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My Scroll ~~ My Husband's Scroll ~~ Lineage Projects ~~ Breeding Lists and Wish List   IOUs accepted! I accept breeding requests; just ask nicely!  Have an annoying long wish list? Need help finding mates? PM me! I can be friendly and very generous! ^-^ ND_animation.gif Willing to Neglect for 2G Prize IOUs. ^-^ (Prize wishlist) Willing to breed 3G Prizes in exchange for CB hatchling IOUs   Valentine Lineage list

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    My scroll: http://dragcave.net/user/Lesh4537
    Husband's scroll: http://dragcave.net/user/Heimdal

    Neglected IOUs available
    (0 of 2)
    ~ open
    ~ open

    2/5/2019 - batch sucessful, next round planned -none at the moment-

    complete ~ M - - - - (1 female Neglected for 2 CB Golds - received)
    complete ~ S - - - - (1 Neglected for 2G Prize - prize received)
    complete ~ F - - - - (1 Neglected for 2G Prize - silver Tinsel x Khusa)
    complete ~ E - - - - (1 Neglected for 2G Prize - prize received)
    complete ~ P - - - - (1 Neglected for 2G Prize - prize received)
    complete ~ Pi - - - - (1 Neglected for 2 2G prizekin - 1 received, 1 pending holiday offspring)
    complete ~ Ps - - - - (1 Neglected for 2 CB Gold - received)
    complete ~ self (to trade for CB Gold to gift)

    I am willing to create a CB Neglected (female, male or ungendered) in exchange for a 2G Prize or 2G Spriters Alt. I prefer something from the list below but I am open to other offers. I might also consider CB Gold offers but those are a lower priority to me. I will only accept two IOUs at any given time; and these are on a first come, first serve basis.

    Prize and Prizekin wishlist -


    I will accept breed requests. Have something I'm looking for? Wish to trade? Or just need something I can provide? PM me!!

    Many of the names I have given my dragons unfortunately occur while I am watching late night talk shows or the news and have been drinking. I often pick phrases or combine a couple of words that I find interesting or funny. Should you find any of these names offensive, please let me know. Drunken me thinks this is witting and creative. Sober me feels the need to apologize.