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Will be abroad during 2017 Halloween and not sure if I'll have internet, so looking for IOUS of 2017 Halloween hatchies/eggs. Browse my scroll or PM me to work something out! Time Zone: Pacific

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8Hi6vqE.pngshoko.pngfiregem.png Breeding Requests?

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    (formerly fallenleaves101)


    I breed for free unless it's a really nice lineage rare. For holiday/holidaykin breeding requests, please see line in sig.

    I occasionally give away pretty things on the Departures thread. :)

    Wishlist (changes often): Metal checkers, Pillow hatchies for freezing (any lineage), PB 2nd gen gold, PB 2nd-4th gen silvers, CB silver/gold (like everyone else lol), messy hatchies of many breeds for freezing

    IOUs to me

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    Ahimsa - 20 pb pink hatchies (no rush) - 10/20 done