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    Love a good code.


Will make NDs for 2G Prizes! ;) Scroll goals, wishlists, cool codes, lineages and Shimmers/Tinsels can be found HERE

Scroll - I breed on request! :)

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    YES, I REALLY CAUGHT A CB PRIZE ON THE AP! *hugs Luckiest Catch*

    ** Please PM me about 2G Shimmers/Shimmerkins if you can offer something from the list below. :) Limited slots available! **

    Luckiest Catch:
    49ER - 2G from Striped River (never collected inactive?)
    ADP - 2G from Striped River or Sunsong
    Metto - 2G Avatar

    I reserve the right to do a personal breeding of Luckiest Catch periodically.


    2G Prize from gold Shimmer or Tinsel, any mate (prefer non-Holiday)
    2G Prize from ANY colour and gender Prize x ANY colour Copper
    2G gold Shimmer from male gold Shimmer x Golden Wyvern
    2G silver Shimmer from Black Marrow
    2G silver Shimmer from Solstice
    2G silver Shimmer from female silver Shimmer x Moonstone
    2G Tinsel from Penk x Lumina
    2G silver Tinsel from female silver Tinsel x White
    2G bronze Shimmer from male bronze Shimmer x Cavern Lurker
    2G bronze Shimmer from Heartseeker

    2G Hollies from any Valentine breed

    2G Lumina from Walker's Alt Arsani OR Nakase's Alt Rosebud OR sif's alt Val'09
    2G Golden Wyverns from Alt Wrapping Wings (x2)
    2G Reds from Alt Heartseekers (x2)
    2G Whites from Alt Ribbondancers OR pie's Alt Mistletoes (x2)

    CB Metals (Gold/Silver/Copper) with all-number or perfect word codes


    2G green Copper from male bronze Shimmer
    2G Golden Wyvern from male bronze Tinsel
    2G red Copper from female silver Tinsel
    2G Reds from male bronze Shimmer and Tinsel
    2G Moonstone from female Shimmer x Moonstone
    2G Lumina from female silver Shimmer
    2G Golden Wyvern from male gold Tinsel
    2G Sunrise from male bronze Tinsel

    ~~~~ Non-Shimmer Breeding Requests ~~~~

    Want something bred? Just ask nicely! Nudge me if it's been a while - I have a terrible memory.

    ~~~~ Egg-Holding Policy ~~~~

    I am always happy to hold eggs if asked nicely.
    I will hold eggs for 24 hours without any response. After that, the egg(s) will be disposed of appropriately and timing for a new egg transfer must be discussed and agreed - I am not going to spam absent players with eggs.

    ~~~~ Dragon Cave Wishlist ~~~~

    (Doesn't apply to trades for 2G Shimmers, since people keep asking.)

    Secret passion: CBs with cool codes, especially word codes (e.g., http://dragcave.net/lineage/allow), all-number codes (e.g., http://dragcave.net/lineage/22004) and perfect palindromes (e.g., http://dragcave.net/lineage/IkgkI).

    Not at all interested in: Cheeses, Dinos, Chickens, Vampires.

    Might be tempted by: Paper hatchies.

    Don't offer me: Neglecteds - I prefer to make them myself.

    Pet hate: People offering to breed their entire scroll - seriously, if you think you have something I may be interested in, please draw my attention to it. I don't really have the time to wade through 100s or 1000s of dragons on someone else's scroll.

    ~~~ Random Notes ~~~

    jerzeeshadow - 3G WW checker from aang's Thief at Christmas

    Sent to Musetta - Almandine (1), green Copper (1)

    Owed to me: 19/20 CB Celestials from Tasokie - NEVER COMPLETED! D:

    Siliskor - 3G Sweetling from Flamingo/alt Sweet checker at Val '18
    Breed CellyBean Winya/Dreamer 3G
    TCA requested (RuBY1) bred with "white" code
    wtf - Tinsel from IB Tin/Red checker
    Tecca - Gold from Sorry This Egg Has Already x Been Taken By Somebody Else
    Fuzzbucket - Gold from Sorry This Egg Has Already x Been Taken By Somebody Else?