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Holiday Trading Thread

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(2) CB YULEBUCK ('08)

(2) CB SNOW ANGEL ('09)





Winter_Magi_hatchi.png  2nd Gen from Red-Finned Tidal Mother https://dragcave.net/lineage/87gPA



2nd Gen from Red Nebula or Royal Crimson


PM me for breeding negotiations.  Otherwise:  Make an offer on my hatchie!





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2nd gen 2046843314_HollyDragon.png.4e43da649006a99402cc7359ab603a80.png from Pyrovar Dragon

2nd gen 2046843314_HollyDragon.png.4e43da649006a99402cc7359ab603a80.png from Water Dragon


Would Love: nicely named parents, please

2nd gen 2046843314_HollyDragon.png.4e43da649006a99402cc7359ab603a80.png from Pyrovar Dragon or Waterhorse Dragon ---> lineage swap

2nd gen Yulebuck.png from Mint Dragon or White Dragon

2nd gen Snow Angel.png from Boreal Dragon or Frostbite Dragon (Gold-winged Snow Angels)

2nd gen Ribbon Dancer.png from Black Truffle Dragon or Golden Wyvern

2nd gen Winter Magi.png from Lumina Dragon (light or dark)

2nd gen Wrapping Wing.png from Fever Wyvern or Neotropical Dragon

2nd gen Solstice Dragon.png from Silver Dragon or Blue-Banded Dragon (all Solstices in the lineage have to be rosy-winged)

2nd gen Mistletoe Dragon.png from Terrae Dragon

2nd gen Aegis Dragon.png from Lunar Herald (silver) (pacified Aegis)

2nd gen Aegis Dragon.png from Lunar Herald (bronze) (enraged Aegis)

2nd gen Snow Dragon.png from Lunar Herald (gold or indigo)

2nd gen Garland Amphiptere.png from Zyumorph Dragon (amphiptere or eastern)



Holly x Pyrovar

Holly x Water

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13 hours ago, meruru said:



CB all past Holiday dragons ready to breed with a mate of your choice (except gold/prize)




2nd gen Garland with any mate x3 (must have named parents)

2nd gen Holly with any mate x4 (must have named parents)


the numbers are only for me to remember how many do I need lol


my scroll name is the same as my profile

new day update, send me a pm if your interested :)

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Holly_egg.png2nd-gen holly with vine, with named parents. https://dragcave.net/teleport/237c9bd7149351e8440c09cb5d4e8655



*Another 2nd-gen garland. (Looking for floral, snow, terra, vine, celestial, gold/silver/blue lunar, lacula, blue or green firegem, or frill; other pairings considered.)

*2nd-gen holly. (Looking for silver, white, gaia, green firegem, green gemshard, specklethroat, gold or silver lunar, almerald, or celestial; other pairings considered.)

*2nd-gen snow angel from tricolor snow angel and wintermagi.


Named parents only, thanks!

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5G Yulebuck_egg.gif from Yulebuck x regular Blacks, incuhatchable



Bloodswap, please!


Swap here!


Thank you for looking and Merry Christmas!  :)

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On 12/21/2018 at 11:42 PM, dragonstar said:


5G Winter Magi x Blue Nebula - teleport

Dragons listed here (almost all checkers still available) 

CBs: Holly (1), white Snow Angel (2), Ribbon Dancer (1), Winter Magi (2), Wrapping Wing (1), Solstice (2), Mistletoe (1), Pacified Aegis (1), Snow (2), Garland (1)



Unrelated Winter Magi x Blue Nebula swap (also looking for a Blue Nebula of this generation and not just a Winter Magi) 

4G White-winged Snow Angel x Purple Nebula unrelated to this dragon

2G: Pacified Aegis x Blue Nebula, Holly x Winter, Winter Magi x Blue Nebula, Garland x Green Nebula

Any nebula checkers or other interesting Christmas lineages 


Going to sleep, will accept/decline in the morning 


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Holly_egg.png 2nd gen holly from dead male holly x female red   https://dragcave.net/lineage/uoaBy




Something including the following will be especially considered, but I'm open to all ideas (but I don't like holiday x holiday)

- 2nd gen holly from FEMALE holly x male white

- 3rd gen winter magi x magi checkered, mate for https://dragcave.net/lineage/AU8RJ

