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Beacker1160 Dragcave User; Gold Trophy Click here to visit my scroll for humorous and bizarre dragons. I am a fanfiction writer. Here are my Dragcave fanfictions.tophat.gif eatw_button_d.jpg 25k56cl.gif Currently looking for CB Day Glory Drakes. I humbly apologize for my past self, as well as any remnants thereof.

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    Thinking about dead stuff.
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    I am Beacker1160. I have been playing Dragcave since Feb 19 2012. I have been active on this forum for the same length of time, although I am known to go dormant here for up to a year.

    I own over 600 dragons and a gold trophy as of January 2015.

    Most of my dragons belong to my clan, organized under the leadership of my three clan leaders and of course, my magical, infinitely long, and infinitely disorganized scroll. The actually responsible leaders of my clan are, as follows:

    Isendae Anamatus
    Nocte Entitae Rasvim
    Midnight Jubilante
    (Albastre Mere is a de facto leader, but more of a "queen mother" of sorts)

    I have sworn to name all of my dragons, and am almost always successful in upholding this promise. The odd dragon or two left undescribed are for special reasons which are explained by their descriptions, though many are still in the description queue.

    I try to describe as many of my dragons as I can. It is a favorite hobby of mine, and a major reason why I still play Dragcave. Feel free to investigate my descriptions, many which are rather humorous or bizarre. You can try to PM me if you need help with a description, although be warned - response time varies from a few days to "wow when was this sent to me im ded lol".

    Finally, I write Dragcave fanfiction, which can be found on my FFN profile (which is also known by this username). I used to have a fanfiction thread here under the Original Works subforum, but it is no longer active. I was very immature at the time, and my egotistical entitlement complex and poor writing quality ruined the thread. I humbly apologize for my extremely annoying past self.

    Someday I may request for my fanfiction thread to be shut down, if I can start a new thread, although that is not likely to happen (or even to be possible). In the meantime, all my Dragcave fanfiction is quietly posted on FFN.