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Lost about the slang Dragcave players use? Dragcave Slang (trade hub centric) - Priority WishlistScroll Ninish#2350 
I 'm socially awkward so please pm me only if necessary or i panic and flee. Personal Checker Database

The following Spoilers will open properly when you view them directly in my profile:

Interesting groups for gifting/trading


coded dragons + cb holidays + cb rares + lineages with sp alts + Fun offspring from coded dragons

pairs for 3g checkers - pairs for 4G checkers - pairs for 5G checkers - pairs for 6G checkers - pairs for 7G checkers 

^ Every male is followed by its female mate. All pairs have been tested outside of their breeding season (in the case of holidays). 

PB EGS - metal checkers - thuweds - to be added: seasonal groups (they always be a mess)

Mainly seeking the following holidaykin checkers (lineages in red are priority):


--4G light lumina x f marrow for http://dragcave.net/lineage/B2LoH

-5th gen white x female SWs for https://dragcave.net/lineage/YOyNi (can bloodswap).

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    Chile~ Currently DC time +2 hours.
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    ++++++++ IMPORTANT ++++++++

    +I always use fertility when breeding for
    other people.
    (I have a mini army of +200 purples).

    +I'm Chilean and speak Spanish; please
    excuse me if my English is trashy

    +my main focusses in the game are:
    ---getting mates for my holiday checkers
    ---advancing my seasonal lineage projects.
    I am working on all season starts XD
    ---to have at least 3 cb pairs of all breeds,
    plus 1 of every m/f/s1 frozen sprite.
    For unbreedables, i'm happy with just
    three cb adults plus one frozen s1 and
    one s2 (currently have 'em all).

    +I'm not crazy for prizes, i just have some
    because it's easy to trade their offspring.
    I'd rather take a messy purple hatchie than
    a 3g prize.

    +I recently discovered I have ADHD, in short I'm:
    --an overall mess
    --and easily stressed.

    +So, if I'm taking too long to reply to a pm
    even though I've seen it, there's 90% of
    probability that for some random reason
    I'm having a minor panic attack about
    how to reply, and how to word it politely,
    or something to that effect (in particular
    if you offer me gifts; idk what to do when
    people gift me things XD I automatically
    enter panic mode and may write a reply
    which is more awkward than usual - this
    doesn't mean I'm not grateful for it, I'm
    just confused and nervous and anxious
    and all that). The other 10% chance is
    that I'm moving about/working and don't
    have enough time to sit down and write
    a proper reply in all calmness. Please be
    patient with me, and thank you for your

    ++++++++ ~~~~~~~~~ ++++++++

    ~~~~~~ NICE LISTS FOR TRADING~~~~~

    (Frozen pygmies are separators in all
    groups; they'll tell you what's beneath them)

    + My Holiday Checkers --------- https://mydraggies.wordpress.com/holiday-checkers/
    (outdated, i'm working on a new one)

    + Spriter Alts lineages ----------- https://dragcave.net/group/27910
    + Stair Prizes ------------------------- https://dragcave.net/group/57821
    + Fun offspring from codes --- https://mydraggies.wordpress.com/fun-offspring-from-coded-dragons/
    ++ Codes group --------------------- https://dragcave.net/group/11567
    + Seasonal Lineage Projects - https://mydraggies.wordpress.com/seasonal-lineages/ --->not tidy, incomplete.
    + 2nd gen hybrids ------------------ https://dragcave.net/group/23740
    + CB rares and uncommons -- https://dragcave.net/group/22285
    + PB EGs -------------------------------- https://dragcave.net/group/23182

    ***************TEH WISH LIST*****************

    -----any lineage aeon and purple and common pygmy hatchies (messy and inbred fine)
    -----2g SA (because why not xD)
    -----CB green Cantors
    -----CB pink sapphires
    -----CB yellow sapphires
    -----4 CB gemshards from each new color.
    -----CB stunned electrics (3 M, 3 F).
    --Need mates for these:
    ----PRIORITY WISHLIST: https://dragcave.net/group/68551 (everything is properly labeled in there)
    ----mateless perfect checkers https://dragcave.net/group/11571 (not properly labeled, messy as heck)
    ----mateless metal checkers https://dragcave.net/group/20471 (not properly labeled)
    ----holiday mates needed: https://mydraggies.wordpress.com/holiday-mates/ (sometimes outdated)


    -cb gold or silver or stat <- just because.
    -2g autumn from altcana x autumn

    If I get offered something not in my wishlist, I will only accept it if:
    ---I deem it as easily retradeable (to try and get something I actually need)
    ---it helps my freezing goals
    ---or i can use it as zombie fodder
    ---and i have room for it.

    Otherwise I'll most likely decline. But, I breed a lot of stuff for free! So if you need a specific thing from me don't feel afraid to ask :3



    Gemshard, yellow, s1 & M
    Gemshard, cyan, s1, m & f
    Gemshard, purple, s1, m & f
    Royal Eminence, m
    Pennyworth copper, s1, m & f
    Yellow sapphire, s1, m & f
    Green nilia, s1, m & f
    Magenta iris floret (?), s1, m & f
    Purple Alstromeria floret s1, m & f
    Gold Alstromeria floret s1, m & f

    Xmas 2020 Glystere s1 & s2
    Val 2021 amarignis s1 & s2
    halloween 2020 pitfire s1, M & F

    And after a new release, usually the newer breeds. I'm not afraid to freeze cb or 2g dragons :3 you can check if I already have a specific sprite in this huge group (sorted by breed) https://dragcave.net/group/30448


    ++++ NOTES TO SELF AREA ++++

    > Acquired zombie sprites <
    ----Complete sets: The Tombstones, Wingless, Western, Wyrm, Wyvern, Eastern, Sea Serpent.
    ----Missing just hatchies:
    --------Two-headed Sea Serpent [--- xm xf xs1] (baikala)
    --------Two Headed western [vs1--- xm xf]
    ----Missing just adults:
    --------Western Pygmy [vF --- xM]
    --------Drake [vM --- xF]
    --------Amphiptere [xM xF] (lacula, skywing, sunsong, bluna, aeria gloris)
    ---Missing Adults and hatchies:
    --------Lindwyrm [vM vm --- xF xf xs1] (blusang, tidal, risen/setsong, script, yellow zyu)
    --------Wyvern Pygmy [vM vf vs1--- xF xm ] (mimic, coral, magelight)
    --------Two-headed Eastern [vs1 --- xM xF xm xf] (blancblack)
    --------Two-headed Lindwyrm [vm vs1--- xM xF xf] (opals)
    ----Missing all sprites
    eastern pygmy (kyanite), pygmy lindwurm (seawyrm, kovos), wyrm pygmy (red-tailed).


    **----+++ IOUs & UOMe xD +++---**

    Usually outdated :p

    Things i've promised to other people:
    [ ~ means gift from me to the person, - means an actual trade / iou i offered to someone else]

    Things i've been promised by other people: