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Halloween Lineage Aid - Wanted and Available

I work days, so if I don't respond till evening, I promise I'm not trying to be rude— PST zone

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    I need HALLOWEEN lineages!

    3rd gen Autumn, from proper checker with Shadows

    Halloweens to collect next year:
    3rd gen even pumpkin from pumpkin x crimson

    4th gen even pumpkin from pumpkin x crimson

    2nd gen black marrow from M black marrow x F vine

    2nd gen Shadow Walker from M royal blue x F shadow

    3rd gen Rosebud from M Shadow x F Rosebud checker

    WISHLIST 8D (because hey, everyone has one, right?)
    I forever love Turpentines, Spitfires, Fevers, and PB even Autumns.

    CB Pygmies:
    x2 crimson flare - males

    CB Wyverns:
    x1 Bright Breasted Wyvern - male
    x1 Coastal Waverunner - female
    x1 Green Copper - Male
    x1 Bright Copper - Female
    x2 Brown Copper - /male/female
    x1 Falconiform - Male
    x1 flamingo - female
    x1 golden wyvern - male
    x1 serragamma - female

    CB Dragons:
    x3 albino - males
    x1 Black Capped Teimarr - male
    x1 blacktip - Female
    x1 blusang - male
    x2 brinstone - male
    x1 Brute - female
    x1 Cassare - male
    x2 daydream - male
    x1 deep sea - female
    x1 Gold - male
    x1 ice - female
    x1 magma - male
    x1 nocturne - female
    x1 pink - male
    x1 purple - male
    x1 Pyrope Pyralspite - males
    x1 tidal - female
    x1 royal crimson - male
    x1 seasonal (spring) - male
    x1 seasonal (summer) - female
    x1 silver - female
    x1 skywing - male
    x1 Speckle-Throated - male
    x4 spitfire - males
    x1 stone - female
    x1 Sunrise - male
    x1 sunstone - male
    x2 Turpentine - female
    x1 water - female
    x1 Yellow-Crowned - male

    CB Drakes
    x1 nightglory drake - male
    x1 Ochre - Female

    ~ I also collect even gen Thuweds.
    ~ Purebred pygmys (dark mist, pygmy, crimson)
    ~ Autumns of purebred autumn lineages
    ~ even gen pygmy dragons
    ~ Even gen sweetling x terrae lineages