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IOU-FRIENDLY  My Holiday Lineages ~ My Checker Lineages ~ My Wishlist ~Eggs I Owe & Prize Info

Breeding Requests welcome ~ see profile for details

user posted image Desperately Seeking 3G Terrae x Winter Magi Mate 


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    United States (DC Midnight is 23:00/11 PM for me)
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    Breeding Requests: I am happy to breed just about anything for free ~ PM me and I'll add you to my breeding list. I don't mind long lists if I have several lineages that interest you. The only exception to my free breeding is for the 2G eggs from my CB prizes, as those have a waiting list. For lineages that are harder to produce, like metals and my Prize Checkers, I'd ideally like a return egg from my wishlist. I'm willing to work with you if you don't see anything there that you can get. I often need common x common 2G eggs that aren't listed on my list.