- a couple of nice 2nd gen garlands (I especially like them with Gaia, blue gemshard, mageia, fire gems, blue lunar, green copper, almandine)



or PM me

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Looking for bloodswaps for the following: (low priority, just seeing what's out there - will breed on the 25th)

Aegis_egg.png Aegis

2G Bolts of Fur x Bolt

2G Born of Anger x Caligene (Enraged) 

2G Changing Coats x white Zyu

3G Raging Furry x Antarean (Enraged)

Snow_egg.png Snow

2G Papa's Heart x Caligene

2G Loove Guy x bronze Lunar Herald

2G Beginning to Snow x Monarch

2G Melting in the Light x white Zyu  


Also have 3G Prizekin available to breed: (3G holiday prizekin swap or priority items for this only, please)

2G Apollo's Aurora x gold Tinsel


CB available to breed: Holly_egg.png Yulebuck_egg.gif Snow_Angel_egg.gif Ribbon_Dancer_egg.gif Winter_Magi_egg.gif Wrapping-Wing_egg.gif Mistletoe_egg.png Snow_egg.png

(Snow Angels: tri colored on my scroll, gold on my husband's scroll)

Plus a ton of lineages available on this super long post.


Want: (listing highest priority)

*~ priority ~* 2G Solstice x Sunset for Beginning to Shine (must be bred for blue wings!) *~ priority ~*

*~ priority ~* 2G Holly x red Dorsal for Flashing Festivities *~ priority ~*

*~ priority ~* 2G Holly x Heartstealer for Jolly Coma *~ priority ~*

*~ priority ~* 2G Holly x red Zyu for Fire Fruit Punch *~ priority ~*

2G Holly x red Nebula for Noble Return

2G Garland x Royal Crimson for Soltroaf

2G Garland x White for Welcoming Mage

2G Garland x white Zyu for Spot Wreath

2G Garland x yellow Zyu for Righteousness Glory


Also interested in:

2G Yulebuck from Green, red Nebula (need 2) and Pyrope


I am only breed Holly for Holly; everything else is open (free for all the lineages and a few 2Gs).


Feel free to PM me if interested! ^-^


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Lineages I need:


Can offer bloodswaps or things from my List of Holiday Lineages (look under "Solstice pairs" for Solstices, and under "Other Christmas" for everything else) !

All ancestors on my scroll will be named if a lineage is traded.

Please PM to arrange a time for breeding/trading !


user posted image x user posted image 3rd or 4th gen Blue/Day Solstice from Radiant Angel x Blue Solstice (bloodswap: 3rd gen, 4th gen)


user posted image x user posted image 3rd or 4th gen Blue/Day Solstice from Shadow Walker x Blue Solstice (bloodswap: 4th gen or one of the 3rd gen combos from this)


user posted image x user posted image 4th gen Rosy/Night Solstice from Shadow Walker x Rosy Solstcie (bloodswap)


user posted image x user posted image 3rd or 4th gen Calm Aegis from Calm Aegis x Heartstealer (bloodswap: 4th gen, 3rd gen)


user posted image x user posted image 3rd or 4th gen Mistletoe from Radiant Angel x Mistletoe (bloodswap: 4th gen, 3rd gen)


user posted image x user posted image 4th gen Ribbon Dancer from Radiant Angel x Ribbon Dancer (bloodswap, includes a RA Spriter's Alt)


user posted image x user posted image 3rd gen Winter Magus from Winter Magi x Ribbon Dancer (bloodswap) - Trade pending.



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CB Solstice egg, going to be blue-winged



CB Solstice, rosy-winged


On cooldown, pm me!

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There are no CB blue-winged Solstices. All CBs are rosy-winged, regardless of the time of day they were caught. The blue-winged ones are bred-only (during daytime). So just keep the egg and you'll get a rosy-winged CB.

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Holly_egg.pngNicely named 2g holly from vine. https://dragcave.net/teleport/237c9bd7149351e8440c09cb5d4e8655

Holly_mature_hatchi.png Male 2g holly from pyrope. https://dragcave.net/teleport/071a957409608a7b1984722b78690c99



2nd-gen holiday with nicely named parents.


*HOLLY from: silver, white, silver lunar, gaia, specklethroat


*SNOW from: green siyat

*GARLAND from: terra, black, vine, silver lunar, snow, floral, arcana


Other pairings considered. I can take an egg for the hatchling. PM me or offer on the links, thanks!

