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Trading 3g Prizes and other goodies for 2g Rosebud IOUS! Please PM!

Seeking 4g Nebula from Green Nebula x Arsani checker!

I accept IOUs.

God bless! cNivD.gif

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I breed just about anything for free - see profile for details! :)


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    Completed Requests: ~Ancient Luminescents, Cactus Pygmies, Chimeric Amphipteres, Crescent-Tailed Moonfliers, ~Glaucus Wyverns, Lotus Dragons, Spirit Guardians, ~Sugarpony Dragons, Utopia / Dystopia Dragons


    - Sunsong hatchies!
    - 2gs from Spriter's Alts
    - 2g Prizekins: 
    > Male Bronze Shimmer: Omen
    > Male Silver Shimmer: Gold Lunar Herald
    > Female Silver Shimmer: Silver

    (I can return 3g checker Prizes + other goodies for these prizekins! <3)


    Things I Owe People:
    - Natli: 2g Astrapi from Enraegis x Mageia
    - Gealach: 4g Silver x Silver Lunar
    - Dragon_Arbock: 3g GW x Ribbon
    - Celis: SEE PM
    - Jumpsnake: 3g from Alt Omen + Alt Garland OR 3g from Black RA + Alt Omen unrelated to other line
    - Areous: Completed SA line
    - MIGOR: 3g Bronze Tinsel x Cassare stair
    - lincoln6echo: 3g Bronze Tinsel x Cassare stair
    - Tishavara: CB Nocturne hatchies or a 2g Prizekin
    - Tecca: 2g Gold Shimmer from Teimarr

    Things People Owe Me: 
    - Caya: 2g male Gold Shimmer from Teimarr 
    - Waywardnonnie: 2g Silver Shimmer from Silver Lunar
    - Polaristar: 2g Stripekin
    - Sorenna: 4g Desipis x Magma Magma
    - Elennilda: 3g Autumn x Gold Gold
    - Birdzgoboom: 2x 2gs from Alt Omens
    - Process: 2x 2gs from Alt Omens
    - GForce: 15 Holiday hatchlings
    - Willspyro300: 15 Holiday hatchlings
    - Zareni: 3g Bronze Shimmer x HS HS
    - Stikystuff: 4g Spring x Arsani
    - Seahorse: 3g Rosebud from Sunrise checker

    My Breeding Requests:
    - Undomiel: 6g Myst x Pumpkin sibling to 0mJmR (give bloodswap someday)

    Future Swaps:
    - Darkmoore: SEE PM
    - Lorimmel: Green Neb x Silver Shim, Gaia x Gold Tin for 3g HS from Bronze Shimmer checker + 3g Red x Gold Shimmer checker + Silver Tin x Ridgewing checker + Silver Shim x Chrono checker
    - Syryn: 4g HS x Chrono swap
    - Dragonwolf: 5g White x Rosebud swap


    Breeding Info:
    Yes, I breed my dragons for free! Just PM me and let me know what you'd like. The only exceptions are my 2g Prizes and specific Metallic lines, as both types breed poorly and I'd rather gift them at my own discretion. However, generic metallic requests (such as any nice Gold dragon) are fine. All of my other stuff is open for breeding, although I may temporarily close certain lines if the waiting list gets too long. A full list of all my best lineages can be found in the link in my signature, for everything else please check my scroll!