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I HAVE RETURNED! You can Send PM's. If you want a breeding request, it is possible I will require a small trade or say No for a bit longer. Please accept this while I am readjusting to my Happy Self. I love the Player Community here and missed you all greatly! Thank you for keeping all the events and supporting going during my hiatus.  It's Holiday Prep Time so time for Fun, Gratitude, Excitement and Inspiring others to Pay it Forward. Visit the Player Activity Link Below to get more info about our ongoing Player Events & Activities & Help with Prep.  A lot is going on. Don't miss out!


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    Still WINNING - We're ALL WINNING! Look At Them Player Events!
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    Working on Helping the Player Community to Enjoy, Engage, Have Fun, and Fill All (or most) of their Wishes and/or at lest get them started on the right path.

    Don't Ask About Babies from TRUMP unless you own a Gold Male Tinsel or are a Spriter and/or Have Spriter's Alt and you want a lineage from me with that Dragon in it. You all do a lot of good stuff so I am happy to try and help! I am still focused on Gifting out via Raffles and Giveaways. Did you take some time to say thank you to someone today? Are you getting ready for the Holidays? Are you keeping track of the various Player Events/Activities and upcoming DC Official Events? Time to start getting ready? Feeling Overwhelmed? Come Visit the Player Activity Thread and we can get you pointed in the right direction and/or help you out!