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My Scroll is currently reciting a Robert Frost poem.erithan.pngDoubleGoldstar5.pngARK2-1.gifCurrent ultimate DC dream-CB Silver: 11/6/12, Dream achieved!Dragons above my Leetle Tree are waiting to be named."Death by teacup....damn, why didn't I think of that."Status: About, around, and....lurking? o.oNames I would sell my soul for: Persephone, Lethe, Circe, Charon, Hades, Cerberus , Hephaestus, Demeter, Garrett, Riddick Code I would love to have in honor of my Father. USMC

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    Wish List:
    CB Silvers
    Silver 2013 Prize Dragon
    CB Golds
    CB Blacks
    Low gen(2-6) nice lineage and non inbred tinsels
    CB Blusangs
    Various Dragon names located in my signature.
    (will think of less beyond my reach wishes eventually XD )

    Paired dragons:
    Dream's of Icarus/Naiade (Skywing/Water)

    Reflection of Phobos/Medusa's Glare (Green/Stone)

    Fury of Ares/Echo's Lament (Magi/Water)

    Icy Glare of Hades/Tear's of Persephone (Ice/Silver)

    Zethus/Winter Banshee (Bronze Tinsel/Shadow Walker)

    Desert Narcissus/Vision of Aphrodite (Spitfire/Purple)

    Yoru's Whisper/Embrace of Nyx (Black/Black)

    Wing's of Cratos/Shadow Banshee (Bronze Tinsel/Shadow Walker)

    Zelus Unending/Hestia's Gentle Warmth (Bronze Tinsel/Bronze Tinsel)

    Crematoria/Whistling Silver Wind (Hellfire/Silver Tinsel)

    Interested in something on my scroll? Feel free to pm me and make a request or inquiry.

    I reserve the right to breed my dragons as I feel comfortable doing, and cannot guarantee I will say yes to all requests.

    Would appreciate those interested in something on my scroll to read the following guidelines(temp).

    -Named and listed pairs above are almost always ok.
    I would prefer not to split pairs unless it is a special request during a Holiday season.

    -If you are interested in dragons that are not paired I cannot promise a breeding depending on the dragons requested.

    -Would also like to note that if you request to have a paired dragon bred with another dragon other then it's mate it will have to be discussed as again I prefer not to break pairs.

    -If a request for eggs is for a lineage project(or any project), I would really appreciate knowing in what way they'll be used and what the project is. =)

    Feel free to ask me any questions about my dragons, or about requests, or help in general. I will always respond, and am always willing to consider any requests. =)

    Also a HUGE thank you to everyone who has ever given me a gift. and of course for putting up with my babbling hehe
    Was I going to breed you something? Help you find some eggs? Did I forget? Please poke pm/poke me! I do forget sometimes and I apologize.