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    I love Gryffi FOREVERS!
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Trump does NOT represent me!
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My alone time is sometimes for your safety.

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    California, in a fast moving handbasket
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    Until further notice, Cassandra Isabel is retired. Any previous commitments will be honored, no new ones will be issued, unless you're a fellow CB Prize owner who would like to swap. Thank you for understanding.

    I can breed pretty BSA Reds, Pinks, Purples or Magis for you! Just send a polite PM to let me know what you need, and co-ordinate a time. Will usually gift most anything I can breed, may occasionally ask for something you can breed, mainly because it's pretty or I have a potential mate. :D


    2G Silvers from Solstice, Radiant Angel

    2G Change Avatars from Solstice, Radiant Angel, M Golden Wyvern
    2G Destruction Avatars from Marrow, Grave
    2G M Golden Wyvern Avater fails

    3Gs from common x holiday checkers

    A nicely lined Holly-thank you, agilkees! <3 her!
    2nd G Rosebud from GW-Thank you, Iside!

    I also love even-gen Tinsels, Metals, and Shimmers!

    I want to send a big THANK YOU out to Mystic_Halo, boscodelta, Chanilove, coltzen, Merenwen, Iside, olympe, blah, Yeah_Toast, Nikki_of_the_Night, natayah, shovedtbh, REDBULL, Luna, Karma, and Amazon_Warrior, aurorain, the Breeding/Gifting Thread, and very very big very very special thank you to the incomparable loseje2004!