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I'm a writer and artist forĀ Tales of Ostlea, come find me there!


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    IF I OWE YOU STUFF (from trades we made in 2012 and 2013 I believe) PLEASE PM ME SO I KNOW YOU'RE ACTIVE, THEN I'LL GET ON TO FULFILLING MY IOU TO YOU.



    May or may not be inactive lol.


    Did I promise to gift you something? But you haven't heard back from me in a while? It's very, VERY, possible that I simply forgot because I'm bad about that. Feel free to poke me via PM! (In fact, I encourage it!)


    Please note that my mom and stepdad play DC too.


    People who deserve awesome gifts because they were super nice to me and are just plain awesome:

    ~ Arella
    ~ NotBambi
    ~ Igoreete
    ~ shadesofchaos
    ~ eotsndragons

    NOTE: 4EG Alt x Crimson egg to Merlot (pair can breed again on 9/2/2015)

    **NOTE** Riannon - 2G Arsani x Neb

    NOTE FOR GIFTING: 3EG Avatar of Creation from Shimmers - 1) greycat 2) TheScorpionKing

    [Shimmer List removed, I have it on my computer still though. If I owe you one, please contact me.]


    There is a link to my Shimmer-scale list in my signature containing more info about that. PM me if you're interested. I'll look at offers, but I'm mainly looking for IOUs.


    ~IOUs to others~
    tjenni - 3G Bronze Shimmer x Brute stair (0/1)
    rampaging wyvern - 3G Bronze Shimmer x Thunder (1/1), 4x CB Gem/Ember hatchlings (4/4)
    Coyote - 4G Silver Shimmer x White (0/1) | 4G Crimson x AltSweet, 3G Bronze Shimmer (0/2)
    Syryn - 3G Bronze Shimmer from Eona x Falc (1/1) [Complete]
    Nightwalkerkey - 4x CB Silver Lunars (4/4) | 2G Silver Lunars/Ices from Ices?
    Scrac - 3x 2G Magmas from: Magma/RDorsal, Brimstone, and Stone (1/3)
    Hershel - 2G mSilver/fTRW (0/1), 4G Gold/fog (1/1)
    Tirya_Moonflame - 4x male Nebulae (0/4), 4x female Nebulae (0/4), 3x male Sunsongs (2/3), 3x female Sunsongs (0/3) (note:current 1 Neb and 1 other Sun)
    Aangs-sister - 3EG PB Marrow during Halloween (0/1)
    Windy - 7EG Vine Thuwed (1/1), Magma(xMagi) twisted stair (0/1), 3EG Gold checker (xBlusang)(0/1), 3EG Silver checker (xIce)(1/1), alt EG Blacks
    TheCompleteAnimorph - 27x CB Guardian hatchlings (14/27), 2x eggs from BlusangxgCopper (1/2), 3EG Shimmer descendent DSxTeimarr (1/1)
    Belisar - 30 CB Balloon hatchlings (3/30), 4G Shimmer (0/1)

    DragonRider13 - 4G Gold stair from Ominously (1/1)
    Infinis - 5x CB hatchlings (5/5)
    hydrargyrum - 3EG PB and 4EG PB Golden Wyvern hatchlings (2/2)
    Sister of the Dragon - Magma from Maka/Neil (0/1) - Counted void per recipient's allowance due to lack of successful breeding. Paid a Red hatchling to help make up for it.
    wolfsong442 - 6x 2G Coppers (3x PB, 3x from Whites)(6/6)
    siliconrose - 4x CB Male balloon hatchlings (3/4), 3x CB hatchlings (from list)(3/3)
    Belisar - 1x CB Balloon (egg/hatchling) (2/1)
    Eldrene - 2G Green Copper (Silver mother, Orange Copper father)(1/1)

    ~IOUs for me~
    tjenni - 3G bronze shimmer x canopy (0/1)
    ILWH87 - 10x CB White hatchlings (0/12)
    Danik - 10x CB White hatchlings (8/10)
    Lady Black Lycan - 6x CB White hatchlings (0/6), 1x CB Purple Nebula hatchling (1/1) (Will pay later in August)
    MagicHecate - 11x CB White hatchlings (1/11)
    dragongirl02 - 3G Bronze Shimmer, 2G Shimmerfail (0/2)
    glass_kisses - 8G Silver Shimmer (xSwallow)(0/1), 7G Bronze Shimmer (xThunder) (1/1), 6x CB/2G White hatchlings (6/6)
    Dawnfur - 4G Bronze Shimmer (xMagi) (0/1)
    rebelgoddess19 - 6G Silver Shimmer (xLumina)
    Tirya_Moonflame - 2G Shimmer (will be a long time)
    Belisar - 2 Shimmers (1/2)
    aangs-sister - 2x 3G Alt descendants (1/2)
    Lady Artemis - 10x CB White hatchlings (0/10)
    Windy - 3G Bronze Shimmer (0/1)
    Eldrene - 5G Bronze Shimmer (x ice)(0/1)
    Hoshino - 10x CB White hatchlings (1/10)
    Earth Gurl - 3x Shimmers (1/3)

    cerulean-skies - 3x CB Dark Myst Pygmy hatchlings (4/3)
    arisilde - 2G Silver (1/1)
    Imay - 2G Silver from mSilver/fMoonstone (1/1)
    Spelunker - 2G Red hatchlings (2/2)
    WraithZephyr - 8x CB White hatchlings (8/8)
    FluffyPillow - 11x CB White hatchlings (11/11), 3x CB male Balloon hatchlings (3/3), 1x CB Fog hatchling (1/1), 2x CB RB hatchling (2/2)
    XiaoChibi - 12x CB White hatchlings (12/12)
    BlackPheonix42 - 12x CB White Hatchlings (12/12)
    Zzelabusya - 5x CB White hatchlings (5/5)
    Imay - 30x CB White hatchlings (30/30)
    Tamakin - 13 CB White hatchlings (13/13), 1x CB Pillow hatchling (1/1)
    Satin607 - 1x 5G Gold Shimmer (1/1)
    isaakfvkampfer - 3 female pink hatchlings (4/3)
    Ginji - 7G Silver Shimmer (1/1), 9G Gold Shimmer (1/1), 8G Bronze Shimmer (1/1)
    poppy1 - 5G Gold Shimmer (xMoonstone) (1/1)
    Hoshino - 10x, 6x CB White hatchlings (16/16)
    silverthornsilvergirl - 9G silver Shimmer with Blacks from Shine (1/1)
    lanette - 4G Silver Shimmerscale from Jewel (1/1)
    Mew_1 - 5G Shimmer (1/1)

    Note: isaakfvkampfer - 2G PB Green Copper



    CB male Brute hatchies
    CB female Tea hatchies
    CB White hatchies
    2G from Spriters' Alts***
    4G or lower prizes
    CB Metals***
    CB NDs***
    2G hybrids
    2G from HMs***
    CB hatchies
    Messy hatchies for freezing
    CB Halloween hatchie IOU***
    2G PRIZEKIN ***
    3G Prizekin checker fails

    I'm also easily swayed by cool lineages. I need CBs of almost all dragons in cave, so feel free to offer anything!