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If I owe you something, please let me know! I tend to forget. >_<

Egg goes to scroll, "badge" goes to personal site | CB Crimson Flare Collector | Avatar image from comic by Rick Griffin |


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    I will often go as ZnowyOwl on Discord. ^-^
    Currently collecting dragons from the Spriter Alts.

    Here is my wishlist. Anything on my "For lineage purposes" is something I really need.
    I don't tend to speak because I'm fairly quiet. Well, I'm very quiet xD
    Though, I do become chatty when around people I'm comfortable with. :p
    I take breeding requests for my dragons. Just pm me asking what you want.
    I keep/used to keep my lists in my google site, which is linked in my signature. If you see that I skipped over you, please tell me! I tend to have a rather horrid memory ...