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ndsmack.gifND list: 3/3 full, and the green fiends are currently uncooperative.  Check back later! 

Time Zone: Pacific | Free breeding requests. IOU friendly.

Looking for 2nd gen prizes from choice mate. Willing to hunt, ND, breed, etc. 

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    (formerly fallenleaves101)


    Free breedings unless it's a really nice lineage rare. Scroll link in my signature badge. Specialize in metal checkers and holiday checkers, both groups are highlighted on my scroll. Feel free to browse!

    I make NDs. Check my sig to see if my ND list is open. If it is, PM me to work out a trade. I take IOUs. I'll most likely accept:
    50 bsa hatchies (any lineage, red/purple priority; doesn't have to all be one breed)
    A 2nd gen prize (auto)
    A CB gold (auto)
    2 CB silvers
    Choice of 2nd gen from SA
    Note: I don't follow my list in order. Any NDs I make will go to the person who has already finished their IOU. If no one has finished, it goes to the one closest to fulfilling their IOU. This is decided whenever I have the ND on hand and to simply encourage requesters to finish their IOUs.

    Metal checkers
    Pillow hatchies for freezing (any lineage)
    CB Feesh type hatchies: Deep seas, 2nd gen blunas/shallow waters, red finned tidals, waters, tetras.
    Messy hatchies of many breeds for freezing (PM for an updated list)

    IOU to me

    Violet_Ninja - 3rd gen gold checker from Rosebud
    Mirume - 5 red/purple hatchies (any lineage) (3/5 completed)

    IOUs to others

    ND list
    1. samkee00 - ND for 50 red hatchies, any lineage (14/50)
    2. Dancegal357 - 10 coppers (10/10 done) and 20 fish dragons (20/20 done)
    3. Tidalwave - CB gold hatchie (paid) for Ungendered ND