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IOUs OK !!

LF: 2G Silver Lunar from Holly, 2G Silver Shimmer from Mistletoe, please PM! Please help with holiday mates -- will do swaps! :)

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    coming back from a really long hiatus. if I owe you anything please let me know. thanks~

    ---profile below this really needs updating--
    mates needed:
    2G Silver Shimmer from Mistletoe (not from Skarb)
    2G Silver Lunar Herald from Holly (not Saint Holly)

    2G Frill from Frill x Yulebuck
    7G Terrae from Terrae x Yulebuck (UNRELATED TO: ZTOeg)
    3G Purple Nebula from Purple Neb x Snow Angel (white wings)(unrelated to UqUki)
    4G Blue Nebula from Blue Neb x Winter Magi (unrelated to Ypomd)
    4G Purple Nebula from Purple Neb x Solstice (rosy wings)(unrelated to IXl9N)
    3G Red Nebula from Red Neb x Wrapping Wing (unrelated to kzFAs and pHY2D)

    holidays needed:
    Val 09 x Deep Sea
    Val 09 x Yulebuck [prefer 3g+ checker]
    Sweetling x Terrae
    Sweetling x Moonstone
    Rosebud x Spring [prefer 3g+ checker]
    Rosebud x Royal Blue
    Heartseeker x Bright Breasted Wyvern
    Radiant Angel x Royal Crimson
    Radiant Angel x Sunstone
    Mutamore x Ridgewing
    Mutamore x Celestial

    2g Pumpkin x Crimson Flare
    2g Pumpkin x Dark Myst
    2g Pumpkin x Pygmy
    2g PB Pumpkin
    2g PB Marrow
    Marrow x M Flamingo
    Marrow x F Pink
    Shadow Walker x Silver Lunar Herald
    Shadow Walker x F Purple Ridgewing
    Cavern Lurker x F Almandine
    Cavern Lurker x Blacktip

    Holly x Mixed Seasonal Stairstep
    Yulebuck x Red Nebula
    Mistletoe x Imperial Fleshcrowne
    Mistletoe x Deep Sea
    Mistletoe x Gold
    Mistletoe x Chrono
    Wrapping Wing x Blacktip
    Wrapping Wing x Sunset
    Wrapping Wing x Fever
    Wrapping Wing x Indigo Lunar Herald
    Ribbon Dancer x Bronze Tinsel
    Solstice x Almandine (rosy wings)
    Solstice x Sweetling (rosy wings)
    Solstice x Green Nebula (rosy wings)
    Mistletoe x Silver Tinsel
    Aegis x Blue Nebula (pacified)
    EG Nebula Checkers

    List of IOUs:
    14/14 Magi Hatchlings -> shadesofchaos DONE
    17 [/20] CB Fleshcrowne hatchies -> rrattts
    4 gray hatchlings -> predatorfan4ever

    I'm owed: