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Names you can't believe you got.

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Oh wow, just changed one of my dragons' name to "Tamed"!

How did no one else get that name? ohmy.gif!!

A very big congrats! ^^


A couple more from me, I was watching Elementary and these popped in my head so I had to save them:


Joan Watson




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I got lots of plant vs zombie names for my new zombie army smile.gif

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I got the name Polliwog for one of my Pumpkins. I was pretty stocked. I was sure I was going to have to add an adjective to the name for it to work.

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Oh my gosh, I can't believe the names I got now.



-Beah (real female name)



-Thor Almighty



I was almost sure all of these would be taken tongue.gif

I rescued Thor Almighty from the AP, with just 2 days and 23 hours left. Saved him and keeping him forever and ever and ever.



I'm not sure which I love most!! I love them ALL!!!!


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Girl's Night



Dark Corner




Willow Spider


Spider Legs

Amazing Spiderman

Scary Spider

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Dini. blink.gif I understand when I get a short name if it has unusual consonants in it, but Dini? You're kidding!

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I Am The Great Stone Dragon.



You win the game. laugh.giflaugh.gif


Still, can't believe I just got Hasta la Vista. It's going to look great next to my zombie hatchling, Hasta la Vista's Baby. biggrin.gif

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I got Billy Butcherson and Frederick Loren for my Zombies, also got Annabelle Loren for a female Shadow Walker and pretty much the rest of the characters from House on Haunted Hill for various Halloween dragons. biggrin.gif

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Based on the hatchie description for the new Halloweenies, I decided to take a gamble and claim a couple of placeholder names. Here's hoping that one of my guesses is right, so that The Bogeyman and Ghouls Gone Wild will be a lovely couple someday... biggrin.gif

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Unseen Haunting

Golden Deathdealer

Putrid Cadaver

Rotten Carcass

Reanimated Flesh (can't believe i got this one)

Summoned Fate


Desecrating Life

Malicious Intention

Digging Your Own Grave

Death's Liege

Desecration of Life

Graveyard Fantasies



Maintaining Death

Perpetual Shadow

Iron Casket

Torn Flesh

Turned to Dust

Soul Devourer

Harbringer of Death

Grand Conjuration

Ghost Reveries

Rending Flesh

Edited by Tayiadragonbite

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Shell Bell

Shoal Shell

Shoal Salt





Focus Sash



Reaper Cloth







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I got Two Girls for my Split dragon, lol. I honestly thought that would be taken.

My mind is so deeply in the gutter sometimes xd.png


Anyway, I just got "Not all those" and "Who Wander" for my new Zombies. "Are Lost" is taken though sad.gif

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Hey i got the names:

Immortui(Zombie in Latin) For a Zombie Dragon

Lady Of Halloween for a female Black Marrow

Regnator(Dominator in Latin)

Luna Defensor(Moon Defender in Latin) for a Moonstone Dragon

Coloreus (Colored in Latin) for a Dayglory

Autumnus Domina(Autumn Lady in Latin) For a female Pumpkin Dragon




That is it! Do you guys liked the names? =D

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Dark Spaces


Piles of Bones




Snoopeh (only those LoL MLG fans will understand this one) xd.png


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@Tolkier: Lovely Latin names!!!




Okay, my updated list:


Beah - (Real name)

Cet - pronounceable 3 letter smile.gif

Jamieson - red

Timetravel - ♂ magi

Innocently - Frozen ♂ SW

Draggie - ♀ SW (Why did no one else take this?!

Poly - ♀ SW

Realms - ♂ SW

Gorgeousness - ♀ SW

Nites - ♂ SW

Tamed - ♀ Marrow

Sparklings - ♂ Electric



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