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If I owe you something, please let me know! I tend to forget. >_<

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    Yes, Lady Felicity is a 2nd gen from the Blue Garland. Yes, I'm willing to breed her for you. However:
    1. Her list is currently: Open
    2. I won't announce when it's open~
    3. Chances are, I'll ask for cb nilias or cb crimson flares hatchlings for her kids. If there's something else I'm looking for, I'll let you know!
    Regarding Sasorisu, my 2g from the Alt Sakuhana
    I will be willing to breed him for you as well, but ...
    1. Still gotta see if I have his list open. It is currently: ~Open~
    2. Still won't announce when open.
    3. Will still ask for little, at most would be a handful of CB pygmies, preferably nilias.
    I will often go as ZnowyOwl on Discord. ^-^
    Currently collecting CB Nilias to match my Crimson Flare army.

    Here is my wishlist. Anything on my "For lineage purposes" is something I really need. Very outdated, but still searching for cb crimson flares xD
    I don't tend to speak because I'm fairly quiet. Well, I'm very quiet xD
    Though, I do become chatty when around people I'm comfortable with.
    I take breeding requests for my dragons. Just pm me asking what you want.
    I keep/used to keep my lists in my google site, which is linked in my signature. If you see that I skipped over you, please tell me! I tend to have a rather horrid memory ...