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Names you can't believe you got.

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I love the Lurkers, they're deliciously scary and over the top. And purple.


Much to my disappointment "Purple Prose" was already taken by a person with excellent taste in names, but...


...I managed to put the entire "It was a dark and stormy night" quote on placeholders!!


Now I just have to decide what to mate the Lurkers with and then on to lineage breeding biggrin.gif

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Names I can't believe I've gotten:


Love Stage

Twin Destiny

Birds of the Same Feather


When Blood Runs Black

Obsidian Veil

Currents Convulsive

A Diamond Bullet

And a Gun Made of Gold

She Was Covered in Blood

Last Seen

In San Francisco

Bulls in the Bronx

The World Ends with You

Ritt Momney

John Mathews

Sonny John Moore (Aka Skrillex! xd.png)

The Emperor's New Groove


How to Kill a Mocking Jay

Collide with the Sky

Old Greg (Old YouTube vid ;P)

The Wrath of Cortex

Tropical Depression

Japanese Rice Paper

Well You Have a Dorkface


Scent of Pumpkins

Pierce the Veil

Military Remembrance

The Wanted

Gotta Catch'em All

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Just for a hoot, I tried it...and I got the name!


A little frozen Nebula hatchie is now called: Name I Can't Believe I Got tongue.gif

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Back again, this time with Soul Eater references! I got:


Angela Leon

Marie Mjolnir

Sid Barett

Mira Nygus

Tsugumi Harudori

Patricia Thompson (ohmy.gifohmy.gifohmy.gif)

Death Weapon Meister Academy (wub.gif)


I can't believe I got any of these, especially Patty's name!! biggrin.gif


Edit: Most of these are on name holders, haha~ I'll have to move them once I find more suitable dragons~

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I got Hubble Telescope for a CB Nebula male.

And a weird as I am, I started naming dragons after my Fossil Fighters Champion game. T-Rex Lord, Dydomio, Nycto Ace, Dimorph Ace, unfortunately Kaishin and Barboros was taken but I'm working on getting most of the vivosaurs into my dragon names.

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I'm amazed! I just got "The Constitution" on my new Paper! =D

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I'm amazed! I just got "The Constitution" on my new Paper! =D

That is pretty cool! I was surprised awhile back when I got to name my Paper baby "Blank Scroll".


I was even more surprised that I just now got "Chester Cheeto" for my Cheese Dragon. biggrin.gif

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Ready For Death

Scary Looking


Pay For

Go Shopping

Black Friday Sale

Carry Through

Earn Wings


Work Out

Lock Up



Take Effect

Take Part






Successful Conclusion






^^ Whee!

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The names I just got for my two Blusangs.

Song Sung Blusang and Rhapsody in Blusang


Edit: Also Atlantic Hurricane for a Tsunami, Pacific Monsoon for another Tsunami, International Space Station for a purple Nebbie, Pellucidar for a Cavern Lurker ((Big old lost world inside a cave in Edgar Rice Burrough's Tarzan books)), Eisriesenwelt for another Cavern Lurker, and Love's Cold Heart for an Ice dragon bred from an Ice and a Valentine.


I'm amazed!

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How on earth did I just snag Cloud City? And Bespin? My lucky day!


EDIT: Terrible day for catching, beautiful day for names! Just got Fairytale of New York for one my even gen Stripe x Ribbon Dancer checker offspring.

Edited by Nervenklinik

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I got Thing One and Thing Two for an old two headed dragon I got. Also I named another two headed No Hables Espanol because it's parents names looked to be written in Spanish.

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I just got "The Bible", "Old Testament" and "New Testament" for some of my paper dragons. The best part is that I'm agnostic.

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I just got Sixa. Such a pretty name, and it's just Six with an "a" on the end... seriously people? xd.png Not that hard to come up with...

And Saeli with a side dish of Broxa. laugh.gif None of these names are hard to come up with, and they sound pretty nice to me.

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Nu Speak

Paperthin Hymn









Hazard Sign


Ashes Rise

Primordial Dancer

Forgotten Nebula





....and all of the WWII German Tank names (and vehicles). xd.png I freaked out when I got this stuff.

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Frood and The Hitchhiker's Guide from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Also got Emancipation Proclamation and A Little Bird Told Me.


Edit: Also got Digital Watch, Sub-Etha, and Nutrimatic Drinks Dispenser.

Edited by frostmourne

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Rin Satsuki

Soga no Tojiko

Toyosatomimi no Miko


Still on my Touhou kick. I went through all of the names (ALL OF THEM) and grabbed a few I didn't take last time I went on a "grab all the Touhou names" rampage. I think Miko and Tojiko had been open and I left them, and I didn't check Rin then, but now I have so many Touhou names.

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For my Cavern Lurkers (I wanted to give them Horror Movie theme names) I was surprised to get a few Horror Movie Locations like...



Elm Street (and it's future mate "A nightmare on" smile.gif )

Overlook Hotel

Hobbs End


Also I twisted a couple of locations to make wordplays...


Lurk Placid (Lake Placid)

Lurk Ness (Loch Ness)

Crystal Lurk (Crystal Lake)


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