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The Agnimitra

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The Dragon People


Let's start at the beginning of their history which would date back to the beginning of time. The Agnimitra lived in peace and were a race that lived in several tribes throughout the world. Each tribe was its own unique "race" just like humans have races; African, American, Chinese, Japanese, etc. In the case of the Agnimitra their races would be Fire Dragons, Ice Dragons, Earth Dragons, and so on. They have many types in all different shapes and sizes. Each tribe lived around humans peacefully and never intruded on their affairs.


Humans have believed throughout all the years that dragons were mythical creatures that never existed except in stories. The Agnimitra like to keep it that way because it has ensured their survival all this time. The witches at Salem were a reason why they stayed hidden. Humans were unpredictable and could easily go around trying to get rid of the Agnimitra.


The temples of the Agnimitra were never found by humans thanks to the magical abilities of the Agnimitra. For example, in the Harry Potter series the witches and wizards have this special spell to keep muggles out of their magical places. Well, it's like that if the example made sense. These were the center for each of the different races. Some races had more than one, usually a main temple and many small ones. Their homes were around these temples using it as the center of their homes. Not many Agnimitra lived very far from a temple since it was always safer to stay near the temples. The temples provided a safe haven away from humans as well as a meeting place for the Agnimitra without attracting attention to them. At the temples they could freely speak of their ways without worry that a human would hear.


The Agnimitra fit in with human society and had lived in peace for thousands of years. Agnimitra lived to the rules that humans had placed, and under the government that humans had. The Agnimitra "government" would be those working in the temples. The top position would be like the mayor or governor of an area and it works down from there with assistants and workers of all kinds.


Now, speaking in terms of the present day (Year 2009-2010), 2,073 years ago an Agnimitra was born who would later come to shake up the world that the Agnimitra live in. This Agnimitra, or the Black Dragon (or Dark for short), came to hate the human race. He felt that since the Agnimitra race were superior to humans in every way, they should rule over the humans.


Of course, the other Agnimitra liked their peace that had been going on since the beginning. So, secretly Dark gathered Agnimitra that shared his views and often bullied some into joining him. An unfortunate turn of events was when Dark gained a stronghold for himself down in the heart of Australia. Dark and his recruits were able to take over the temple using an inside man to disrupt the temples defenses and the majority of the Agnimitra who lived in the temple died. The ones who didn't die are now aiding the Black Dragon. Once this stronghold became his home base of operations he was able to recruit more people through any means necessary.


Many of the Agnimitra were forced into slave labor at all the bases and strongholds. Most of the time young children were forced to start believing that they are better than humans so when they grow up they would still think that way and aid Dark. In short, he's brainwashing the youth.


Most of the old have died. Few have managed to escape Dark, but the ones who held the most secrets are the ones who have been killed. The age that the Agnimitra consider old is around 2,000 years and older. Ones at this age are considered Ancients and are the wisest and greatest. This is what makes Dark so powerful. He has over 2,000 years of experience and has gained tons of followers. His plans call for every living Agnimitra to follow him and have no one but humans oppose him. Of course there will be little that humans can do.


Now he has a fortress in the heart of Australia and many strewn about the world. Other strongholds or bases are located in Egypt, Brazil, Mongolia, Mexico, Iceland, Greenland, Canada, Sweden, Angola, Eastern Russia, Western Russia, and China. Dark is still broadening his reach on the land and more bases are still being built. It's just that humans make it difficult since they have cities and towns everywhere. The bases that he has were built on temples that were already protected from human civilization. The temples were raided and destroyed and the Agnimitra living there were killed by Dark's army.


There are only a few temples still standing, untouched by Dark's forces. They're located in New York, Britain, Chile, Iran, and Japan. The numbers are little so these temples are very precious to the Agnimitra who oppose Dark. They go to extra lengths to hide themselves from view from anyone. There are those that find Agnimitra who have not joined Dark and tell them of these safe places and how to find them.


There are ruins of temples that were not built on, but are still near Dark's bases, that were searched thoroughly by Dark's forces for clues. These temples are located in Egypt, Mongolia, Mexico, Greenland, Finland (which is next to Sweden), and China. Dark interrogated the ancients there for clues about the Gem.


This Gem is perfectly smooth, dome-shaped, and set in a stone holding. It can fit in both palms of an adult human’s hands. This is the most precious and sacred artifact of the Agnimitra. The gem is black and white, is all the colors and yet is none of the colors. It appears a different color, or colors, to different people. Recently it is black. This is most likely because Dark is causing pain and chaos amongst the Agnimitra.


The location of this Gem is unknown. The last person to have known about it is now dead, killed by the forces of the Black Dragon. This ancient wasn’t in one of the major temples as you’d expect, but in one of the small ones that was merely wiped out without a second glance. If Dark had paid attention, he’d have looked all the temples over but he didn’t. All that is left about the Gem is a clue in this ruined, small temple whose location has been forgotten about. The only hope of finding this clue is to search each of the ruins located at or near a base of the Blacks Dragon’s.


One thing is for sure; the Black Dragon cannot get the Gem. If he does, it will be the end of the peace that Agnimitra have had for so long. This will be a chaos that will last forever.


The Black Dragon does whatever he can to search for the Gem and scout parties are always being sent out. This is what makes hiding from the Black Dragon so difficult. He’s constantly searching and his search parties have the orders to recruit or kill any Agnimitra they see.



So there will not be any confusion about Humans and Agnimitras I have compiled something of a genealogy to cover things. I will start with this: a human can NEVER be an Agnimitra UNLESS a parent, grandparent, great grandparent, etc, was an Agnimitra.


The ability to turn into a dragon is passed down through the generations and so if a human has a line of relatives that are only human that they CANNOT turn into a dragon. They are simply human, no more, no less.


