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    I'm am environmental studies major (ex-bio major) and fine arts minor at a university I hate. I've been in college since I was 15. I've earned 2 associate's degrees, a certificate, and am working on a bachelor's.

    I'm a firm supporter of deeper discussion/debate and thinking outside of the box.

    I've been apart of DC since April 2010. My forum account is much younger, because I didn't see a need for one until trading was introduced (and I felt I could make use of it).

    If I've ever gifted to you, please don't nominate me at ARK. I'd rather not be associated with that thread.

    You won't find me on the forums much these days, save during holidays/releases, and in the trading and breeding forums. I've grown tired of dealing with the legions of little kids (and adults who act like them) that can't take someone's opinion being different than their own. Also, what someone thinks of you is none of your business; if someone disagrees with your opinion and thinks you're an idiot for having it, that's their right. They don't have a right to force you to believe/feel/etc. how they do, but you also don't have the right to force them to like you and your opinion. We all need to tolerate each other, and that's just the way it is. Further, debates are not inherently a bad thing, and what people usually label "drama" here isn't drama at all, but a difference of opinion (often passionate opinions at that) or instances where people feel they have been slighted. Grow up.

    Number of times my holiday greetings have been deleted from the front pages of holiday posts/events with no explanation: 2
    *Happy Halloween [in large orange and black letters]
    *Happy Single's Awareness Day [in small red and black letters]

    I'd like to take this time to extend a special thank you to some of the kindest and most generous people I've met here on DC.

    The two I'd like to thank most are Shroomlet and HowlingOwl for always being there for me and supporting me, with both IRL and DC endeavors. Your many beautiful gifts and encouraging words have meant more to me than you'll ever know <3

    cajunsun, thank you so much for thinking of me always! Your Tsunamis are jewels in my hoard <3

    IceBen and celtic7irish, thank you for all of the gifts!!! Your generosity knows no bounds :D

    More to come soon!

    Since I'm forgetful...

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