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Now accepting IOU's of HALLOWEEN EGGS AND HATCHIES for all trades. My tinsel list, shimmer list, and checkerboard lineages are all available for swaps.

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    In mourning for my favorite sprite. :-( Sic transit gloria mundi...

    IOU list (things I owe to others)
    shiroan: gold egg from gold-red neb checker
    sunrise: shimmer from iweyF

    Trading interests
    CB, PB, or 2nd-gen metallics
    2nd or 3rd-gen tinsels
    2nd or 3rd-gen shimmerscales
    Even-gen checkers (not from prizes)
    2nd-gen metalfails or prizefails
    2nd-gens from spriter's alts
    2nd-gen Thuwed from TJ's alt black
    2nd-gen gendered nebula hatchlings the same color as one of their parents

    I prefer all bred dragons (except prize dragons) to have nicely named ancestors (no super-long names or generic names like "CB tsunami 12.") And neglected dragons really kind of creep me out, so I won't accept those unless it's a hatchling with plenty of time to re-trade. Thanks!