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    The Land of Potholes
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    I breed most of my dragons on request! I also rebreed offspring for refusals and miscolors.
    Scrollname Tecca (sometimes hidden)

    Low gen Shimmers and Tinsels much loved. A 2nd gen would thrill me!
    2G alt Vine from Vine x F. Aria
    2Gs from spriter's alts

    -Looking for these 2G prizefails-
    2G Pyro from M. Gold Shimmer x Pyro
    2G Teimarr from F. Gold Shimmer
    2G Stone from M. Silver Shimmer
    2G Red-Finned Tidal from F. Silver Shimmer
    2G Blusang from M. Bronze Shimmer
    2G Pink from F. Gold Tinsel
    2G Blusang from M. Gold Tinsel
    2G Purple Ridgewing from M. Silver Tinsel x Purple Ridge
    2G Red Dorsal from Red Dorsal x F. Bronze Tinsel

    -Also appreciate-
    2G Hybrids from named parents

    - Needed for Mates -
    4th gen Ember from M. Ember x F. Hellfire checker
    4th gen Ice from M. Ice x F. Black checker
    4th gen Sunsong from M. Blusang x F. Sunsong checker
    4th gen PB Tan Ridgewing
    3rd or 4th gen PB Tsunami

    My Shimmer/Tinsel list: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/pub?key=0AgpfepLVR4l5dFhuX0NQYW90MS10Szd4cFdwNTVYVUE&gid=0

    For miaou: 3G Silver from Omens
    For Tears in Rain: 3G Bronze Shimmer x Copper. Last bred Jan13, no egg

    Valentine's 2019
    For Rosastrasza: 3G Arsani from alt Arsanis

    Note: Spriter's alt swaps with EscapistLore after Vday