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Have & Want: SEE SIGNATURE :)





user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image  - CB Holly, Yulebuck, Ribbon Dancer, Winter Magi, Mistletoe available for breeding

- OR I can do straight up bloodswaps!



user posted image - 4g/5g/6g/7g Yule from White checker, unrelated to https://dragcave.net/lineage/YmcrN https://dragcave.net/lineage/hN8FH https://dragcave.net/lineage/tOGGE

user posted image - 5g Ribbon Dancer from Golden Wyvern checker, unrelated to https://dragcave.net/lineage/CCWtx https://dragcave.net/lineage/6fNUo https://dragcave.net/lineage/nj0U8 https://dragcave.net/lineage/nj0U8

user posted image - 5g/6g/7g (higher is better) Winter Magi from Gold checker, unrelated to https://dragcave.net/lineage/WdeeK https://dragcave.net/lineage/ywzBh https://dragcave.net/lineage/skOjR

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Garland_hatchi.png Garland hatchi, 2G from Melismor, teleport



Swap for other 2G Holiday hatchie?



Garland_hatchi.png messy Garland hatchie, perfect for freezing, teleport




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Have  to breed

all past CB Holiday except Garland,Solstice,Holly


4g Thuwed Yulebuck

3g checker mistletoe x silver LH



2g Z code holidays -  especially 2g from  perma enraged Aegis

pretty Z Code checkers- no snowangels please

2g Holly from F Holly  x Stripe( can breed 2g Bronze tinsel on the 24th Pm me)


Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

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user posted image 2G Holly from Sapphire Lineage Link  Influenced Male 


Want: (purple in sig applies)

Aegis_egg.png 3G Pacified Aegis x Sunrise Checker, mate for: https://dragcave.net/lineage/67FBU 

user posted image 4G Yulebuck x Deep Sea, mate for: https://dragcave.net/lineage/ZPhoo

Deep_Sea_egg.gif 2G Deep Sea from male Bronze or male Gold Shimmerscale 

qyu.png  2G Christmas dragon hatchling - especially hatchlings under 5 days.   Mainly looking for Holly, Yulebuck, Mistletoe, & both types of Aegis.  Not a big fan of gold/silver/prize/holiday mates. 





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22 hours ago, seshat1407 said:



Solstice_hatchi.png  5G Even Gen Rosy Solstice x White hatchie (can screenshot breeding time)

Yulebuck_egg.gif   4G Even Gen Yulebuck x Gold Lunar Herald




Like-for-like unrelated bloodswaps only, please.






Holly_egg.png  2G Holly (m) x Gold (f)

 Mistletoe_egg.png  3G Even Gen Mistletoe x Chrono Xeno (uninfluenced)




latest?cb=20171225071828 2G Garland x Gaia


Daily bump!


(Can also breed any other Holiday 2Gens (aside from Garlands and Aegis), or anything else off my scroll in exchange for the Solstice x White! Can also combine offers for it. PM me!) 

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Still Available, Hoping to Find them Good Homes - Feel free to PM or make offers, Thanks!

Want: Open to All Offers, Would like them to Good Homes who like the Lines - Also: Looking for a Single Sea Serp Hatchling too; Offer Below!


4EG All FEMALE Hollies Hatchling - Great Code, Precog/Influenced Female Hollies Hatchling x White Checker:

Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

5EG SnowAngel Egg - All Spriters Alts & Varieties in Double Perfect Checkers from all Snowangels & Sweetlings - Fun Code:

Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

5EG Yulebuck Egg: Yulebuck Spriters Alt x Aria/Pink Checker

Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

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Snow_Angel_mature_hatchi.gif 3rd gen Snow Angel hatchling (4d 21h!)

- White x Tri-wing Snow Angel checker with gold Spriter's Alt Snow Angel

- Please offer here or PM me



- Another 3rd gen checker with a Christmas Spriter's Alt

- 2nd or 3rd gen Yulebuck from female Silver Tinsel checker unrelated to oI0UE and aCKG1

- 2nd or 3rd gen Snow Angel from Silver Tinsel x White Winged Snow Angel checker unrelated to XYGCL

- 2nd gen Holly from named parents

- 3rd gen Holly checker offers (no White/Pink/Winter please)

- Other offers?

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