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    ~ No pain, no game. ~
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jpv5s5.pngI apologize about my lack of activity here for the past years.

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    ~ Uppsala, Sweden
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    You may call me Caius (or Vaz take your pick) and I'm a 26 years old person. I live in a far away land and create is what I do, in more ways than one.
    I love hiking in the woods, archery, history, music, theatre, movies and animals. My dream is to live on the coutnryside and not in the fourth largest city of Sweden, since I'm not a cityperson but more of a forest spirit.

    I love to gift dragons to others and to help out in any way I can with a personal lineage that someone's working with; so don't be afraid to ask me if there's something I can help you with. I might not be able to help with everything, but I'd love to try!