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    CB male Silver
    CB female Gold
    CB female Tan Ridgewing

    2nd gen Harvest from Black Marrow father
    2nd gen Silver from F Frostbite
    2nd gen Silver from F Guardian
    2nd gen Silver from F Pink
    2nd gen Silver from F Royal Blue
    2G or 3EG Shimmerscale
    2G Gold from Yulebuck
    2G PB Silver

    2nd gen Vine from Shadow Walker father (regift if not alt)
    2nd gen Albino from Black Marrow father
    2nd gen Nebs from Green Neb x Blue Neb

    2nd gen from Shadow Walker or Cavern Lurker spriter's alt
    3EG Daydream from Daydream x Val '09 checker

    Breeding From My Scroll

    I breed for free to anyone who will name them and won't freeze, trade, kill, bite or zombify them (unless agreed beforehand). Re-gifting is fine, but sometimes I like to know where they go. The only thing I won't take requests for are metals, because I just got them and they're very busy.