Agnimitra can breed with humans. It is not impossible. It can’t be predicted if their child with be an Agnimitra or not though. Now, just because they can’t turn into a dragon does not mean they can’t pass the trait down to their children. It can be recessive in the parent but dominant in the child.


Also, the thing that defines an Agnimitra is the ability to change into a dragon with includes magical powers and such. An Agnimitra can turn into a dragon in the years of puberty. Before that they can’t turn into a dragon. Once they hit that puberty stage, in about two or so years their dragon form will reach its full size. It is different for everyone however considering no two Agnimitras are exactly alike. An Agnimitra's size in dragon form can range from about 10 feet to around 50 feet tall.


There are also many “races” of Agnimitra such as Ice Dragons, Fire Dragons, and so on. It’s really limitless to what kind of Agnimitra they can be since there are so many different environments for them to live in and other factors.


The races are now mixed even as two different kinds of Agnimitras will mate with each other. There are still some who strive to keep some blood pure of a race and this family is usually considered somewhat royal of their race. However, that does not mean they live in a castle off in a faraway land. They are merely considered pure and well, that’s it.


Agnimitra also have magical powers. There are some abilities unique to a race although it’s been spread around now with the mixing of the Agnimitra races. Common abilities are being able to speak to each other through a mental link, reading others’ thoughts, moving objects with the mind, and even using mental attacks.


Other powers usually have to do with their element. That’s easy to figure out yourself.

Another thing to mention is that an Agnimitra is not named when they are born. They have nicknames, but they must find their true name on their own. If you have read everything up until now give yourself a pat on the back and ignore rule 9! Instead, title the PMs ‘I pat my back proudly!’ Others give them nicknames so most of the time an Agnimitra can have more than one. Usually they like to stick to one nickname though. Lots of times an Agnimitra is stuck with their nickname for hundreds of years. Some never found out their true name, while others do. It is not necessary to find your true name but it can make you feel complete and know who you truly are.

I guess you could say it’s the journey that allows the Agnimitra to find you who they are and not simply the name.



It's been ten years since The Black Dragon had started recruiting Agnimitra to aid him in taking over the human race. The resistance, as small as it is, has been trying their best to save as many Agnimitra as they could.

Which side are you on?





1. Follow all Dragcave rules.


2. NO chat speak, seriously, it’s annoying. Only using it somewhat in OoC is acceptable. We have an OoC thread though, so chat there. There is a link to it at the top of the page.


3. I would like to keep this rp as literate as possible, so please no one-liners or horrible grammar and spelling errors that cause your posts to be incomprehensible. Posts should be at a minimum of six good sentences and make sense.


4. I allow romance, but let’s focus on the plot, not your love life. Now, a romance can add to the plot, but if it’s just pointless smut why bother?


5. PM ME ALL PROFILES. I want to make sure I stress that enough. It’s easier for me to keep track of PMs if you PM them to me.


6. You must show me your competence as a role player through your profile. That means be descriptive!


7. While talking in OoC please use (()) which are known as double parentheses.


8. IMPORTANT! If you are going to be absent from the RP or are leaving the RP let me know a.s.a.p.! I hate it when people suddenly disappear from an RP and never say anything. It’s rude! Especially if your character finds him/her self playing a big role!


9. Title your PMs "I read everything!" if you actually did. Don't lie. Lying is bad. I will know if you are or not too.


10. If you do not meet my requirements to RP then I will not accept you. You can keep trying to get accepted but unless you show that you are able I will not accept you. Also, the titles of PMs are important. If it is not titled right then I will not accept it. Don't be lazy, do it right.


11. No godmodding, power playing, and bunnying.


12. From now on, no new characters can be over the age of 1300 without my special permission. If they are just another Agnimitra with no real special role in things (such as how Stick is Dark's brother), then they should not be very old. All the old ones are either dead or working for Dark.



Commissioned Officer Rank Structure (so you know who comes where, starting with the highest rank)

-General of Army (that's the Black Dragon)


-Lieutenant General

-Major General

-Brigadier general


-Lieutenant Colonel



-First Lieutenant

-Second Lieutenant


Enlisted Rank Structure (the ones who aren't an officer, they are below all of those listed above)

-Sergeant Major of the Army (unique post)

-Command Sergeant Major

-Sergeant major

-First Sergeant

-Master Sergeant

-Sergeant First Class

-Staff Sergeant




-Private First Class






PM all profiles to me please.


This one is for those who are opposing The Black Dragon.

A.K.A The Resistance:

[b]Username: [/b]
[b]Nickname(s): [/b]
[b]Age: [/b]
[b]Gender: [/b]
[b]Type of Dragon:[/b]
[b]Weapons/Abilities/Powers: [/b]
[b]Personality: [/b]
[b]Background: [/b]
[b]Appearance as human:[/b]
[b]Appearance as Dragon:[/b]
[b]Other: [/b]


Members of The Black Dragon’s army:


[b]Username: [/b]
[b]Nickname(s): [/b]
[b]Age: [/b]
[b]Gender: [/b]
[b]Type of Dragon:[/b]
[b]Rank (in army): [/b]
[b]Weapons/Abilities/Powers: [/b]
[b]Personality: [/b]
[b]Background: [/b]
[b]Appearance as human:[/b]
[b]Appearance as Dragon:[/b]
[b]Other: [/b]


The Black Dragon


Username: Dashidragon

Nickname: Dark or The Black Dragon

Age: 2073 (looks to be about 20 or 19)

Gender: Male

Weapons: A huge, longsword that almost seems to exude its own darkness. It is called Ama-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi, and is the anti-Excaliber

Personality: Evil, smug and boastful. He has a powerful authoritative aura about him and will never let anyone tell him what to do. He has a bad temper which does not help with his hunger for power.

Background: He grew up in a normal family of Dragon People. His mother died of a disease and it was just him, his father, and his older brother left. He never really liked his father or his brother. At school he was a bully since he felt superior to humans. He would often get in trouble for this and be punished by his father. Dark saw this punishment as abuse, even though it wasn’t, and often rebelled against his father. His brother stayed out of it as much as possible. Eventually when Dark reached his teenage years he killed his father and went with his group of friends who shared his same views of Dragon People being superior to humans. They took over a nearby ancient temple of the Dragon People and made that their keep and it grew as others decided to join him. Once he saw that he could convince others to agree with him he started his recruiting of Dragon People that turned into what it is now. No one knows what happened to his brother.

Appearance as human: user posted image

Appearance as Dragon: user posted image

Other: He’s trying to find out what happened to his brother since that’s his closest family left if his brother is still alive.



Characters so far: (just to make things look organized XD)


Midnight (Kira1)

Inazuma (Kira1)

Adam (Temple elder)

Elicia (Skarx)

Leo (leodoug)

Yue (tai_kouen26)

Sen (Darkshadow)

Kasai (ceonn)

Ren (*futurelibkeeper)

Gabe (*futurelibkeeper)

Fluffy (**WonderBubbles)

Kiri (**Shirogane_Hikari; now an NPC...sorta)

Kyla (**warewolves)

Rain (Key2Universe; currently w/ Dark)

Stick (Dashidragon)

Puppy (Dashidragon)



Ddraig (Kira1) - General

Koi (Kira1) - General

Sayuk (Skarx) - Lieutenant General

Yin (Kira1) - Lieutenant General

Shadow (Dragonhatchling) - Lieutenant General

Horo (jaina) - Colonel

Jade (Jadeclaw) - Private

Brick (*Monkeyboy225) - Specialist

Arasi (Kira1) - Second Lieutenant

Mark (Dashidragon; NPC now) - Second Lieutenant

Garjax (Skarx) - Captain

Scarface (**Truewing) - Colonel

Falcon (Dashidragon; dead)


* means inactive

** soon to be removed

and then you're deleted.

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~Accepted Profiles~

The Resistance:


Username: Kira1

Nickname(s): Midnight

Age: 1487

Gender: Female

Type of Dragon: Water

Weapons/Abilities/Powers: Katana and water elemental magic.

Personality: She's quite out going and is very sociable. Though, she doesn't like to lead everyone all the time and is used to following others. When she needs to be a leader she can be one but prefers not to. At times she may distant and distracted, but she's very friendly and once your her friend she stays close to you. When she talks about the Black Dragon though, it's filled with hate because of the despicable things he has done. And when you get to know her you find out she can have quite the temper. Especially when it comes to dealing with those who follow Dark.

When it comes to clothing, she wear whatever she feels like. Sometimes it's modern clothes and sometimes clothes of other centuries that she lived through. it really depends on her mood.

Background: When Dark first started going around and raiding temples, the one Midnight's parents were located in was one of the first attacked. Her parents were killed in the attack, but luckily she wasn't with them. Midnight was with her grandparents at the time, visiting them. When her grandparents learned of the attack they forced Midnight to run and seek shelter while they stayed behind. Her grandparents were killed hours after she left. Ever since she kept moving, since if she stayed in one place she most likely would have been found by her enemies. One day, she found a hidden temple that was protected from the Black Dragon. She found shelter there and soon found her self as one who went out to find other Agnimitra who were not yet part of Dark's forces.

Appearance as human:user posted image

Appearance as Dragon:user posted image


Username: Kira1

Nickname(s): Inazuma (means lightning in Japanese)

Age: 1009

Gender: Male

Type of Dragon:Lightning/Ice

Weapons/Abilities/Powers: He is best at hand-to-hand combat, but also knows how to use a sword if necessary. His power is blue lightning, which is so cold it burns. He has the power because of mix blood of ice and lightning Agnimitra.

Personality: Inazuma is a friendly and witty person. Some may find his attitude annoying, but he really is a good person. He often speaks his mind, which is what annoys people most of the time, especially when he flirts with women. He'll usually just go right ahead and say they're hot, or compliment their breasts.

He's against Dark, of course, and had joined the resistance when they first started gathering together. He does whatever he can to help is pretty reliable in getting things done. He sees Dark as a menace that needs to be stopped, especially because Dark has killed so many Agnimitra. It's not the way to do things and he wants it to be stopped. He fears, though, that Dark will become to powerful to stop and that they'll fail.However this feeling is kept locked inside, and he stays positive.

Background: From the time he was born, Inazuma lived in a lightning dragon temple with his parents. All was perfectly fine and he learned of the daily tasks of the temple as he grew up, taking over some of these tasks when he was older. He was perfectly happy with his life. That was, until, Dark came like a storm, destroying everything in his path. The temple was attacked by Dark and his forces and everyone had two choices in how to escape from it; join him or be killed. Some gave in and joined Dark, others fought and were killed. Well, Inazuma took the third option; he ran. With his parents, Inazuma fled the temple to find another safe place to go. Unfortunately, most temples in the area had already been destroyed and they had to stay on the move to stay out of Dark's reach. Eventually they found a temple that had not been destroyed yet. The Agnimitra in this temple were also starting up the resistance in order to save the Agnimitra from Dark. Inazuma wanted to help however he could to stop Dark and so he joined the resistance.

Now he goes around, helping others to get to safe houses as well as protect other Agnimitra if Dark's forces attack.

