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2017-02-08 - Valentine's Event Schedule

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Past Valentine's Dragons Breedable

Starting now, and continuing for seven full days (until 23:59 on February 14, Valentine's Day), past Valentine's event dragons will be breedable. As usual, past dragons may breed multiple eggs, though you will only be able to keep one. There are no limits on how many of these can be obtained (unlike grabbing event dragons from the cave).


New Dragon

A new Valentine's Day dragon will be released at midnight on Valentine's Day, and will drop for three days until February 16 at 23:59. This is the only time it will be available from the cave.


Valentine's Day Event

Just like last year, a special Valentine's Day event will begin at midnight on Valentine's Day, coinciding with the release. The event will run for seven full days, ending on February 20 at 23:59).


And unlike the past three years, there are (thankfully) no plans for datacenter work anywhere near this event.

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yes!! it's here~ yaaay~


also, thank you for updating the mobile site!!! (*´∀`*)


edit: first page, omg

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And we're off!

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Thanks for the announcement! Can't wait to see the new derg.


Unfortunately, probably won't pick up many VDays this year due to olives. >.>

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