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IOUs are fine. Currently looking for: low-gen prizes, offspring from spriter alts, offspring from CB hybrids/alts, dragons with codes in Hymmnos, esp. rudje, Lan-code CB drakes

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    I do commissions for most things; check the link in my signature for info.

    Feel free to ask me to breed things for you, just be aware that it may take a bit to get. I'll breed dang near anything for a dragon with a Hymmnos language code!

    If we're in a lineage project together, feel free to ask me for bred BSAs if you need them!

    -~* IOUs I owe:
    -~* IOUs owed me:
    -~* Dragon concepts:
    -~* Lineage Projects:
    Soliel (Trihorn/Red Nebula stair; COMPLETE: https://dragcave.net/lineage/Irq04)
    Ridgecest Nightmare (EG inbred Ridgewings, gens alternating between Tan and Purple; currently on gen 10)
    Storm Nebula (Storm/Nebula spiral; Nebs cycle through all colors every fourth gen; currently on gen 5)
    Starflare Nebula (Nebula/multi spiral, Nebs cycle through the colors every fourth gen; mate breeds are chosen based on color and color must be one of the four neb colors and cannot match the color of the nebula)
    Parallel Stripes (EG inbred stripes, gens cycle through all colors every five gens; currently on gen 6)
    In Tenebris + Knightrider of Doom (Spinel/green Fire Gem checker; currently working on 2nd gen)