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LOOKING FOR A 2G SILVER SHIMMER FROM GARLAND  I am the concept creator of the pipios.

i accept ious.  need help catching a new release? i'll do it for you if you are a good person. If you are blocked on the forums or any other social media don't bother dming me. IF WE HAVE A TRADE GOING ON AND YOU DO A USERNAME CHANGE PLEASE LET ME KNOW.  Scroll:


Scroll goal is cb sprite version of every dragon possible.  I take breeding requests.  

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    ongoing ious

    I owe Vibrance 30 cb mint hatchies (15/30) Inactive?

    INACTIVE IOUS. Please pm me or respond to my pm to you asking if you are still active and I will resume completing the IOU.

    I owe becondethuong1307 (INACTIVE AS FAR AS I KNOW)
    any cb hatchie (0/1)

    I owe AnanoKimi (INACTIVE AS FAR AS I KNOW)
    10 cb white hatchie (6/10)
    10 cb moonstone hatchies (8/10)

    I owe Esdren (INACTIVE AS FAR AS I KNOW)
    5 cb halloween 2015 hatchies (0/5)

    I owe buckskinmist (INACTIVE AS FAR AS I KNOW)
    one cb astrapi male hatchie (0/1)
    one cb astrapi female hatchie (0/1)
    one cb thalassa male hatchie (0/1)
    one cb thalassa female hatchie (0/1)
    one cb mageai male hatchie (0/1)
    one cb mageai female hatchie (0/1)
    one cb chrono male hatchie (0/1)
    one cb chrono female hatchie (0/1)
    one cb gaia male hatchie (0/1)
    one cb gaia female hatchie (0/1)
    one cb pyro male hatchie (0/1)
    one cb pyro female hatchie (0/1)
    8 random cb xenowyrm hatchies (0/8)
    5 random cb xenowyrm eggs (0/5)

    I owe Shanique (INACTIVE AS FAR AS I KNOW)
    30 cb gaia hatchies (6/30)
    30 cb frill hatchies (6/30)

    I owe rampaging wyvern (INACTIVE AS FAR AS I KNOW)
    6 cb ember hatchies (5/6)

    I owe madao13 (INACTIVE AS FAR AS I KNOW)
    2nd gen ultraviolet from female purple
    one CB black hatchie (1/1)
    one CB plated colossus hatchie (1/1)
    I owe Sylviadragon either bred of cb hatchie (INACTIVE AS FAR AS I KNOW)
    Bolt (1/1)
    Dark Lumina (1/1)
    Diamondwing (1/1)
    Hooktalon (1/1)
    Kingcrowne (1/1)
    Lunar Herald (1/1)
    Sapphire (1/1)
    Spirit Ward

    I owe dpwbailey a cb pyralspite that has a nice code (1/1) and 5 cb reds (1/5) (INACTIVE AS FAR AS I KNOW)

    completed ious to
    - DicloniusPony
    - Vix88
    - hazeh (2)
    - Infinis (2)
    - crumbles (2)
    -must_ingel (2)
    -Tears in Rain (2)
    -Sinion Kabe
    -Ninjakittee (3)
    -angelicdragonpuppy (2)
    -rrattts (2)
    -Ellenai (2)
    -shopfront (2)
    -SockPuppet Strangler

    I need to gift Ahimsa something amazing one day like a cb gold or neglected