose for the Dead were taken, but this one wasn't?

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OMG! lol.


I just got the name "Soup" for my purple male xd.png!!! Yay lol




Other names I'm extremely happy about:

Bux and Pux (m&f lurkers)

Stephie and Nichole (m&f lurkers)

DQ (Dairy Queen) female magi

Jesi (male pink)



Oh boy smile.gif

And just found another name that I'm going to name my egg once it hatches biggrin.gif

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I just got Born of Sin for a female vampire. I can hardly believe it wasn't taken. It's great because the vamp that bit her is called Dracula's Sin.

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Going Bump in the Night





A Grue

Insatiable Grue


Bone Appetit (instead of "Bon" Appetit)



I Found This Humerus

The Spirit is Willing

The Flesh is Weak

Felt in the Bone

Throw a Bone

Throwing Bones

Bag o' Bones


and, unrelated: Les Paul

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I... just got the name Ron Paul.




I admit to being in a bit of shock here.


NB: I know that this doesn't mean really much of anything to those outside the US, and there are likely manymanymany users here who disagree with Dr. Paul's politics. However, he's a bit of a hero to me and so getting this name is kind of a big deal.

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Aquila. c:


The seawyrm hatchling I gave it to made me think of birds so ya. xP Haven't tried this name for aggggges. Last time was probably late 2011/early 2012.


Edit: derped. =p

Edited by Varekis

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....I've probably checked the spelling on this at least 10 times now to make sure I didn't spell anything wrong...


I'm shocked.


Somehow, I got:




If you don't get the reference, it holds no significance. But if you do...I'm freaking. How was that not taken??? I have it on a nameholder dragon at the moment~ And it's awesome 'cause John's my favorite character!

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