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Read my translation of Dragon Life at Dragon MT - Priority Wishlist: Here - Scroll: Okura Ninish#2350 on Discord.

I'm socially awkward so please pm me only if necessary or i panic and flee. || I accept and give IOUs. Not in a regular basis, but i do. iZwby.gifWZmL.pngThe following Spoilers will open properly when you view them directly in my profile:

Interesting groups for gifting/trading


coded dragons + cb holidays + cb rares + lineages with sp alts (i have 6 2nd gens) + Fun offspring from coded dragons

For checkers > 2G pairs (for 3g checkers) - 3G pairs (for 4G checkers) - 4G pairs (for 5G checkers) - 5G pairs (for 6G checkers)

Every male is followed by its female mate. All pairs have been tested outside of their breeding season (in the case of holidays). 

Mainly seeking the following holidaykin checkers (lineages in red are priority):


-5g ice x val 09 for https://dragcave.net/lineage/brMr8

-4G light lumina x f marrow for http://dragcave.net/lineage/B2LoH

-5th gen white x female SWs for https://dragcave.net/lineage/YOyNi (can bloodswap).

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    Chile~ Currently one hour ahead of DC's server time.
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    ++++++++ IMPORTANT ++++++++

    +I always use fertility when breeding for
    other people.

    +I'm Chilean and speak Spanish; please
    excuse me if my English is trashy

    +my main focusses in the game are:
    ---getting mates for my holiday checkers
    ---advancing my seasonal lineage projects.
    I am working on all season starts XD
    ---to have at least 3 cb pairs of all breeds,
    plus 1 of every m/f/s1 frozen sprite.
    For unbreedables, i'm happy with just
    three cb adults plus one frozen s1 and
    one s2.

    +I'm not crazy for prizes, i just have some
    because it's easy to trade their offspring.
    I'd rather take a messy purple hatchie than
    a 3g prize.

    +I recently discovered I have ADHD, so I'm:
    --an overall mess
    --and easily stressed.

    +So, if I'm taking too long to reply to a pm
    even though I've seen it, there's 90% of
    probability that for some random reason
    I'm having a minor panic attack about
    how to reply, and how to word it politely,
    or something to that effect (in particular
    if you offer me gifts; idk what to do when
    people gift me things XD I automatically
    enter panic mode and may write a reply
    which is more awkward than usual - this
    doesn't mean I'm not grateful for it, I'm
    just confused and nervous and anxious
    and all that). The other 10% chance is
    that I'm moving about/working and don't
    have enough time to sit down and write
    a proper reply in all calmness. Please be
    patient with me, and thank you for your

    ++++++++ ~~~~~~~~~ ++++++++

    ~~~~~~ NICE LISTS FOR TRADING~~~~~

    (Frozen pygmies are separators in all
    groups; they'll tell you what's beneath them)

    + My Holiday Checkers --------- https://mydraggies.wordpress.com/holiday-checkers/
    + Spriter Alts lineages ----------- https://dragcave.net/group/27910
    + Stair Prizes ------------------------- https://dragcave.net/group/57821
    + Fun offspring from codes --- https://mydraggies.wordpress.com/fun-offspring-from-coded-dragons/
    ++ Codes group --------------------- https://dragcave.net/group/11567
    + Seasonal Lineage Projects - https://mydraggies.wordpress.com/seasonal-lineages/ --->not tidy, incomplete.
    + 2nd gen hybrids ------------------ https://dragcave.net/group/23740
    + CB rares and uncommons -- https://dragcave.net/group/22285
    + PB EGs -------------------------------- https://dragcave.net/group/23182

    ***************TEH WISH LIST*****************

    -----any lineage aeon and purple and common pygmy hatchies (messy and inbred fine)
    -----1 Blue Dino
    -----1 Purple Dino
    -----5 cb staterae x'D
    -----2g SA (because why not xD)
    --Need mates for these:
    ----PRIORITY WISHLIST: https://dragcave.net/group/68551 (everything is properly labeled in there)
    ----mateless perfect checkers https://dragcave.net/group/11571 (not properly labeled, messy as heck)
    ----mateless metal checkers https://dragcave.net/group/20471 (not properly labeled)
    ----holiday mates needed: https://mydraggies.wordpress.com/holiday-mates/ (sometimes outdated)


    -cb gold or silver <- just because.
    -2g autumn from altcana x autumn

    If I get offered something not in my wishlist, I will only accept it if:
    ---I deem it as easily retradeable (to try and get something I actually need)
    ---it helps my freezing goals
    ---or i can use it as zombie fodder.

    Otherwise I'll most likely decline. But, I breed a lot of stuff for free! So if you need a specific thing from me don't feel afraid to ask :3



    All new xenos but Fem pharos
    Xmas 2019 wintertide s1 & s2
    Val 2020 erador s1, M
    halloween 19 kohraki s1, M & F

    And after a new release, usually the newer breeds. I'm not afraid to freeze cb or 2g dragons :3 you can check if I already have a specific sprite in this huge group (sorted by breed) https://dragcave.net/group/30448


    ++++ NOTES TO SELF AREA ++++

    > Acquired zombie sprites <
    ----Complete sets: Wingless, Western, Wyrm, Wyvern.
    ----Missing Tombstones: none!
    ----Missing just hatchies:
    --------Eastern [vs1--- xm xf] (gemsh, striped river, bolt, almerald, lihnseyre, eastern prize)
    --------Two-headed Sea Serpent [--- xm xf xs1]
    ----Missing just adults:
    --------Western Pygmy [vF --- xM]
    ---Missing Adults and hatchies:
    --------Sea Serpent [vM vm --- xF xf xs1]
    --------Amphiptere [vm vs1--- xM xF xf ] (lacula, skywing, sunsong, white zyu)
    --------Lindwyrm [vM --- xF xm xf xs1] (blusang, tidal, risen/setsong, script, yellow zyu)
    --------Drake [vM vf --- xF xm xs1]
    --------Two Headed [vM --- xF xm xf xs1]
    --------Wyvern Pygmy [vM --- xF xm xf xs1] (mimic, coral, magelight)
    ----Missing all sprites
    eastern pygmy (kyanite), pygmy lindwurm (seawyrm, kovos), wyrm pygmy (red-tailed)
    two headed lindwyrm (opals).


    **----+++ IOUs & UOMe xD +++---**

    Usually outdated :p

    Things i've promised to other people:
    [ ~ means gift from me to the person, - means an actual trade / iou i offered to someone else]

    -currently I owe 16 hatchies to Moonshark ^^ hopefully will get done before June ends.

    Things i've been promised by other people: