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    ♡ I breed most of the things on my scroll for free, just send me a PM! :)
    ♡ For offspring from my 2G SAltkin, I prefer SAltkin swaps or something else small in return.
    ♡ I own a CB male Silver Shimmer named Lucky Lisp. For his offspring, I do 2G Prize/kin swaps, and may sometimes take IOUs for a bunch of CB hatchlings. PM me for more details.

    ☞ WISHLIST ☜

    *For lineaged dragons, nicely-named ancestors (fairly short names; no tags like 'CB' or numbers in name; no or few unnamed dragons, name codes are okay) are preferred!*

    ~favourite breeds~
    ♡ particularly fond of: Lunar Heralds, Mistras, Guardians, female Hellfires
    ♡ anything blue: Aethers, Aqualises, Azure Glacewings, Moonstones, Royal Blues...
    ♡ purple and pink sprites: Umbras, Tercorns, Sunsongs, female purple Florets...

    ~dreaming of~
    ♡ 2G SAltkin from blue or pink Spriter's Alt with a matching-coloured mate
    ♡ 2G Soulpeace from CB Soulpeace (preferably with Soulstone)
    ♡ 2G Bronze Shimmer from Starsinger
    ♡ 2G Gold Tinsel from male Holly

    ~always looking for~
    ♡ 2G Striped or Pharos from male Staterae x female Striped
    ♡ 3EG Spriter's Alt lineages with matching colours
    ♡ CB Z-coded Hogwarts house dragons (Lacula, Leodon, Melismor, Razorcrest)
    ♡ Papers

    ~names and codes~
    ♡ Name-like, all-letter codes (Xxxxx format)
    ♡ 5-letter word codes (Xxxxx, XXXXX, xxxxx format)
    ♡ Names of authors (examples: https://dragcave.net/group/41055)

    ~other specific lineages~
    ♡ 3G Sunsong from checker with female Golds, unrelated to aWUHK
    ♡ 4G Celestial from checker with female Silver Lunar Heralds, unrelated to RnQ73