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Breeding Requests welcome ~ please see profile for details   IOU OFFERS ACCEPTED

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    United States (DC Midnight is 23:00/11 PM for me)
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    Breeding Requests: I am happy to breed just about anything - large and "strange" offers always welcome ~ PM me and I'll add you to my breeding list. I will never turn down an offer for a return trade from my wishlist but I will also gift eggs if you aren't able to offer anything from my wish list. I happily accept IOUs. Note: The only exception to free breeding is for 2G eggs from my CB prizes

    Prize List Status as of 13-Jan-2018
    CB Silver Tinsel - List is closed* - working on fulfilling current IOUs
    CB Male Bronze Tinsel - List is closed* - currently working on fufilling current IOUs
    *I am still accepting offers for 2G Prize swaps for the 2G Prize mates needed on my WL