Appearance as human:user posted image

Appearance as Dragon:user posted image


Username: Key2Universe

Nickname(s): Rain

Age: 2,278 (Looks about 22)

Gender: Female

Type of Dragon:Earth/Water

Weapons/Abilities/Powers: Rain is an Earth/Water dragon. She has an affinity with plants and water. She can help beings heal and grow and can control water, but to a lesser degree. She can only manipulate water about the size of a large pond, rather than a lake, and cannot do too much with the water. Her healing ability, on the other hand, is very well developed. She is skilled at healing and has a good knowledge most creatures anatomy to be able to fix it. She can also use her powers to make creatures or plants mature rapidly. She cannot, however, take back any growth she has caused.

Personality: Rain is a kind hearted soul. She has a love for all creatures. She believes the best in all forms of life, even a rogue dragon such as Black, though she does still oppose his killing and immaturity. She is rather wise, but respects the younger all the same. She is very kind and usually travels the world healing wherever it is necessary.

Background: Rain was a just matured dragon when Blacks rebellion started. She was raised with a lot of love and had heard about the Elders laughing in Black's face for his crazy ideas. She, of course, agreed with the Elders that humans should not be harmed, but she had sympathy for the other dragon. The elders could be overly harsh, causing them resentment. She had begun drifting around to areas in both the human and dragon world that needed the most healing soon after Black split apart. Ever since she has been traveling, but cautiously. Her belief that all people are good at heart does not make her stupid to think that they would not try to kill her.

Appearance as human: user posted image

Appearance as Dragon:user posted image

Other: She is extremely lonely and is constantly searching for a partner to aid her.


Username: Skarx

Nickname(s): Elicia

Age: 1013

Gender: female

Type of Dragon: Lightning

Weapons/Abilities/Powers: Guns, one she keep in the temple in case of an direct attack that humans uses against tanks (good against hard scales) and smaller ones, revolver, for closer combat. She can create a magnetic field on other objects to attract metal to it.

Personality: She has a lot of energy, a bit more and you would call it hyperactivity. She loves games of almost every kind, which make her close to the younger Agnimitra and her usual energy tend to affect those around her. Some get irritated because of it though so she has learned not to be as energetic with these people. Though she love games this include gambling, as long as she is the only thing included she would never get anyone else involved, and dares. In time of danger she will always think of the others safety before anything else, especially the children's safety.

Background: Elicia is the child of a lightning dragon and a metal one, which is why she manage to make magnetic field. She lived a quite innocent life away from the war which allowed her to remain a bit innocent for most of her years. At the age of 500, or around it, she saw her first war horror. She had happened to pass near a temple when it was attacked. Afraid and not knowing what to do she ran away hearing the cry for help from the people in it. When it was over and the soldiers were gone she went back to see if she could help anyone, but the only thing she saw were the people slaughtered there and a message on the ruins.

"This is the price to pay to dare stand against me"

Near this she saw the bodies some where only children. She then swore she would stand against this evil and did everything she could to get into the resistance in which she did her best to be as useful as possible.

Appearance as human:Her picture (Ignore the animal)

Appearance as Dragon: The brown dragon


Username: Darkshadow

Nickname(s): Sentinel (goes by Sen)

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Type of Dragon: Swamp (descended from a mix of water, earth, and acid)

Weapons/Abilities/Powers: Sen, as a human, is extremely flexible and agile, and also is a great swimmer. As for weapons, Sen is adapt at using a staff bladed at both ends, having been taught by his temple elder. Sen is a Swamp-type in his dragon form, so his scales give off a toxic ooze, which is highly acidic and burns living creatures, but only mild burns someone would get from touching a hot stove for too long, and it is only used to scare away others. Sen's real power is his ability to make any kind of toxin and poison in his stomach, and his ability to spit it out, sort of like firing acid. He can do this up to 30 times in about three hours, but after that he must recover his strength or the poisons will hurt him instead.

Personality: Sen used to be a little shy, but cheerful and happy all the same, before the Black Dragon's forces raided his temple. Now he's always quiet, always reflecting on the past. He's cursed himself a million times for his weakness, the reason he believes he lived and everyone died. He'll live on though, and now, still being a little shy, Sen fights the Black Dragon's forces as best he can, earning himself the nickname 'Sentinel'.

Background: Sen lived in one of the smaller temples, close the where the Black Dragon made his home base, and one of the first temples to fall. He was an orphan, both his parents Agnimitra, his mother died giving birth to him, and his father died of a broken heart, living for three years first in a comatose state. He finally died of malnutrition, when Sen was about three. The elder of the temple, a Wind Agnimitra, took him under his wing as his own adopted child. When Sen was about seven, the elder decided to teach him to wield weapons, if only for self-defense. So Sen learned the bladed staff, and spent five years training under his elder. When Sen's powers came in at around 13, the elder let him visit the nearby swamp to test them out, saying that all youngsters should be able to use their powers. Finally, the raid on the temple came, and the elder died helping Sen escape, holding off the soldiers. He finally died before Sen's eyes, and Sen fled to the swamp, hiding deep within them as the Black Dragon's forces scoured the temple.

Appearance as human: user posted image

Appearance as Dragon: +Bestiary+ Black Dragon


Username: leodoug

Nickname(s): Leo

Age: 17

Gender: male

Type of Dragon: Water/Ice

Weapons/Abilities/Powers: He can manipulate water and/or ice at will. He has just begun to truly understand his powers and is having some trouble with more impressive things, such as a hailstorm, or a tsunami.

Personality: Leo is often a bit to excited, he tends to stay active for long periods of time, and this, unfortunately, annoys a lot of people. Although he is a bit hyper, he does make a good friend, he is caring and loving, and would never turn on a friend. He would defend someone he loves with his life, though he is never to eager to fight. He prefers to run away and keep everyone alive than kill another, but if necessary, he has the power to take a life.

Background: Leo was raised from a young age by a wise old light dragon, since his race is on the brink of extinction and most Amphibio dragons live in far away hidden places. His parents, who were one of the last of his kind, gave him as a baby to the light dragon. They soon after were slain by Dark for refusing to give up the last Amphibio Dragon Temple. They were part of a small resistance that used their advanced elemental energy to defend the last truly magical places on earth. They died while battling a soldier enhanced by Dark's magic, and they were soon slain mercilessly then burned. The light dragon taught Leo many things about his legacy and his powers for 13 years until he finally died, and Leo went off to fight Dark's forces, and find and restore the Amphibio Temple.

Appearance as Human: As a human, Leo appears to be a 17 year old boy with deep sea blue eyes, a brown curly head of hair, and a caring and intense face. He usually wears jeans, although instead of underwear, he wears a speedo underneath them, so he can swim whenever he wants. He also wears waterproof shoes that look a bit like sneakers with a more porous texture. All he wears for a t- shirt is a tight surf shirt with a striking symbol that represents his race.

Appearance as Dragon: Leo has the ability to alter his appearance above and below water. Above water, he is an aerodynamic look deep blue dragon, with sleek, tight to the body scales and large pronounced wings. He has surprisingly sharp claws used for grabbing onto landing areas, and a long thin tale. The change from above water to below water takes about 15 seconds. Below water, Leo has flat wings that are tucked into the body and are barely visible. He has gills along his torso and a second clear set of eyelids that cover his eyes underwater, allowing him to see better, much like goggles. His tail is still long but there is a paddle at the end that allows him to accelerate and turn easily.

Other: He is what is known as an Amphibio Dragon. Amphibio dragons are a type of dragon that are the ancestors of both sky dragons and water dragons. They have the ability to survive on water and in the sky. Unlike most dragons, their biological structure can change when in different environments to suite them. The Amphibio dragon changes on land and in the water. Unfortunately, Amphibio Dragons are dieing out due to pollution, and on top of that, they know much about what Dark is looking for, and he has been killing them off to get it.


Username: Tai_kouen26

Nickname(s): Yue (It means “moon” in Chinese. He was given this nickname because of the way his black scales shined in moonlight.)

Age: 1415

Gender: Male

Type of Dragon: Lightning/Healer (like white dragons)

Weapons/Abilities/Powers: His element is lightning (purple), and he has the ability to heal injuries with his blood, though he cannot heal himself with his blood, only others.

Personality: He’s very solemn and keeps to himself for the most part. He is the strong, silent type, but when push comes to shove he will speak his mind over something. He is known to be very protective of his friends and would do anything to protect them, even resorting to sacrificing his own life.

Background: Yue was raised in a temple in China with his twin brother and his parents. He lived a very happy life up until his temple was attacked by Dark’s forces. His parents where killed in the battle as they tried to defend the temple. But before that, they hid the twins in a secret chamber, telling them to be quite until they came and got them which never happened. But he managed to escape with his brother after the army left. After they escaped the destroyed temple, they found an abandoned farm to hide out in, sheltering them for a few days until they decided to move again as to not stay in the same place. The last place they hid out in was a cave that was a few miles away form the temple, but a few of the soldiers still occupied the place, so the had to keep quiet to not draw attention. But a few days later, when Yue went out to find food for them, his brother mysteriously disappeared, most likely captured by soldiers of the army. He assumed this because he had seen a few soldiers leaving when he returned to their hideout. Though since he wasn’t strong enough at the time, he couldn’t go after them and take him back. So he traveled around, training in order to become stronger so he could one day get revenge and find his brother. Since then he has been searching for his younger twin brother.

Appearance as human: user posted image

Appearance as Dragon:

user posted image

Other: His dragon form also has wings and he carries around a small, wooden pendant in the shape of an eastern dragon with him at all times as it has great significance to him.


Username: KaidaShade

Nickname(s): Bane

Age: Looks in his mid 30s, actual age about 1400

Gender: Male

Type of Dragon: ???

Weapons/Abilities/Powers: Bane's weapon of choice is a simple quarterstaff, which he wields with the skill of a seasoned warrior. He is an excellent fighter in both armed and unarmed combat. Magic-wise, he has the ability to breathe fire in his dragon form, and can speak mind-to-mind in either form.

Personality: Bane is a fairly calm and collected individual. It is quite tricky to get a rise out of him, either by taunting him or outright attacking him. This is not to say he won't fight back, but he will keep his head in most situations. He tends to be very reasonable and quite friendly, particularly towards the young.

Background: Bane lived a relatively uneventful life as a temple guard until Dark's forces came. He refused to join them, naturally, and fought back fiercely against the invaders until he passed out from exhaustion and blood loss. Horribly wounded, he was left for dead among the ruins of his home but somehow managed to survive and escape. He found his way to an unconquered settlement and remained there until he had healed, then set out into the world in search of revenge against the Agnimitra who had taken his home from him. Since then, he has roamed in search of those of a like mind, who can help him with his goal.

Appearance as human: A tall, broad-shouldered black man with long, black, dreadlocked hair and amber eyes. He is heavily scarred from his life of battle, with the most notable scars being around his left eye; three vertical claw marks, intersected by a slash across his eyebrow and a second slash across his cheekbone, under his eye. Other notable scars include claw marks across his chest and neck, a healed stab-wound in his right side and a badly-burned right hand.

Appearance as Dragon: A large, heavily-built dragon with slightly curved, black horns and sharp spines down his back. His tail ends with a set of four long blades (think stegosaurus). His body and wing membranes are jet black, his eyes are amber, and his wings are quite tattered around the edges. He retains the heavy scarring that shows on his human form.

Other: He once had a twin brother named Dynas, but it is believed he perished in the destruction of his home. Still, Bane holds out hope that Dynas managed to escape as he did.


Username: Jadeclaw

Nickname(s): Blake

Age: 1395 but looks 20

Gender: male

Type of Dragon: Wind/Fire

Weapons/Abilities/Powers: Blake happens to be a master when it comes to swords. Any type of sword you give him he will be able to show you that he can use it to its full potential. He happens to like to use long swords the most though. His second favorite is double edged swords. He is almost a full blood wind dragon. He has a bit of fire dragon blood in him and came only breath fire and stand it for a certain amount of time.

Personality: Blake has a bit of a temper. He usually stays calm unless you try to make fun of him or criticize him about something that he does and then he will get angry. When he is calm though he can be a nice person to be around. He likes to have fun when he can and hates being serious all the time. He likes to act like a leader most of the time though and hates following orders. He can be stubborn when he thinks that he is right about something that he feels strongly about. The one thing he loves though is getting praise from others.

Background: When he was young Blake's father had to leave for some reason. He never saw him again. He later heard that he had a sister but never saw her either. Later though he tried to go and find his father and his sister. He never found them. He went to a mountain and saw traces of wind dragons living there. He left after finding nobody and went to Russia. He lived there for a long time until the Dark Dragon came so he tried to escape. Unfortunately, he was found by one of his troops and had a fight that lasted a long time. The other dragon died but Blake didn't win without getting a scar across his left eye. He had to stay where he was for a long time until he recovered from his wounds. He went to London to get away. He's been trying to find other members of the Resistance. He's also been trying to find his sister since he has a feeling that she is still alive.

Appearance as human: user posted image

Appearance as Dragon: user posted image

Other: His sister is Jade.


Username: Crazy Skarx!!!

Nickname(s): Vyner Bodles

Age: In his 500, he does not remember.

Gender: Male

Type of Dragon: Plant

Weapons/Abilities/Powers: He is armed with at least five bottle of alcohol of almost any kind, varies from time to time as he drinks them and get new ones. / As for his powers... He can alter the others senses and enhance himself to run LIKE HELL! He's very, very fast. He... controls... plants... but... they don't always listen. (So he says)

Personality: He's a drunk, a deep, hopeless drunk. He likes ALL alcohol and just can't help to start drinking when just smelling that stuff, when he's not too drunk to smell anything else then his own breath. He likes anyone who has alcohol or will share a drink with him from time to time.

Drunkenness put aside, he seems like a finished idiot, a dummy, a moron and anything else you can think of. He act before thinking, whether it is to do something or talk. He's very friendly and easy going though... When it comes to helping people he always ask something in return (He has to pay for his alcohol sometime no?) Which can cause a problem when said person was already helped before he actually though about the fee. He usually always fall in the same traps again and again, never seems to learn anything. He's VERY curious.

On a darker side, he will do anything just to have more drinks, which includes rather bad things. He'll join up with anyone who offers him more liquor and better times. He's also rather greedy (as long as it's not for alcohol) and likes to just pile up his savings in a hidden place.

Don't, but really DON'T remind him he is wingless. He's just hoping he's a very late bloomer and his wings are just waiting for the right time to grow.


Vyner was born in Las Vegas in the US (or at least where it would be later on). He grew up surrounded by everything a young Agnimitra needed until technology came in when he reached his late 300. His parents, who were studying humans habits decided to evolve with the place and eventually he lived in greed, drinks, good times and games since his parents, a couple of tropical plant dragons, were owning a gaming place in the town. The place was a beautiful building, filled with all kinds of plants that his parents were taking care of while getting money out of the human addicts who came to play, drink and enjoy the shows. He and his siblings, a younger brother and an older sister, were supposed to take care of serving the human customer and sometime the Agnimitra who came to enjoy a bit of the city and a good resting place reserved just for them. While they were allowed to fool around with the customers, they were not supposed to let themselves dragged in by the vice of the place. It was a bit like a test. You could drink, play and everything, but the second you got addicted... You were going to get a correction and a rather harsh punishment.

His pleasure in the place was to get people drunk and see if he could get them to buy some drinks for anyone he felt like it. He was good at it, but... Seeing them seem to enjoy the drinks so much he started to wonder what they were feeling when drunk. He himself had only drank up to two drinks and never found it so special. Humans would tell him it was a taste you grew to like in time. More curious then ever he just had to see for himself. He started with one drink a night, so his family would not notice he would get the humans to buy it for HIM instead for anyone else. Sure enough he grew to enjoy the taste, especially the one of Vodka. Has the year passed he went to two bottles, then three then four and so on until his dragon constitution finally started to lose against the effect of the alcohol poison. The numbness of the mind, the happy feeling he was having, the freedom of it all. It was like having nothing to restrain one self and enjoy everything around! He loved it. His family on the other side, had notice his little game and his starting addiction. He was going to be in deep trouble.

Knowing what was coming thanks to his little brother he did what he had to do to keep his new found pleasure in life. He grabbed all his money he had accumulated in his years in the family business, a couple of bottles and ran like hell out of the house when his parents were busy with their work. He fled from Las Vegas and did what he could to get by and have his drinks. At first he could do little jobs and sleep in the forest since he could hunt and survive in the nature, but eventually his addiction to alcohol got the best of him. He could simply not pass himself of it, he needed it. This cost him all of his jobs and eventually made it nearly impossible for him to do much work that required his now almost absent intelligence. He would often steal his drinks and run somewhere else after, the world was big enough for him to go everywhere and return when they forgot about him years later. Heck he was a dragon, he would outlive anyone.

Appearance as human: He just a tall human that still look like a teenager that had a rather long growth spurt, he's 6'4

user posted image

Appearance as Dragon: He's not the biggest dragon around, in fact... He's a rather small dragon. He's almost half the size of most dragon. Now... try to catch him. It'll be funny.

user posted image

Other: He's rather weak in his dragon form compared to most. He has boosted his magical power to stay alive in a Dark filled time. HE also likes to get some drugs or smokes when he can find someone who has some.


Username: ceonn

Nickname(s): Flash Kasai

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Type of Dragon: Fire/Wind

Weapons/Abilities/Powers: Kasai wields a medium sized katana with which he is proficient with. His style with it is abnormal and quite unrefined, but he shows promise (especially considering it was all self taught).

As for magic, Kasai draws half of his strength from fire, as his name implies. His skill with fire is minor, and he can only control it if it's already in existence. For example, he could try to burn his enemies by using the fire from a lit torch. Conjuring fire into existence is beyond him, thus he must first light the torch by hand.

What he focuses on, and what gave him the nickname "flash", is his ability to use rifts in dimensions. He can jump into, and out of a pocket dimension in suck a short amount of time, that his enemies would mistakenly think he's teleporting. He can also create a large glyph on the ground, which will cause a reaction in magical energies around him and open a bigger rift. This version of the spell is quite difficult for him to use at such a young age, but allows everyone on the glyph to come with him. It usually requires three hours to prepare, and upon exiting the pocket dimension at his destination, more often then not he faints. Finally, this ability causes a bright pillar of light to appear and rise up into the air, and then at the destination a pillar of light crashes down as the rift opens. The good side to this ability is the incredible distance he can traverse by using it, being able to go so far as crossing the pacific ocean or moving from Japan to London instantly. Due to the incredible downsides though, he refrains from making use of it unless he desperately needs to.

Finally, Kasai has the ability to shift certain parts of his body and make them draconic. For instance, he can cover his hand with scales and grow claws. He learned how to do this by accident when younger as his powers first manifested, and literally hates using it. The only draconic body part he cannot generate in his human form is his wings.

As if to counter this, his ability to use his form as a dragon is incredibly lackluster. He knows how to fly barely, and can't breathe his element like most dragon's can. Also, despite knowing how to fly, attempting any random stunts would easily end up with him injured and unable to move more a while, which is partly why he hates using his dragon form.

Personality: For an Agnimitra, and a human, Kasai is quite young. For his age, he is mature than most due to how he grew up. He is quite diligent, and pushes himself past his limits. He tends not to get too happy or sad, mostly due to not ever truly getting to feel those emotions like most would. He is used to solitude, but longs to ease his loneliness with people like him. He has met with a lot of danger, and is not one to rush into combat recklessly. In that way he is quite tactical, and has quick thinking skills, along with an uncanny ability to outwit his enemies and stay one step ahead. Also, unique to most Agnimitra, he incredibly dislikes leaving the security of his human form and becoming a dragon. This is partly why he expanded his ability over pocket dimensions, so he could match the speed of a dragons flight on foot. Of course, he isn't anywhere close to doing that.

Background: Kasai was born both human, and Agnimitra. His Agnimitra side came from his father. his father firmly believed in coexistence with humans. The amount of Agnimitra that shared this belief were few and far between. Due to his open beliefs on the subject, he was only allowed to leave their communities under the condition that he not reveal his dragon half, and live out his days as a human. Not wanting to risk his race for his happiness, Kasai's father agreed to these conditions and left.

He would later find love, and married to a young woman in London. She had Kasai two years after her marriage, and life was sweet. Of course, the brighter the light of happiness is, the more noticeable it's shadow becomes. Dark reared his ugly head, and Kasai's parents were lost due to their love for each-other. At this time, Kasai was 4, and did not understand anything about any of this attack. All he knew was to run.

His mind would later repress the memories in his minds darkest corner. The event was so traumatic to him that he simply couldn't remember it. The earliest memories of his life were of an orphanage in London that had found him and taken him in. The only think his mind could remember was shown to him in the shape of nightmares. A man's dead and bloody body and hearing himself scream "Wake up! Please!"

Once his powers began to manifest at age 14, things became different. Due to his human blood, his control over his dragon form was weak. Initially, he would frequently find his body "half-shifting", where he would be randomly covered with emerald scales in random spots on his body. He managed to hide this from the people at the orphanage, but it became increasingly difficult. He once even grew a tail, which caused him to hide in a nearby dumpster for a night. This would disappear after a short amount of time, but he wanted to learn how to control it.

Over the next year he would learn to control his half-shifting to an extent, but he was still confused as to why it happened. His fear of being labeled an outcast prevented him from asking around about it. In his mind, he decided it didn't matter since he could control it now. He was dead wrong. A few weeks after turning fifteen he was wandering through a small woods on the outskirts of London on a camping trip. That's where it first happened. he turned into something that he thought only existed in storybooks, a dragon. Thankfully, he was alone at this time, and he managed to figure out how to turn back to his normal self.

A year later, he finally managed to work up the nerve to ask for help from the adults in the orphanage. by then, he'd been practicing moving around in this new form of his. He had realized that he had been slowly getting bigger managing to stand at 20 feet tall approximately. Telling adults in the orphanage about this proved quite difficult. When he attempted to prove it to them in a wooded clearing, they screamed at him and called him a demon, and then ran away.

This made Kasai decide that he could no longer stay at the orphanage, so he ran away after they ran off, and didn't look back. The only thing in his ind he was sure of was that he wasn't human, and that he wanted to know why. Over the years he managed to stay in forests and live off the land. He would come into the city once or twice to steal clothing when he outgrew what he was wearing, and to steal food and a weapon. he found it appropriate that since he was something out of a fairytale, that he'd use something out of history to balance himself out. So the obtained his very own katana and began training how to fight diligently for years. he would also study tactical and strategic maneuvers from old historic texts that he would take from the odd library or museum.

