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I apologize about my lack of activity here for the past years. Right now I'm a tad busy restoring my cottage in order to be able to live there as soon as possible.🏡

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    You may call me Caius (or Vaz take your pick) and I'm a 28 years old person. I live in a far away land and create is what I do, in more ways than one.
    I love hiking in the woods, archery, history, music, theatre, movies and animals. I'm currently working towards living in my cottage that I bought in 2019 which had been abandoned for nearly 20 years. Thus I am not the most active person here, sadly, though I still love this site even after all the years that has passed since I joined here.

    I love to gift dragons to others and to help out in any way I can with a personal lineage that someone's working with; so don't be afraid to ask me if there's something I can help you with. I might not be able to help with everything, but I'd love to try!