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Holiday Trading Thread

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latest?cb=20171225071828 2nd gen Garland from White, nicely named parents Offer here!



latest?cb=20171225071828 Different 2nd gen Garland. Would love one from Golden Floret, Summer, Anagallis, Golden Lunar Herald, Tan Ridgewing or Terrae, but open to all pairings except holiday x holiday. Nicely named parents only, please.




Can breed:

Mystery.gif CB Christmas dragons (have CBs of all breeds except Prize available as mates):

  • 2x 1x Yulebuck
  • 2x tri-colored Snow Angel
  • 2x Ribbon Dancer
  • 2x Winter Magi
  • 2x Wrapping Wing
  • 2x Solstice
  • 2x Mistletoe
  • 1x permanently enraged Aegis
  • 2x Snow
  • 1x Garland

Mystery.gif Lots of checkers



Aegis_egg.png 3rd gen pacified Aegis x Omen checker, unrelated to this (can provide 3rd gen Spriter's Alt bloodswap)

Aegis_egg.png 3rd gen pacified Aegis x Rosebud checker, unrelated to this (can provide 3rd gen bloodswap)

Mystery.gif Bloodswaps for lines on this page marked as "(Bloodswap?)"

Snow_Angel_egg.gif 2nd gen Snow Angel from Purple Floret or Purple Ridgewing (tri-colored mother)

Solstice_egg.gif 2nd gen rosy Solstice from Green Copper or Black Truffe

Aegis_egg.png 2nd gen pacified Aegis from Spring, Script, Purple Floret, Diamondwing, Leodon or Purple Ridgewing (permanently pacified father)

latest?cb=20171225071828 2nd gen Garland from Melismor, Golden Floret, Summer, Anagallis, Golden Lunar Herald, Tan Ridgewing or Terrae


2nd gens from nicely named parents only, please!




Can breed:

Holly_egg.png CB male Holly

Plus the things above!



Holly_egg.png 2nd gen Holly from male Swallowtail

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2G Holly From Gold Shimmer (Mine) with all caps code Influence Prove






Not so convinced to give it up unless its a good offer of another 2G Holly From Female Gold Shimmer Plus a 2g Prize, NO Other OFFERS Plz

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Have ready to breed:

CB Ribbon

CB Solstice

CB Mistletoe

CB Aegis

CB Snow

2G Winter Magi x Grave

2G Wrapping Wing x Grave

2G Wrapping Wing x Nhiostrife



Garland, almost any gen / lineage as long as it's not messy!

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Ribbon_Dancer_egg.gif2nd Gen from Silver Shimmer



Bloodswap (=AUTO)

Mistletoe_egg.png2nd Gen Mistletoe from Silver Shimmer

latest?cb=201712250718282nd Gen Garland from Silver Shimmer


Make an offer on my Ribbon Dancer



user posted image 2nd Gen from Silver Tinsel



Bloodswap (=AUTO)

Holly_egg.png2nd Gen Holly from Silver Tinsel


Make an offer on my Yulebuck

Traded Thank you :)








Make an offer on my Snow

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H 2nd gen holy from Sinaii Krai  https://dragcave.net/lineage/EDtkw

H 2nd gen garland from Aeon  https://dragcave.net/lineage/MUwxf

H 2nd gen garlnad from whiptail https://dragcave.net/lineage/l9Tnx
H 2nd gen garland from radiant angel  https://dragcave.net/lineage/FlXAW






I'm looking for stuff from the list below:

2nd gen holy from red gemshard monarch shadow walker yellow/black zyu

2nd gen garland from white zyu shadow walker monarch ice silver lunar 


If you're breeding, plz poke me before doing so, so nothing gets traded away 



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2 Gen Garland x Frilled    Please offer here


or I can breed the following


3 Gen checkers (most are perfect, with a couple of 'specials')


Azure Glacewing F Aegis Enraged
Brute M Solstice + Seragamma M
Copper Green F Snow
Dark Green M Wrapping Wing + Frill
Gold F Aegis Enraged
Horse M Mistletoe
LH Golden F Shadow Walker + Holly
Mistletoe F LH Silver
Mistletoe F White
Pacified Aegis M Zyu Pink
Pink M White + Yulebuck + Aria
Pyralspite Almandine M Solstice
Red M Ribbon Dancer
Ribbon Dancer F Wrapping Wing + Frill
River Striped M Mistletoe
Solstice F Ice
Solstice F Radiant Angel
Solstice F Silver
Wrapping Wing M Dark Green + Frill
Xeno Chrono M Aegis Enraged
White M Mistletoe
Celestial F Snow


(see group https://dragcave.net/group/74799 for blood lines)




bloodswap (first priority)




2 Gen Garland x Colossus

Other 2 Gen Garland lineages


Please offer here



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2nd gen Aegis Dragon.png from Lunar Herald (silver) (pacified Aegis)

2nd gen Aegis Dragon.png from Lunar Herald (bronze) (enraged Aegis)

2nd gen 2046843314_HollyDragon.png.4e43da649006a99402cc7359ab603a80.png from Pyrovar Dragon

2nd gen 2046843314_HollyDragon.png.4e43da649006a99402cc7359ab603a80.png from Water Dragon


