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The Agnimitra

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((that ability is fine Shiro. ^^ and yes, Skarx, my first language is English. and i'm learning Spanish! xd.png I also know Japanese a bit just 'cause i watch too much anime. lol))


Midnight waited for the others to get themselves situated in the car. Stick, obviously in the back, and Kiri decided to join her up front.

But just as Puppy was coming towards the car, he decided against taking up more room and took off into the sky. "Puppy!" Midnight exclaimed as he took off so quickly. "Ugh, I hate to say this, but if any enemies find us because he's up there flying around, I am blaming Puppy for it because he is being foolish." She mostly said this to herself, and tried to let the good vibes from Rain soothe her. She was still agitated though so once everyone was seated, she turned on the car and took off down the road, going from zero to ninety in about five or so seconds. She tried to ignore everything for a moment, and just focus on the wind rushing past her as barreled down the road. She did feel like they might have wasted some time, but they had all morning to get to the temple even if it was best to get there as soon as possible. It seemed as if Dark's forces might be everywhere and you could get attacked at any moment if you weren't at the safety of a temple. She would still have to scold Puppy when they did reach the temple. Just because he was such an innocent child didn't mean he couldn't be scolded about certain boundaries he had crossed.

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((Same here with the japanese xd.png))


Kiri closed her eyes for a few seconds when the car started, and sped up in an unbelievably short ammount of time. She enjoyed the feeling of the cool breeze against her features and revolving her hair, though she had to pay attention to the flying Golden. If she wasn't careful, the wind could be too strong or too soft, and the cloud might be passed or left behind by him, and that was something they didn't want. Then, she remembered her sense of smell, and closed her eyes again, concentrating on the scents surrounding her, particulary, on the scent of the youngest one of the group. That way, she could enjoy the ride and

watch over the cloud.


After a few seconds, she remembered one of the basic abilities her father had taught her. She was about to hit her head for forgetting something so simple, but she decided against it, and blamed it on the fact that she had gone for so long without meeting any Agnimimtra, so she didn't have anyone to use it with...


"Hey, Golden, can you hear me? I'm moving the cloud that's covering you, so you don't get seen or sniffed out by other Agnimitras. Try to stay inside it as much as you can, okay?" She let her thoughts into Puppy's mind, hoping she got the communication right enough, it had been a really long time since she had last used it...

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((okay, so we don't spam this place with OoC, I'm going to send you a message Shiro. X3))

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((I'm sorry If I can't post at your guys' speed but I have school and other RPs I'm in to worry about also. It's not like I don't post on a regular basis, it's just I'm not on to be constantly posting))


At first Golden was confused as the cloud swallowed him up, but when Kiri's voice reached him from below he relaxed and allowed himself to enjoy the feeling of the cold water droplets on his scales. Puppy loved cold weather, perhaps it had something to do with having ice dragons in his heritage. He may not have ice powers like some in his family, but a chilly day still made him want to leap for joy.


Still, even the cool wetness and flying couldn't take away all his anxiety. His mind roared at a thousand miles per hour as he unconsciously followed the scent of the car. Even though millions of thoughts filled his head, few were coherent and his thinking only gave him a headache. If only it were possible to stop thinking, the world would be a whole lot simpler.


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((don't worry about it Dashi. just post when you can. we won't leave you behind and we can wait.))


As the car barreled down the road at one hundred miles per hour it made the distance between where they were and the temple seem very short. They passed a line of trees and to their right they could see a huge old fashioned mansion. It's main color was a brown-red color, with brown accents and a fountain placed in the very front. Between them and the mansion was a large field of just grass, with one road up its side that led to the mansion. Midnight had to slow the car to make the turn onto the road that would lead them to the mansion. She still took it quite swiftly, the momentum enough to cause everyone in the car to fall to one side if they weren't prepared for it. After coming out of the turn she stepped back on the gas and increased the speed to just seventy and slowed when they neared the front of the house. She parked in the front next to the fountain, unbuckled her seat belt, taking the keys from the ignition and hopped out of the car. "We're here."

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Kiri yelped and fell towards her side when the car made a sudden turn. She had been immersed in her thoughts, so she wasn't paying attention to the road, not to mention noticing the curve in it. She sat straight again, looking up front. Her mouth fell slightly at the sight of the beautiful mansion. In fron of them, it was only grass and the road they were following, so the huge building was perfectly visible. It's main colour was a reddish brown, though it had some brown accents. The fountain at the front made a soothing sound as the crystaline water fell, and it seemed to match perfectly the old-fashioned building it was decoring. The whole view seemed like it was a painting, and Kiri only managed to react, and close her mouth when Midnight said they had arrived.


When she looked, she noticed Midnight was already off the car. She undid her seat belt and jumped off it, then closing her eyes for a second, so the current of wind she was controling would be stronger, taking the cloud away from Golden, and then returned it to it'soriginal speed and direction. If there was something she always made sure of, it was that her powers didn't interfere directly with the natural course of things, so she always tried to control the wind for as little time as possible, and always returned it to its original course.


She looked up to make sure Golden was there, and then went back to taking in the mighty view the mansion offered. She was getting more and more anxious to see what it was like inside, and what the resistance members would be like. She then remembered the unconscious Agnimitra sitting at the back seat, so she went over, opened the door and put one of his arms around her neck again, lifting him off the seat, and out into the road. It was good that he didn't wake up and made a ruckus during the trip, and now he could rest properly, inside the mansion-looking temple.


She looked at Midnight, who was seemingly waiting for the rest to climb off the car. If all the resistance members were as nice as her, she wouldn't mind living there at all. Then again, there was Stick, though he might just be the exception to the rule, and besides, he wasn't a bad person. Sure, he had tried to pick a fight with them, but when they didn't pay attention to his provocations, he just walked off, which meant if you could keep a cool head, he was just like any other Agnimitra. She tried to hide her excitement and eagerness, and just waited for the others to hop off the car so they could venture into what may become their new home.


((Yay for my onspiratipon returning xd.png))

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((Don't do that for my sake. I know how it feels to be on the other side of the spectrum. If you are super inspired but aren't able to post because you're waiting for me, just work around my character or mildly bunny (yes I allow bunnying as long as its not anything to huge. making my character walk or follow or hear something is fine) one into an easier position so you can continue. I know how torturous it can be to have to wait for the lagger to post xd.png))


Golden heard as the breaks on the car stopped. Expectantly, he waited as the cloud dissolved around him. He was hovering over a mansion. Taking a moment to examine it, he wondered what waited for him inside the structure. He knew he should land now, but he couldn't help wishing he could fly, if only for a few moments more. Allowing himself to hover in the sky for a few seconds as Kiri got out of the car and looked up at him, he allowed himself to get lost in the joy of flight. When Kiri looked away, he headed a little to the left until he hoped he was out of sight of the others. Looking around, he located a secluded meadow surrounded by trees. The only smells that came from it were wildflowers, an ideal landing spot.


For a moment, his worries were forgotten as Puppy planned out his next move. The best part of flying was always the landing. Quickly preparing, he went over the detailed plans in his mind once again. He had been thinking about trying this trick for quite a while, but now seemed the moment. Allowing his dragon form to evaporate, he immediately started to plummet toward the ground. Wild exhilaration ran through him. This was a real stunt. In his human form, the fear was bigger because he knew that he couldn't save himself by simply opening his wings. The adrenaline rush was a thousand times better then when he did this in dragon form.


As he neared the ground, he started counting down in his head, and then the moment came. Abruptly he resumed his dragon form. Only a hundred or so feet separated him from the ground. Snapping his wings open, he landed on the ground gently as a cushion of air pushed on his wing membranes. When all four feet were once again on solid ground, Puppy returned to his human form. In a matter of seconds his worries returned to him, but the adrenaline of his fall still rushed through his veins, making them seem less much worrying then they had been a moment ago. Now it was time to rely on his speed. Turning in the direction of the mansion, he ran back to the others until he was could see the car in the distance if he squinted.

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Rain was enjoying the way the wind felt rushing past her in her human body. She was smiling and playing with her hair when then car turn swiftly to the side. She was completely taken by surprise and fell to the side.


"Oh!" She said and grabbed onto the side of the car. When the car stopped she let out a a deep breath. "Well, that was...interesting." She said as she climbed out she shifted into her dragon form and lifted up Stick.


I am going to take him to the infirmary. Please head to the main entrance, there I will meet up with you. After a moment, Rain pushed off the ground and glided to the back entrance that lead to the infirmary. When she reached the door she shifted back. Other members of the Resistance rushed out the help her get him in.


"He needs to be healed in dragon form, he has a bullet injury in his wing. Alert me the moment he wakes, I have to be the one to heal him. He will resist you." She said in a very serious tone. She looked down at Stick and rested a hand on him for a second. "I do hope you are having sweet dreams." She whispered so that no one but him could hear her. She then began walking towards the entrance to meet up with the others.

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((X3 okey dokey Dashi. i just prefer to let people control their own characters. now we just wait for the others a bit.))


As some of her passengers got out of the car, Midnight headed up to the front doors of the mansion, figuring the others would follow. She watched as Puppy made his way to a place where he could land before coming over. She still needed to give him a quick scolding. It was quite dangerous to fly around in dragon form and Puppy needed to learn it quick. She nodded to Rain to let her know she heard her and understood.


Midnight walked up the few steps onto the the grand porch of the mansion then up to the large double doors. A brass knocker hung on the front of the doors and she reached up and grasped one. After knocking it against the door a few times, she waited for someone to answer.


It wasn't long until a butler opened the door and welcomed Midnight, knowing who she was. He looked out to the Agnimitra she had brought with her and said he would inform the temple's Elder about their arrival. Midnight nodded, turning to the others.


"Come on in," she said, motioning with her arm for them to follow after her, before heading into the mansion.

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Kiri bliked, a little surprised when Rain's dragon form took Stick and flew into the mansion, after telling them to gather at the main entrance. She looked briefly at Midnight, she would be the one who'd have to lead them there, since she was the only one who had been there before. She ran a hand through her hair absentmindedly, which had started to get messy from the wind that hit her during the ride. She did enjoy it, but she didn't like having to untangle her long hair.


Suddenly, she smelled Golden's human form, though there was something wrong about that... Paying more attention, she noticed he was still mid-air. And falling. She abruptly turned her head in that direction, seeing a small figure falling towards the ground. Her heart seemed to stop for a second, all kinds of thoughts racing inside her mind, nervousness, fear and such emotions were probably showing all over her face. Being such a small child, even if she controled the wind to try to stop his fall, the damage would still be too great, and- The familiar scent of his dragon form slapped her back into reality, and she heard and smelled him land perfectly. That kid was about to give her a heart attack... She inhaled deeply, and then sighed, trying to calm down. Everything was okay...


Soon enough, she heard footsteps coming closer to them, and turned to see Golden in his human form again, running towards them. He was still far away, but he could probably see them... She made a mental note to scold him for doing such a dangerous thing, though she did remember when she was his age, and she also gave her father quite the problems... She sighed and just reminded herself to keep an eye on the kid, before he managed to get himself injured, or even killed...


She then noticed Midnight heading towards the mansion, walking the steps until she was in front of the porch. She followed her, the previous eagerness returning to her, and completely forgetting Golden's little adventure.

She saw Midnight knock, before a butler opened, and then looked at them briefly, before going back in, and sying omething about informing the temple elder. Wait. "We're meeting the temple elder so soon?" She thought excitedly. She had heard the temple elders were always mighty and the such, they were even almost as old as Dark, so the thought of meeting one just made her anxiousness rise.


((Talk to my character while she's having her little panick attack if you want, she wouldn't have noticed you anyway xd.png))

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The second they had arrived Sayuk fought not to jump out of the car, something made much more hard since Midnight turning almost thrown him out alone. Well it was how it had felt at least. He got out before Rain turned dragon took Stick. He looked at her go away to get him treated. He then looked at Midnight and followed her. The temple... at last! How long he had searched for it! What made it worst was he could have sworn he had passed here three days ago... probably protected by a couple of spells to make it impossible to see or realize it was here.


When the butler opened he also looked carefully at him. Like he was to them. When Midnight told them to enter... he did and looked all around. The familiar air of the place made him feel good, but he then noticed a number of resistance member looking at them. They were newcomer, unknown people. Now what would happen? This was the hardest part now. Spying in the middle of the enemy.


"What now?"

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As Stick started to regain consciousness, the first thing he noticed was what he was lying on was much too soft. He was more then certain he had passed out by the side of the road, not on a mattress. Secondly, all of his physical pain was gone, although his hurt ego was still as damaged as before. He did not open his eyes, but lay as still as possible and considered the situation. It was rather apparent that Rain had ignored his refusal. She never seemed to know when to take no for an answer, but he had larger worries now.


He tried to determine from the surroundings where he was without opening his eyes. The smell of antiseptic and medication was overpowering. That was enough to let Stick immediately realize where he was, an infirmary. Fury burned through him. At that moment he wanted to strangle Rain more then ever before, but he did not allow himself to react to his anger. Although Rain was annoying, she was far from stupid. She would have someone watching him for when he woke up. If he moved too much then that would immediately alert the guard he was awake.


He returned to his observance, gathering what he could from his senses other then sight. With some dismay, he noted the breathing of two people in the room, not just one. There were two guards instead of one. That made things more difficult, but not impossible. Talking from an adjacent room that filtered in from an open door or window alerted him to the general direction of an exit. That was all Stick needed for his mind to start formulating plans with cold efficiency.


((Muhaha! He lives!))



Golden sped up to the door just as the others were walking in. Falling in line behind the last person, he followed the others in and stood in the front room of the mansion. As he walked in the door, he heard Sayuk say "What now?" and Golden was wondering much the same thing except about different subjects.


What should he do now about Stick? Should he confront him or try to ignore him? It is a lot easier to hate someone from far away, but now that he had met Stick, he just couldn't figure out how to deal with him. Better to just push thoughts of him away until later... or never if he could avoid these thoughts. Although his father had told him how monstrous Stick was, he had never told him how to handle the situation if he met him. Puppy had been under the naive illusion that he never would.


Once again trying to forget these depressing facts, Puppy turned back expectantly to hear the answer to Sayuk's question.

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(( I was hoping he would. biggrin.gif I just hope they'll have a little more interaction before he speeds off. ))


Rain walked through the huge hallways with high ceilings. She had been to this Temple many times, but it's beauty still affected her sometimes. There were sculptures and paintings and oriental rugs, everything was exquisite. All of the furniture and decorations could have probably been sold to museums for thousands, maybe even millions of dollars. Rain made sure to at least glance at all of the carefully placed and expensive decorations. While she was doing this and walking, she started thinking about the past, once again, and smiled. It had seemed as though her thoughts had been dominated by the past since the moment she saw him. She paused for a moment, thinking of Stick, of his injury. She replayed the scene in her mind and focused her thoughts on him. Something felt weird there, but Rain dismissed it and continued on through the house.

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As the others were entering the temple, Kiri followed, swallowing her eagerness and trying to put on a calmed expression. Soon, she heard Golden catching up with them, standing behind her and also following into the temple. She heard Sayuk's question, but she didn't have an answer. She was also wondering the same thing. She brought her hand towards her face, her index finger, raised slightly higher that the others, was touching her lips, and she tilted her head a little to the side. It was something she tended to do while she thought deeply on something, and she was also likely to space out hardly when she did this. "What now..." She thought, going over the possibilities. They were in the temple, the resistance's stronghold. The reasonable answer would be 'join the resistance and start fighting against Dark's forces'. But she wondered if it would be that easy. The Black Dragon's army lurked at every corner, so maybe newcomers like them would be distrusted. Maybe they had to go through some kind of test...? She briefly remembered Sayuk asking something like that before, but she wasn't paying much attention at the time, so she didn't remember the answer. Then again, a test wasn't a likely possibility, since the resistance needed more members in the fight, a test would probably scare most of the Agnimitra away. So, they could just live there and instantly become part of the resistance...? Then, someone from Dark's army was bound to infiltrate some day, and that would mean their chance to win the war would be lost forever... All kinds of thoughts and possibilities raced through her mind, though she just ended at the starting point. What now. Maybe all they needed was Midnight's word that they were trustworthy. But then again, it was just another possibility between the hundreds that crossed her mind.


She mentally slapped herself, and snapped out of it. She decided to just wait for Midnight, or anyone else to answer that question, instead of giving herself a headache when there was no way that she could figure that out. She took in her surroundings for the first time since they entered the temple. The room was beautifully decorated, with ornaments that looked really old and valuable, giving the place an atmosphere of an old mansion of the nobility. She felt her mouth falling slightly agape again, that place was way beyond anything she could have imagined.


She noticed the looks the other members were giving them, they were new after all, so she guessed they were just curious, and tried to ignore them. If that place was going to become their home, it would be better if they could get along nicely with each other. She just turned her attention to Midnight again, expecting her to answer Sayuk's question, which had ended up giving her a headache.


((First, I'm inventing wwhat the room looks like here, so forgive me ^^"

And second, that must be, like, the longest paragraph I have ever written... o.o))

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((lol Stick lives! xd.png

and your guys' description of the inside of the house is just fine! xd.png))


Midnight looked around the front parlor and all its ornate beauty. It never ceased to look so amazing every time she saw it. Sayuk's question snapped her out of the little day dream and she turned to face the others as they walked into the house.

"You are free to move about the house, talk to whoever you see, and there is always some food in the kitchen that is free for guests and residents," Midnight informed them, "everyone here can answer any of your questions. Just ask them nicely and they will be glad to help. I need to talk with the temple elder." With that said, Midnight turned and headed towards the stairs located on her left. The temple elder's room was located on the second floor of the mansion, over looking the garden out back.

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...Right... So new members were always left in the dark like that? He was not sure what kind of facility there was here. Which could be a good thing to know. Since Midnight had pretty much told them to go on with their business inside then he left the others and went for one of the corridors. He disliked the resistance look on him, but soon, we he won't be so new and they would lose interest in him, it'll be just fine.


The place he had chosen to explore was the the living quarter it seemed. Bedroom all around and a nice comfy living room at the end. He smelled something nice, food. So the kitchen was close by. Still now he felt like he was losing his time. It would be much quicker to have someone be his guide and so he stopped the first person he meet that was not too old. Younger people tend to be easier to control as they usually trusted people more.


"You. Can you show me around my guide has left us to dry in the entry hall and I don't know what I'm supposed to do now that I am here."


Well he knew what to do, but it would be easier if he could just mix in the crowd.

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((Stick may be around longer then you think... xd.png to the disappointment of some characters probably. Quick update, I'm probably not going to be able to get on tomorrow because I'm going to be gone almost all day. I thought I might warn you.))


Puppy was quick to slip away when Midnight said they could go where they pleased. At the moment, he was not willing to face one of the others or else he might accidentally release his emotions in a torrent of weeping, which is what he was trying to avoid. The others shouldn't have to shoulder his burden. They were all too good for that. He had no certain destination in mind. He allowed his feet to carry him where they may. It wasn't long that Retriever had noticed he had become lost in the grand winding corridors of the large mansions. Although he could have asked anyone passing where he was, Puppy didn't much care that he didn't know where he was. It only made sense to him that since he was lost inside of his head he might as well be lost outside of it too.


It wasn't long until Puppy found a place where he could be completely alone. Passing a wide open door, he noticed that it descended into the depths of the earth and smelled damp. Unlike the rest of the rooms he had noticed, this one was not lavish or elegant. The walls and stairs were made of cracked concrete. Puppy realized it must be a basement or cellar. Disappearing into its depths, he closed the door behind him and became enfolded in darkness. Listening for any sound, only the drip of water reached his ears. Content that he was completely alone, Golden made his way down the stairs tentatively in the complete darkness. It took him a while of stumbling and toe banging, but he eventually made it down the steps into a corner of the basement.


Sitting on the ground and curling into the ball Puppy let out quiet choked sobs for a few minutes. He cried for his father. He cried for his mother. He cried for everything, but there were only so many tears in him at the moment. Eventually his sobs subsided and he sat as still as a stone. The rest of him was as dry and barren as the desert. As he sat, he allowed the blackness around him and in his head to swallow him up.




Stick was still analyzing and thinking of plans when he heard footsteps come into the room. He heard a woman say "He still isn't awake yet? It's been a while."


One of the men that had been sitting the room replied "Not yet, not that I'm eager for him to wake up anytime soon. I've met him before and he's not very pleasant." Stick tried to place the voice. It took him a few seconds because in all his long years he had come across many Agnimitra and all of their faces blurred together, but after some struggling, he vaguely remembered a man named something like Matt that’s voice had sounded like that. Once upon a time, Stick had met him, but he couldn't remember what the occasion had been.


"You've told us the horror stories about him before Mark, but that is beside the point. I trust Rain but I fear she may have missed something. He's been passed out for much too long. I'm just going to make sure he's fine and then I'll leave you be." His name was Mark... That was it. Mark grunted in reply, but made no other response. Stick heard as the woman approached and he knew his time was running out. He could hear her breathing above her, and she placed a hand on his forehead. It was only a matter of moments before he felt her mind worming into his. Stick flinched instinctively as he felt touch of her mind. If there was any power he hated most, it was the power of Worms. That was his derogatory term for Agnimtra who could get inside others heads. It did not take long for the woman to realize he was awake. The woman gasped, but before she could react in any other way, Stick had jumped up and sprang for the door.

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((Yay! I wanted him to stay! biggrin.gif Rain is not done with himmmm.))


Rain smile as she walked. She felt so much happier since Stick's arrival. She felt like yipping and dancing like a dragon pup. After a few more moments of happiness, she felt the poke of someone trying to speak to her. She let her defenses down.


Rain, come quick! Stick just woke up and has started for the door! A woman's voice said. Rain sighed and turned around.


Just can't stay out of trouble, can he? She thought with a laugh. She silently hoped he just wasn't running away from her. She started down the hall at a jog. She wanted to heal Stick before he tried anything too rash like flying with that kind of injury. She


Just do anything you can to keep him from leaving. Rain thought back to the woman and started going even faster.

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((He may be staying for a while but it will still be terribly difficult for Rain to get him into dragon form and then calm enough to let her even 500 feet near him xd.png))


The door was so close Stick could almost taste it, figuratively of course. Victory was only a few feet away, when someone roughly grabbed his arm. Spinning around, he instinctively reached for his dagger, which of course, he realized wasn't there. Rain wasn't stupid enough to leave him armed, just as she wasn't stupid enough to leave him without guards. "Looking for something?" Mark asked him tauntingly. Mark was the one who had grabbed one of his arms and held it tightly in his vice like grip. Mark was a small man, but muscular and sturdy. In a spectacular flash of speed, Stick took his free arm and smashed Mark under the chin and replied in an equally taunting tone "Actually I was. I was looking for your face so I could smash it in."


Mark grunted as his fist collided with the underside of his chin, but he was as immovable as a mountain. He did not let go of Stick or even stumble back. "You'll have to do better then that Stick. I've been training for this rematch for too long to let you win so easily." Mark remarked coldly. So we have fought before... Stick wondered to himself as he tried to grasp at the memory, but nothing surfaced. Suddenly someone grabbed his other arm. Stick pivoted his head and noticed the other guard he had completely forgotten about. The man looked similar to Mark in many ways, too close to be coincidence. "You have a brother." Stick quipped as if he wasn't in the middle of a fight and was just trying to make polite conversation. "You always were so intelligent Stick." Mark rolled his eyes.


"Enough!" The woman behind him said in a strict tone. Stick looked over hsi shoulder so he could see her. For a moment it felt as if Stick had been transported to his childhood and was being reprimanded by one of the older women from his village. The woman pointed at Mark and then Stick. "You two will stop bickering like a bunch of old ninnies, and you" she glared especially hard at Stick "Will forget your stupid pride, suck it up like a man, and wait for Rain to heal your wing."


"Actually, I don't think I'll do that." Stick scoffed before placing a well aimed kick at Mark's brother. Stick heard the snap as his foot collided with the man’s chest and cracked one of his ribs. The man groaned, but didn't let go of Stick. His face betrayed his pain, but his grip didn't loosen. Mark's brother gave the woman an earnest look and she rolled her eyes. Like a creeping snake, he felt as the woman wormed into his mind again, paralyzing him as he fought against her invisible attacks. "Get out of my head Worm!" he screamed to the woman.


