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user posted image I need* 2G Silver Tinsels from female Silver Tinsel x male Olive, Nocturne, & Spotted Greenwing

In return I can breed a 2G Prize from either my CB male Bronze Shimmer or CB female Silver Tinsel x your choice of mate

(*other 2G Prizes/fails also needed, please see my wishlist for details)

My Wishlist  My IOU List ~  IOU OFFERS WELCOME firegem.png

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    I own a CB Female Silver Tinsel & a CB Male Bronze Shimmerscale.
    As of 18-July-2018 there is one slot open on each breeding list.
    I am currently accepting two types of offers for my 2G Prizes/kin:
    1) Offers to breed me the 2G Prizes/kin listed on my wishlist (this list is always open)
    2) Offers to send me properly-influenced hatchlings from any of the categories on my wishlist:
    First available 2G Prizefail = 2 hatchlings
    2G Prizefail from your choice of prize x your choice of mate = 15 hatchlings
    2G Prize from your choice of prize x your choice of holiday mate = 30 hatchlings
    2G Prize from your choice of prize x your choice of non-holiday mate = 50 hatchlings
    2G Prize x Prize = 200 hatchlings for whichever breed egg they produce first (no offers made for a specific prize breed. They are a low-output pairing.)

    All other dragons on my scroll are available for 1:1 egg trade offers.