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I LOVE PMs from Old & New Friends, But Take a Look at my Profile First if Making Requests! But I'm Here for the Community, Say Hello!

I have a CB Gold Male Tinsel. This has not changed me in any way prior to original goals upon returning, just another way to promote Events.


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    STILL WINNING - Not Sure How
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    SEE BELOW FOR BREEDING/GIFTING/TRADING Requests: I will need a good number of CB Omens for Halloween this year (generally 8 max, 4 of each gender) as I missed them last year, but we'll see how I juggle. I can always get more things next year too!

    **PRENOTE: Starting 10/1/18 I get the exciting "opportunity" of starting work at 7AM. This is not really by much choice on my end. I like... 10AM-11AM, may 9AM if I'm really pushing it. So that means I start waking up at 4:30 AM. That means while I am going to still be cheery over things I'm cheery about, I'm a lot more likely to be snappy and grumpy and really unwilling to help unless there is something really amazing that I really need. Until I adjust to the schedule, that is how it is gonna roll. My active time online is also gonna drastically change. If I seem around less, it is only because I am sleeping like the zombies we are all hoping to get for Halloween.**

    FIRST - I am sorry I have not kept better contact with other Prize Owners. Please PM me, especially if you have a Male Gold Tinsel, so I can do Swaps of Prizekin and other things. However, I am not exactly super into swapping 2G Prize Lines as most of my 2Gs get bred to make 3G Prize babies to mostly Donate. But I'm always happy to swap to help build checkers! But I do want to help build awesome lineages, and if it is a special line, I am always happy to talk. And I will swap lines some point into the newer year (or possibly before then for something special that pops up randomly).

    I have a busy life & schedule & I like keeping myself well balanced. So I focus heavily on a few things, and generally don't let other things distract me. So if you are contacting me about adding something that is going to take a lot of effort for something I do not truly love, I'm going to decline. Here are my areas of focus:
    1. Player Activity & Event Thread and (in general for myself & all) Donating & Cheering/Supporting any Player Event, Resource, Activity, etc and hoping others will join the Player Activity Thread especially, but honestly, ANY thread, team, organization or individual(s)/player(s) and we the Community can come together more and have lots of fun, regardless how we play. The DC Community and Players are the things I most Prize.
    2. Getting my scroll organized so breeding and gifting and requests are just easier, and so its easier to highlight my nicer dragons and some of my "dedicated in love forever" dragon pairs who also usually produce nice offspring, or just fun and/or funny lines/dragons. I have a start of a spreadsheet and I'll start updating it more in the next few months. I've gotten a start at this, I will probably link it somewhere and get around to upgrading it. I'm learning to simplify a lot of my Dragons and Ownership. Unless something is particularly awesome for some reason I find, I really want a small to medium (4 - 8, maybe 10 CB pairs, unless I'm obsessed with the Breed, and possibly some really cool lineages of that breed. That is it. I generally do not work on "breeding projects" unless I have some really odd obsession. I have literally one or two potentially. Not a big focus.
    3. While I will do a few Breeding Projects with TRUMP, my main goal is to donate/gift his offspring to events and to Trade or agree to breeding Trades once in awhile, and now that I've been around the Forum for more than a few months, I have ideas, but I'm still gonna be pretty overwhelmed on most trade ideas until after the Holidays. (Lineage swaps especially with Gold Tinsel Male Owners to build lineages).. He's a a very nice addition to my scroll and surprise, but he hasn't changed much for my Game Play & Experience at all that I've really noticed.

