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❤︎ | Scroll | Alt + other lineages | ❤︎
❤︎ Spriter Alt Collector ❤︎ 

❤︎ Turpentine Hoard - 1024 ❤︎

Logic is NOT available for trading requests. I breed to GIFT only - randomly.

I DO look for Spriter ALT EG lineages or interesting turp lineages! 

If I owe you an egg from logic, please message me! List lost during hiatus. 

I would love to get your egg to you - as late as it is! 

I breed for FREE! You can check out my dragons if you'd like something special!

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    Turpentines are the love of my life. I plan to massbreed them every 500 I achieve, with the goal of dropping 1k eggs to the ap one day!

    I'm the lucky owner of Logic, the silver shimmerscale. I only take IOUs if I offer them, OR if you were on my list previously before I went on a hiatus. Please don't ask otherwise!