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I am very sorry to announce that I have quit DC. Although I plan on finishing up some gifting and trading, I will be completely gone soon. I have simply reached a point where I'm more frustrated by what I can't help out with than satisfied with what I can help out with. I believe you guys deserve better, but I can no longer pretend to help deliver this. <3 My scroll has details if you're curious.

I love every last one of you, and I'm so sorry for letting you down and abandoning you. ʞɔoS #3938 on Discord if you want to stay in touch.

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    I am leaving my interests section up for posterity's sake. However, please note that in August of 2017, I quit DC (forum and cave): https://forums.dragcave.net/topic/146633-potato/?page=58#comment-9534795 In case you have somehow, randomly stumbled across my profile without knowing who I am, I was a Help moderator for a few years before I became a Global moderator. For those of you who do know me, I will never be able to appropriately describe how much you all meant to me. The users of DC are absolutely brilliant. You are kind and thoughtful and passionate. I received so many grateful PMs and so many beautiful gifts here on DC. I was taught so much and had my view of the world widened by interesting posts here. I made so many friends here. DC was my home. It was where I spent all of my free time - and some time that wasn't so free. Being here was never something I simply felt obligated to do. I genuinely enjoyed moderating the forums. I simply enjoyed being with you know. Just know that it breaks my heart to abandon you. My quitting message will forever stay in my signature, my story always on my scroll. If you can contact me through any of my provided means, I would love to hear from you. Best wishes to all of you. Thank you for your kindness and patience over the years.


    P.S. Please ignore my so-called page on the DC wiki. I do not approve of ANY of the information that is on there. I am NOT an event spriter or artist of any kind, and I do not appreciate my wishes be ignored when I outright ask that my page get trimmed down and am called a thief and am outright banned from the wiki simply because I trimmed my page myself. I do not consent to anything that's on "my" page and have many problems with how poorly the wiki is managed. Any information about me, you should get from my profile here or my scroll.

    EDIT/UPDATE: I finally finished up my promised IOUs, so I am officially, totally, completely done. I miss you all every day. You are always welcome to contact me. But I felt the username change necessary to help me fade out of DC. email is musenapper@gmail.com but please don't abuse/spam this! <3


    I am collecting OLIVES for the 2017 Holly Contest and am ignoring all other pretties until the contest is over at the end of November.

    Dragons I need:
    -2nd gen marrows from female purple x male marrow to continue this: http://dragcave.net/lineage/PHQmn
    -2nd gen shadow walkers from royal blue: http://dragcave.net/lineage/hIfZ2
    -2nd gen heartseekers from water x heartseeker to continue: http://dragcave.net/lineage/nIS8f
    -2nd gen black teas from black tea (male) x cavern lurker (female) -- will be super seeking 2nd gen caverns from male black teas during Halloween!

    Dragons I'm hoarding (count):
    -black teas (450)
    -sunstones (180)
    -anagallis (191)
    -yellow-crowned (119)
    -magelight (89)
    -nexus (18)
    -tarantula hawk (15)
    -sapphires (37)

    Dragons I like and don't mind semi-hoarding/hoarding for usefulness:
    -tri-horn (123)
    -carmine (41)
    -colassi (16)
    -crimson flare (28)
    -tsunami (24)
    -undine (32)
    -speckle-throated (65)
    -falconiform (22)
    -nhiostrife (20)
    -fever (50)
    -fleshcrowne (34)
    -ultraviolet (14)
    -black tip (49)
    -deep seas (71)
    -albinos (48)
    -coastal waverunners/ptedrakes (86)
    -blue-banded (44)
    -reds (112)
    -pinks (60 + 2 old pink)
    -shallow waters (89)

    Ultimate Wishlist:
    -neglecteds (have one, a most lovely gift)

    Anything else I have a lot of is to work on lineages or to pick up blockers for people. :3

    Personal lineage progress:
    -On a Wing and a Prayer breast cancer poem: http://dragcave.net/lineage/fvZOh
    -Ed, Edd, 'n Eddy from Thick as an Ed: DONE http://dragcave.net/lineage/MlsRA
    -Plus all the unstarted ones

    Dragon code wonkiness:
    - Listed here: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=43514&view=findpost&p=6057781
    Happy to breed fun codes for you, if you like

    Actually, I've been meaning to do a spreadsheet of the good lineages I have to breed. Once I do that (probably after this semester so sometime January), I'm happy to breed on request.