    WishList: (for ALL Dragons, Mostly Not Trump, but possibly Trump CB Gold Tinsel Prize too for both 2G Prizes and Prizekin)
    NUMBER 1: Major Wants (including Trump Babies) ANY 2G Soulpeace from CB Soulpeace Thuwed or Random HMs that do or might exist in future. Also 3EG Pure Thuwed Soulpeace from both or either CB Thuwed Soulpeace. You can get breedings from TRUMP for this, I will negotiate and would be open to doing not just Holiday Only mates with Trump.
    Also want: a few more NDs, and some 3EG or 4EG Perfect Spriters Alt Checkers. I need: Both Radiant Angel, Heartstealing, Solstice, Mistletoe (both), Aegis (both), Garland, Prize Alts, Some Halloween & Other Holiday Spriters alts and also other ones I haven't mentioned or overlooked, but they might also look better with other patterns, it just depends. If you can breed these, or are an In Game Artists or Person with Spriters Alts, please always feel free to contact me. But I think my biggest dream right now is Soulpeace Thuweds or 2G from HMs, I also would really like to be able to extend my Holly Female x White Male Checker a bit further (Currently 4EG). I also really love pretty & interesting lineages, and I can become obsessed over something that can seem small or silly. So feel free to contact me for those Breeders and Collectors with lots of pretty things out there! I just generally don't like hodgepodge Even Gen or other Lineages unless its something unique for some reason.
    2. I need CB Aeons, and/or PB Aeons And/or Aeon Checker Especially if Aeon x Other BSA and you can gift me a pair that allows me to continue the lineage! I no longer need Daydreams I am good thanks for all who helped with this project! However if you want a Non Trump baby you can look at my partial list below, or just go thru my scroll and find dragons I don't have ANY or very Few of, especially easy common to uncommon ones, and I generally want at least 2-4 CB pairs of everything. I listed a few below, but there are so many... I am likely to have skipped over a lot. The scroll is ordered by Reverse Breed Name, so just scroll thru it quickly!
    3. CB Purple Florets, CB Gold Florets only if cool code, I REALLY NEED PURPLE!! I want more Purple! I love them and need to get at least 8 pairs, I did that with their Golden Counterparts!
    4. Even Gen Perfect Checkers 5EG & Higher, or Higher EG PB Lines, especially if BSAs or pretty Dragons, especially with Alts/Other Colorations & done with Nice Patterns - I also like lines that are PB or Checkered or alternating between Alt Colors & Hybrids in various patterns! Those are lots of fun!
    5A. Possibly CB Aeons or Other Nice CBs at least for now, I will look at them, I will happily take any PB, CB, or Nicely Lineaged Aeon hatchling of any gender, so if you want something, a lot of these or a lot of any group of hatchlings to fill out some of my lower dragon count breeds are appreciated - but ask or offer first!
    5B. Any Nice or Lineage I am happy to look at
    6. Pure Thuwed EG Lines, especially if they allow me to have new interesting combos to my current ones, but I'm always happy to look at any, especially 3EG combos. (Obviously especially happy on the 2G Ones too!)
    Basically, I'm willing to Breed, but I would like to have a small thing in exchange. Also, I usually do not keep lists. Although if its something I really want, I will keep a list. That said.... If I ask you to send me a PM every 7-9 days as a reminder so I make sure I get you the dragon, please do this. It might require a bit of wok on your end, but I gotta breed em, and you get the baby that you want, we'll work together! I do not want to stress out because I "forgot" something on a Pixel game, and have someone sad or angry or feeling miffed or bitter because I have. Let's just avoid unnecessary drama and get you the dragon I promised and keep you happy!
    7. I do want some NDs, especially also a Female and an Ungendered, or other ones, but I'm not sure what I want to trade for them. I'll figure it out as the Holiday time drawing closer chugs along. Not really so interested in CB Golds and Silvers unless I feel a sudden need to balance my numbers. I rarely breed them.
    8. I would like to generally have 6-10 pairs of all dragons, including Hybrids. So if I seem to be lacking, feel free to send them over.,but CB if CB, 2G If Hybrids, unless its a super cool line.
    9.. CB Dragons: Purple Florets, , Siyat Hatchlings (Any Color),Aeons (also if lineaged as above) Carinas, Risensong/Setsong, Only A Few of: CB Hatchlings: Diamondwing, Fell, Sunset, Sunrise, Carmine, Blacktip, TatterDrake, Greater Spotted Drake, Albino, Teimarr, Canopy, Howler Drake, Some Pygmies, Pyrovar, Sinii Krai, Most Pygmies, but see scroll, Variety of Drake & Two Head, See Scroll, Probably send PM first if you want to verify I do want more of those dragons and am not purposely keeping them to just a pair or two.

    While I'm not going to often make Breeding or IOU Lists for TRUMP (CB Gold Tinsel Prize), I will happily do it at various times for anything that will make me happy or I am obsessed with.. So if you are offering something Amazing, or are another Prize Owner and need to Swap Prizekin Offspring (or want to trade for Prizekin Offspring), feel free to make offers. It just needs to be worth my time and something I *REALLY* still want. Or if you happen to be an awesome person I've known awhile, been involved in the Community, even if newer but are really involved with giving to others (however it is done, with time or dragons or whatever), I'm happy to breed things for you and probably at a TINY trade or swap of something. Which isn't a ton, but I listed a bunch of stuff above. I am also willing to pay for organizational stuff and/or Art. I'd like to upgrade my Sig, make a few art pieces, and basically have someone who is willing to help me with some projects such as simple things like: Helping me keep my Player Activity & Event Resource & Event List Up To Date; Possibly Helping me to Organize more of my dragons on a spreadsheet, etc. If this is something you are willing to do ongoing, please send me a PM. I will seriously breed you a 2G Prize for some of this stuff. It saves me a lot of time. Even Editing my Verbose Profile and WishList. So .... DC Personal Assistant, but not really, because it is just a few simple things here and there, I just tend to try to avoid them as I do not like repetitive tasks.

    Please know if you've been kind, gifted, helped or been awesome, etc. to me in the past, you can probably have anything you want for free or just about. Just remember, I do really appreciate the people who have been around, both short times and long times and have given so much to me and the Community at large and want to make sure that you are exempt from many things.

    I think worldwide people are starting to get a little tired, or just straight fed up with all the hate and vitriol coming from everywhere. If not in politics, then in other places too. Let's just have ourselves a good laugh, and enjoy the fun as this is a mostly wonderfully positive community and it allows me to pick it up and do it as I am able, without binding me to hours of grinding or scheduled meet ups. I've accomplished a lot in the past year or so in my health and other activities and I do not like anything that consumes my time or makes demands from me. I hope you all find the joy and laughter in life and from this game, and take things meant to be funny and choose to use it to have fun however you may view it. I like people to be civil, but I also like them to have fun. And honestly - I feel like we have some crazy dragons with odd codes and personalities and descriptions and names that are just too funny or clever by half. I appreciate everyone being able to express their creativity. Let's keep it going!

    Now about my boy T R U M P - If I end up "Gifting" you a baby, I would appreciate you having a good time with the lineage and feel free to name it as you will, and I encourage giving the baby a description too! Have fun, no matter the flavor of your fun, especially if you can be fun and funny with it! However, I do not support the Term "NAZI" being used in DC as that doesn't exist in the World of DC, but you may certainly describe another version of similar historical events and/or personalities as you see fit, however, per the Rules of the Internet, the first person to use "NAZI" loses, (I'm into a lot of OLD and STILL ONGOING Internet Traditions, its been part of my life for decades via osmosis) and here, we are ALL WINNERS and we are all WINNING! If you trade me for a baby you can do with it as you wish unless we agree upon this. I cannot take stuff and do what I want and not extend the same courtesy. That's it for now.