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    Somewhere in a tree
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    I acccept breeding requests for almost all of my dragons ~ PM me

    ~~~~~Wish list~~~~~

    -cb thunders <3
    -cb GW
    -cb gold
    -chickens <3
    -A dragon with the code Mew101 or carly (any variation)

    *need to complete scroll (only so little!)

    ~~~~Lineages, Projects, and Personal goals~~~~

    -Male CB Ice
    -CB nebulas
    -CB pillows
    -tons and tons and TONS of waterwalker, waterhorse, and waverunner hatchlings! Any gen, doesnt matter
    -I'd like one m/f version of ever dragon on DC - check my scroll or PM me for what I still need

    will always take any unwanted ones <3 they are my favorite breeds


    ~~~~IOUs (from me)~~~~~

    -Shadow walker, Rosebud, and 09 vday for Erica
    -3/4 CB nebs for darkangelfallen
    -3rd gen PB GW, 1 3rd gen stair thunder, and one 2nd gen olive for seecrit1234567890

    ~~~~IOUS (owed to me)~~~~

    -3rd gen gold from shadow walker stair and 2nd gen gold from CB thunder, stripe, or autumn from darkangelfallen
    - 29 waterhorse hatchlings from seecrit12345678900

    I am best friends with Erica8798, dragonwiz101 is my sister, and seecrit1234567890 is my brother c: