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Visit my Dragons - This way to Lantea * * I do accept IOUs in trades ! * * Thank you, TJ, for giving us DC !

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    In the beginning my scroll, "Lantea", had a naming-theme, I tried to find a fitting (Ancient) Greek name for every dragon, with "Lanteis" ("of Lantea") as a surname. (Greetings to all Stargate-Atlantis-fans out there ! *wink and wave*) But with a growing number of dragons that became more and more unmanageable, so nowadays I often go with plain English and either "Lantean..." or "...of Lantea".

    If you'd like offspring from some of my dragons just shoot me a PM. If I don't need them for other projects I'm happy to breed them for you. (The exception may be the metallics and the Trios, because they barely give any eggs at all, and I wouldn't want to keep trying for months. I would do one or two tries from them, too, of course.)

    Lineages I'm especially proud of you can find here: