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Wishlist and trade policy in profile. IOUs on a case by case basis.
Would really like any 2nd gen dragon from a spriter's alt.
I breed for others. PM me.
Thuwed Requests/Holiday Requests & Trades/Webcomics
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    (cats, cheese, hot tea)

    WISHLIST FOR 2017: 2nd gen from a spriter alt, 2nd gen shimmer or tinsel,2nd gen shimmer or tinsel fail, 2nd gen hybrid from an honorable mention, ungendered neglected, CB green copper, CB spessartine (orange garnet), CB yellow zyumorph, low gen shimmer, low gen tinsel, any random CB dragon.

    Please keep in mind that if I agree to hatch an egg for you in a trade, you have 24 hours to pick the hatchling up from the time I contact you. Otherwise, I will keep or gift the hatchling. Generally, you have a 24 hour window to complete a trade or transfer with me after I contact you. If you do not get back to me within 24 hours, I will consider my side of the agreement fulfilled.