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May 15, 2018

ndsmack.gifAn ND strolls by...What are you doing?! Follow it!

Time Zone: Pacific | Free breeding requests. IOU friendly.

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    Free breedings unless it's a really nice lineage rare. Scroll link in my signature badge. Specialize in metal checkers and holiday checkers, both groups are highlighted on my scroll. Feel free to browse!

    I make NDs. Check my sig to see if my ND list is open. If it is, PM me to work out a trade. I take IOUs. I'll most likely accept:

    50 bsa hatchies (any lineage, red/purple priority; doesn't have to all be one breed)
    A 2nd gen prize (auto)
    Best offer of new releases
    PM me to discuss other options!

    Note: I don't follow my list in order. Any NDs I make will go to the person who has already finished their IOU. If no one has finished, it'll go to the closest fulfilled IOU. This is decided whenever I have the ND on hand and to simply encourage requesters to finish their IOUs.

    IOU to me

    IOUs to others (non-NDs)

    ND list (Looking for IOUs of 5 NEW 2019 Halloween hatchies FOR 1 ND)
    1. jewel21 - any cb 32 hatchies + 1 2019 halloween iou for 1 male ND (32/32 cb, 1/1 2019 halloween)
    2. mamisa - 50 tercorns for 1 Male ND (43/50)