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Read my Profile if you want info on me or the Below Thread. Please only send me a PM if I know you decently and/or it relates to Player Events Somehow. Read my Profile about Prize Dragon. I am having a fit of stress and anxiety lately due to life and work and HFA and the Pixel Dragons aren't very soothing. You can always Post in the Player Event Thread, I will see things there. Please share stuff there. I am probably overdue for another Digital Minimizing as general FYI. Please continue to support your Player Activities because if you don't, they won't be there for you to enjoy. It is that simple. And there are a lot of them, especially during the Holidays, and especially all year long during NON Holidays that are freaking awesome. Stop missing out! Who doesn't want free fun awesome dragons? For little to no work? Go show some love to the people who do these fun activities of all sorts!

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    Godwin's Law - Still WINNING!
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    Working on Helping the Player Community to Enjoy, Engage, Have Fun, and Fill All (or most) of their Wishes and/or at lest get them started on the right path.

    Don't Ask About Babies from TRUMP unless you own a Gold Male Tinsel or are a Spriter and/or Have Spriter's Alt and you want a lineage from me with that Dragon in it. For Spriters, its free. You deserve a Gold Tinsel with your Artwork if you want it from me. It is OK if you don't It is just my outstanding offer to all artists. You all do a lot of good stuff so I am happy to try and help! (This is for Holidays, other dragons I would have to be convinced cuz I hate waiting lists, but I can be convinced perhaps.) I am still focused on Gifting out via Raffles and Giveaways. Did you take some time to say thank you to someone today? Are you getting ready for the Holidays? Are you keeping track of the various Player Events/Activities and upcoming DC Official Events? Time to start getting ready? Feeling Overwhelmed? Come Visit the Player Activity Thread and we can get you pointed in the right direction and/or help you out!

    I am going thru life. I am working so much and dealing with real life stuff in positive ways. If you want to help with the Player Events Thread, I am 100% OK with seeing if the Mods would allow a Group Account with me still regularly posting as part of the team. If you are interested, PM me. Watching what little TV/streaming video on the weekends is killing me and I spend them sometimes in migraine coma zombie brain and meds I have to sleep with all day. I am beyond frazzled and I don't know when that is going to ease up.

    That said, my naming rules still apply in that you cannot use the word "Nazi" in the name of the dragon if I gift you an offspring of my Prize Tinsel Gold Dragon. If you cannot abide by this, you don't get a baby. I will not write an essay on this. Attempting to use the Term Nazi in a Dragon Description will get it unapproved as it is a real world reference which you cannot do. Otherwise, I give no cares about what you believe or don't believe and am perfectly OK with you have a fun time with names that reference whatever you like. The Dragon's name was an inside joke and meant to be funny, I would appreciate you having a good time with it no matter which way you decide to swing it.