Would Love: nicely named parents, please

2nd gen 2046843314_HollyDragon.png.4e43da649006a99402cc7359ab603a80.png from Pyrovar Dragon or Waterhorse Dragon ---> lineage swap

2nd gen Yulebuck.png from Mint Dragon or White Dragon

2nd gen Snow Angel.png from Boreal Dragon or Frostbite Dragon (Gold-winged Snow Angels)

2nd gen Ribbon Dancer.png from Black Truffle Dragon or Golden Wyvern

2nd gen Winter Magi.png from Lumina Dragon (light or dark)

2nd gen Wrapping Wing.png from Fever Wyvern or Neotropical Dragon

2nd gen Solstice Dragon.png from Silver Dragon or Blue-Banded Dragon (all Solstices in the lineage have to be rosy-winged)

2nd gen Mistletoe Dragon.png from Terrae Dragon

2nd gen Aegis Dragon.png from Lunar Herald (silver) (pacified Aegis) ---> lineage swap

2nd gen Aegis Dragon.png from Lunar Herald (bronze) (enraged Aegis) ---> lineage swap

2nd gen Snow Dragon.png from Lunar Herald (gold or indigo)

2nd gen Garland Amphiptere.png from Zyumorph Dragon (amphiptere or eastern)



enraged Aegis x bronze Lunar Herald

pacified Aegis x silver Lunar Herald

Holly x Pyrovar

Holly x Water

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latest?cb=20171225071828 2nd G Garland x Black Marrow (offer here)


CB Winter Magi 1

CB Winter Magi 2 (will be named)

Wrapping Wing 1 (will be named)

Wrapping Wing 2

CB Perma-Enraged Aegis

CB Snow


(to breed with whatever you want) (will trade 2:1 or 3:1 for holiday x holiday) 




2nd G Holly:

x Tri-colored SA

x Garland

x Ribbon Dancer

x Gaia

x Red

x Aria

x Vine

x Winter


2nd G Garland:

x Radiant Angel (high priority)

x Gaia

x Vine

x Teimarr

x Gold Lunar


2nd G Yulebuck:

x Garland

x 09 Val


2nd G Tri-Colored Snow Angel:

x Holly

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Can breed a 3g C'mas thuwed for you, your choice




Want 2g spriter alt from any alt 2016 or 2017,I don't care for enraged aegis though. If you can offer multiples I can breed both thuweds together for a pure thuwed line.

Please PM. I am moving this weekend so replies may be sporadic.

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Have: Snow_egg.png 2nd gen from Omen


Want:  Other 2nd gen Snow -- from Gold, any Lunar Herald, Thalassa, Pyro, Solstice or other pretty combination. Prefer named parents.

or 2nd gen Garland from gold Lunar Herald or Gaia

or 2nd gen Holly from Winter or Moonstone





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Looking for:

* 3rd EG Holly x EMBER checker


Can offer:

* CB Christmas dragons to breed (Holly, Garland, Yule, Ribbon Dancer, Snow, Mistletoe, Golden Snow Angel)

* Christmas Siblings to:

https://dragcave.net/lineage/HonYC 4th EG Holly x Pink (and Aria)

https://dragcave.net/lineage/1DLa5 3rd EG Wrapingwing x Gold Wyvern

https://dragcave.net/lineage/DTq6z 3rd EG Mistletoe x Gold

* multiple 3rd EG Christmas x Balloon combos ;)


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6th gen  from anmar  thuweed holly x holly


auto drop

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Hello! Not sure if this will fly, but I have a 2G Holly from Gold for all you Whovians or code collectors - Q5feZ (caps messed).


W: My weakness, I confess, is EG SA's - give it your best shot of pretty low gen Holiday SA's, please and thank you very much!


Anyway, the 11th Doctor was so right: Fezzes ARE cool!


DMs welcome - I don't bite!

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Snow_Angel_egg.gif  -- Looking for a bloodswap for this 2G Radiant Angel x White Winged Snow Angel! Traded!
Lineage: tUZ9L 

CB Holiday dragons ready to breed: 

(If you really need it and can't breed me something I need in return, just message me!)


- Ribbon Dancer x 2 (Fete du solstice & Joyous Yuletime)

- Winter Magi x 2 (Tanngrisniir & Tanngnjoestr)
Solstice x 2 x 1 (Solstice Flare & Saturnalia Light)
- Mistletoe x 1 (Gryla Leppaluoi)
- Snow x 1 (Sand and Snow)


-2G Yulebuck from Silver Tinsel (I had arrangements for two and they BOTH fell though, so I'm kind of desperate) Willing to IOU post-Christmas 2G egg from my Silver OR Bronze Tinsel females in exchange


-2G Snow Angel from Radiant Angel x white winged Snow Angel (I need 0 more of these!)

-2G Yulebuck from White

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Pair of 2 gen. Hollies from Golds

2 gen. Holly from Black

Can also breed 2 gen. Holly from CB Gold Shimmerscale



Will give all 4 for 2 gen. purebred Holly or 2 gen. Holly from Spriter Alt

Send PM. 

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Can breed:

CB Gold Tinsel (female) or CB Bronze Tinsel (male) with any mate of your choice. See sig.



CB Holly with all uppercase or all lowercase letter code. Example: ABCDE/abcde


Please message me. 🎅

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