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    ~No pain, no game.
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jpv5s5.pngI apologize about my lack of activity here for the past years, I suppose I grew up a tad and stopped using the computer as much as I used to. Oops.

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    ~ Within my fantasies
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    You may call me Caius (or Vaz take your pick) and I'm a 25 years old person. I live in a far away land and create is what I do, in more ways than one.

    Sorry about my bad English, I'm not fluent at all in the language nor did my school teach me any useful English at all (the English I know is what I've learned on my own by visiting sites like DC, dA, DrA, MAL, youtube and neopets).

    My wishlist to complete my scroll (not updated for years, thus I have no idea what I need to finish it, ahaha) ;
    - Male ND, Ungendered ND, Frozen male, ungendered & female ND and frozen 1S ND. - Lumina (both genders and for freezing). - Tsunami Wyvern (female & for freezing)

    Other wishes of mine:
    - More zombies, lol. - CB or 2nd gen Nebulas (either from Sweetling x Nebula or PB)-
    I love to gift dragons to others and to help out in any way I possible can with a personal lineage that someone's working with, so don't be afraid to ask me if there's something I can help you with. I might not be able to help with everything, but there's a lot I can help out with.