"Actually, I don't think I'll do that." the woman smirked. Because of the woman in his mind, he couldn't resist as Mark and his brother dragged him back to the bed and held him down.

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((hmm, I have no idea what to do next....))

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((you could come to the safehouse, truewing? idk. just do what you feel like. X3

and i'd like to accept you to the rp Jadewing, but you have to do things correctly. everyone else rping here did.))


Midnight made her way up to the second floor of the mansion and turned down the hall to her right. Down at the very end was a pair of beautiful double doors with intricate carvings. She knocked on the door and waited for the invitation to come in. When she heard the voice saying she could come in, she opened opened one of the doors and came inside. At the desk in the office sat the elder, working on something as he scribbled across a piece of paper. He didn't look like an elder necessarily since he looked to be about in his thirties or so. He was in fact close to 2000 years old.

"Hello Midnight," he greeted with a smile, "I hear you have brought three more Agnimitra and Stick with you along with Rain."

"Yes, I have," Midnight answered walking closer to the desk and stood before it.

"It is always good to have some new faces, don't you think?"

"Yeah, it is," Midnight replied, smiling back at him. He was always so kind.

"Well, unfortunately, you will have to deal with them until further notice."

"Why is that? I usually just leave them here and then go on my way."

"We have run into some clue about the gem and we are busy looking into it. We are low on hands around here as it is so we need you to stay awhile longer and look after newcomers."

"A clue about the gem!?" Midnight exclaimed.

"Yes, but it is very vague and no one here as yet to figure out what it means exactly. It was also written in the old language so we are not sure if anything was lost in the translation to English."

"Can I know what the clue is? I might be able to figure something out."

"I see no harm in you knowing. All right this is what it translated to," he shuffled through his papers until he found the right one."'You are either smart or stupid to go there.'"

"...That's it?" Midnight inquired, thinking there would be more.

"That's it."

"All right, well, I'll see if I can think of anything. I'll return downstairs to check on newcomers."

"Good, I will contact you if anything happens or we learn anything."

"All right," Midnight answered and then turned and left the room. Of course when she reached the parlor the ones she had brought had all scattered. She did hear a struggle down by the infirmary and thought she should go check it out since it was probably Stick. So, she headed back in that direction, wondering if she would see any of the others along the way.

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((Poop, no Dashi tomorrow! It seems like her characters and a big focal point of the plot right now.))

Rain ran until she came to the door to the infirmary. She heard Stick cry

"Get out of my head, Worm!" Rain cringed because she knew he hated any sort of influence like that, especially in his mind. She grabbed the nob and threw the door open. She saw two men holding Stick down to the bed and a woman looking triumphant.


"What happened, what's going on? Stick? Is everyone okay?" Rain asked in a panicked sort of way. The members of the Resistance looked at her oddly. Rain was infamous across the world for always being cool, calm, and collected. This behavior was weird for her.


"Stick tried to make a run for it, just as you had guessed he would." The woman answered first. Her voice was the same as the one that had rung through Rain's head.


She must be the "Worm" Stick was yelling about. Rain shivered a little for Stick's sake. The men were still looking at her with an odd sort of expression. Rain calmed her thoughts for a moment and looked at each Agnimitra. She saw that each of the men had some sort of painful injury. Rain sighed, she had regained her "cool"


He is way too good at giving me work. She thought with a sort of chuckle. She moved towards the first man.


"You're Mark, right?" Rain asked with a sweet smile. The man's jaw dropped a little. Rain was a pretty and powerful Agnimitra and she was talking to him. She had traveled to all of the major Temples and healed some of the elder even, and she was talking to him?


"Y...yes." He said, staring at her. She stepped closer to him. He tightened his grip on Stick in his nervousness. He felt embarrassed to stare at her, but he couldn't look away. Rain lifted her hands so that that were inches from his skin and leaned towards him.


"Can I heal you?" She asked in a sweet voice. Mark took a second, then nodded. Rain put her hands on his arm and closed her eyes to concentrate. She saw the his chin had been damaged. She sent feelings of soothing over him and worked to repair the injury.




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