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    LEAVE ME ALONE... k? :3

    My dA: http://maggie-x-awesomeness.deviantart.com
    I don't do a whole lot on it, though.

    INTERESTS: My Little Pony, Super Paper Mario and Blumiere, the Mario franchise, Pokemon, N from Pokemon, video games, Nintendo, JFK and the Kennedys, JFK assassination, Uglydolls, especially Ice-Bat, Ninja Batty Shogun, and Jeero (favorite Ugly), Hetalia, The Black Butler, The Beatles (best band ever), Billy Joel, Bob Dylan, music (mostly older stuff, modern music is almost all awful garbage), 60s music, 60s in general, the twentieth century, photography, crime (interested in murders the most), assassinations, conspiracy theories, unsolved mysteries, 9/11, plane crashes, interesting deaths, LGBT+ rights, feminism, atheism, anti-theism, anti-romance, hauntings and ghosts, paranormal stuff, urban legends, cryptids, art, fanfics, fanart, decoration games, dressup games, role-playing inside my head, cats, Virginia, beaches, forests, mountains, NYC, Mall of America Canada, French Alps and France, England, Japan, Alaska, other pretty and cool/interesting places... and a whole bunch of other stuff :P