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    I may be older, but I got to see all the cool bands
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2nd Gen Avatar of Destruction -list in Profile

I collect red Stripes with a Holly parent.--they don't have to be even or even pretty-- Inbred high gen welcome.(150 )

Seeking:2nd gen Stripes from Alt Sweetlings / Code Dragons:puck/puk/puc/ Z-z Codes

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    mountain time zone
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    It's always a good idea to PM me before breeding due to my perpetual egg lock

    NEED : for projects
    2nd Gen Dark Lumina from Light Lumina Parents***
    2nd gen PB Yellow Undine--female most needed
    3rd gen Undine from Yellow parents and green grandParents
    2nd gen Stripe from Alt Sweet- or 3rd gen red stripe alt sweet G parents

    GREEN Stripes
    2g Green Stripe from F Green Syiat

    BLUE Stripes
    2g Blue Stripe from F Aeon?????
    2g Stripe from F Sapphire
    2g Stripe from F Sinni Krai
    2g stripe from Soulstone
    2g stripe from Azure Glacewing
    2g Stripe from F Blue Syiat

    RED Stripes
    2g RED stripe from M King Crowne?????
    2g Stripe from M Cassare
    2g Stripe from M Diamondwing

    BLACK Stripes
    2g Stripe from Spirit Ward
    2G Black stripe from Monarch?????
    2g Black Stripe from Celestial

    Z Coded:

    2g Z code Storm Rider
    alt vine/alt black
    2g Carina
    2g Green Spinal

    Z code Fire Gems


    2nd gen Avatar of Destruction WANTLIST
    prefer those I have none of before a second from the opposite gender:

    F Bleeding Moon
    F Brute
    M Fever
    M Olive
    F Seragamma
    M Spitfire
    F Turpentine
    m Sunstone
    M Pyro
    M Blue Gemshard
    Red Gemshard
    F Grave
    F Astrapi

    would prefer an EG 3rd gen from these
    Alt Black

    [b]Any stripe with a Holly Parent[/b]
    will only trade metals for 2nd gens