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Willing to Accept IOU's and/or Combo Current Trade Offers w/ More for New Xenos (don't really Need Flows, but will accept to trade for more CB Biome New Xenos) from Known People, Send PM! Willing to Trade Breeding including CB Prize. But Cannot Breed My Two-Headed Holly. Very Special Waiting List!!

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    Yes, I willing to look at breeding stuff from my dragons including CB Prize Gold Male Tinsel for New Xeno Eggs (Biome Specific Preferred vs Flows), Or other Nice/Fun/Uncommon/Rare things I would enjoy as an IOU if I know you or you have a known reputation, just send a PM. For Example, I enjoy Perfect Spriters Alts Checkers, I am very much willing to pay for Soulpeace lines especially low Gen (2-3 EG) Thuwed only Soulpeace Thuweds. I like fun codes and pretty lineages and lots of things, if you want a list, feel free to send a PM, but since I don't like owing 2G Prize Lineages, please don't ask about that unless you are serious. I have lots of other nice fun things I'm happy to breed, often for free, or very inexpensive, so feel free to reach out. I will let you know if life is busy and I am unable to fill that now or need time or to ask again later as other options or, often, I am happy to earn my shard for breeding then sending it out to you. Saturdays and Sundays usually are my best times as I wake up early and go to sleep early and work all day at a computer (which my migraine sensitivity just *loves*) and am stuck at home 24/7 most of the time as I have been working from home very suddenly during the pandemic (which I am super grateful to be able to be doing, don't get me wrong), and it makes me a little stir crazy and/or I have had to drastically cut down on my internet and sensory input of any type in order to be able to do all that since March 2019. It took me some time to adjust to my new reality as it came on very suddenly and out of nowhere and lasted for 6 months, and is always a potential issue every day going forward. It was never an issue like this (a few times a year maybe a day or two at worst) until that time. But now that I've made the changes, I understandably, cannot undo them unless I want crippled with pain and nausea and sickness for a few hours to multiple days and unable to function and not work and not get paid. Some priorities are just life critical. I deeply miss my involvement with the Player Community, and it was really hard to pull back. However, I am so grateful to all the people who carry on what they give to the Player Community ongoing with lots of hard work and dedication in both hosting, donating, sharing, participating and more be it specific events, ongoing events, or just personal gifts and/or gestures of kindness, help and support to individuals. You all are what keep this game worth logging into.

    I Prefer my Donated Gifts to have if not Nice Names, at least make it Funny, Sarcastic, Puns, Word Play, no matter how you want to name it especially if you are going to use something based on specific beliefs as people in general are being divisive and offensive enough, do it however you want, but at least be Clever and Intelligent About it. If it isn't something you would potentially be willing to call someone you like, then maybe its not as great on a Pixel Dragon that was Gifted. If you Traded for it, It is Yours, All Bets off and you do whatever you want unless I am being generous in my trade and tack it on as a requirements of accepting the Trade. Donated Gifts are 100% different than me posting a Teleport FFA. However, it is still appreciated. I like to try to be kind and encourage positive player engagement to grow and deepen the bonds between the Player Community. We don't need to be more divisive and maliciously cruel. You wanna have some comedy, I appreciate any comedy if it is clever or fun or tongue and cheek.