Kasai wanted to be sure that he was ready to go out on a journey this long, and knew that he had no reason to hold back. no-one to care about, no-one to love. Finally at the age of 22 he decided he was ready to set out to find more people like himself. People that he could relate to and live with.

Appearance as human:user posted image

Appearance as Dragon:user posted image

Other: As a final note, it is next to impossible for even a wind dragon, to notice that he's an Agnimitra without witnessing his powers. He smells quite like a normal human would (because he's half human).


Username: Jadeclaw

Nickname(s): Jade

Age: 1320 but looks 18

Gender: Female

Type of Dragon: Wind

Weapons/Abilities/Powers: She can control wind as in tornadoes, whirlwinds, blizzards, etc. She is also able to control the weather to a certain degree. She is also good with a sword.

Personality: Jade is nice once she gets to know you. She usually is calm and friendly as long as you are nice to her and are on her side. She does have a bit of a temper but usually is able to be calm as long as you don't try to criticize her, make fun of her and boss her around. She is a bit finicky when it comes to whether or not she wants to stay on the Black Dragon's side or not. She hates what humans have done but doesn't think they should kill them or other dragons.

Background: She was born to a normal family of Dragon People. Mostly they had wind blood and a little fire blood. But not enough to inherit the powers of one. One day while they were out hunting to feed her they didn't come back. Before her parents left to hunt her father gave Jade a sword. It looked like any other sword except for the gem that was in it. Them gem was blue with a white pattern on it. The pattern swirls whenever Jade uses her powers making it look like a twister from the air. Her father says the sword was given to him by a Chinese Lung that was a friend of his. Jade later found out what happened to them. They were killed by some people in a nearby village. She later lived in a city of humans. A lady found Jade sleep on her steps and took her in. She had a son whose name was Jak. That is she lived with them until one of the people that lived in the city saw her showing Jak her powers. The human told others in the city and burned down the families home. Jade could only cry and watch.

Appearance as human:user posted image

Appearance as Dragon:user posted image

Other: Cannot join the army again because she has been marked a traitor. She will be killed if she tries to.


Username: Darkshadow

Nickname(s): Dancer

Age: Unknown

Gender: Female

Type of Dragon: Ground

Weapons: Spear

Abilities: Digging; Tactics

Powers: Ability to shift the Earth, move rocks, etc.

Personality: She prefers to appear as cold to people she doesn't know, but really she just enjoys going wild all the time. She's known as 'Dancer' because of how she seems to be dancing while doing bar fights, or any kind of battle involving her human form. Dancer doesn't care for alcohol, but she doesn't mind the drunk Agnimitra that tags along. Sometimes he can help her out in a tight pinch, though it's usually the other way around.

Background: Dancer was raised without the love of her parents, and in a strict, rigid society. She was taught to always control her emotions, and to basically become a living doll who will do whatever asked of it upon command. Of course, naturally, Dancer didn't happen to like that type of lifestyle. In that society, she was known as Marietta, but to her it sounded like Marionette. So, at a young age (Dancer was never told how old she was exactly), she escaped that walled society by simply running away from the place once she had gained her dragon form's powers. To earn money, Dancer worked at bars all across the world, where she picked up the drunk Agnimitra quite by accident. In that incident, Dancer then on became known for tight-up brawling in bars.

Appearance as human: user posted image

Appearance as Dragon: user posted image


Username: Dashidragon

Nickname(s): Puppy, Golden Retriever, Retriever, Golden

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Type of Dragon: Healer/Wind (?)

Weapons/Abilities/Powers: Because he has just hit puberty, his powers are not very developed, but he does have limited healing abilities. He can heal injuries as bad as a broken leg. He is naturally fast and flexible. When he does get into a fight, he frustrates his opponents because they have trouble keeping up with him.

In his dragon form, he is a natural born flier. He loves flying with a passion, and in the air he has a serious advantage. He can perform difficult feats of twisting and flying that a larger slower dragon would never even consider. He is also extremely fast. He prefers to fly away then fighting because most of his opponents have no hope of catching him.

Personality: Puppy is trusting and friendly, but also haunted by what he saw done to his father and the atrocities his family has committed. He does whatever he can to atone for the sins of his family because he feels he is somehow responsible for them. Guilt racks him whenever he thinks of Dark or his vengeance obsessed cousin, Stick. The first thing that stumbles out of his mouth when he meets a new Agnimitra is usually “Hey my names… All right I admit it! I’m Dark’s cousin; just stop staring at me like that!”

He finds it terribly difficult to keep secrets, get mad at anyone, fight, or do anything that causes another person to feel even slightly uncomfortable. He does what he can to please everyone he meets even if it is a detriment to his own safety. Although he saw his father murdered, Puppy seems to retain much of his innocence. He trusts almost everyone he meets and always tries to look for the best in everyone.

Background: Puppy was born when a rebel decided to try and hide from Dark’s influence in a human habitation. The Agnimitra attempted to blend in with the rest of humans and disappear into oblivion. Things appeared to work for him at first. The Agnimitra settled down, found a human he fell in love with, and then married. By all appearances he would escape from Dark’s wrath, but it wasn’t to be. Eventually, the Agnimitra’s wife got pregnant. The baby was born and life continued on as normal, until the boy’s 13th birthday. On that day the boy found his wings and joined the ranks of the race known as Agnimitra.

Fearing for his son’s safety, the Agnimitra took his son and ran from both his wife and his home. He raised his son in the forest and told him what it entailed being an Agnimitra. At first the boy was bitter about being torn away from his home and family, his thoughts consumed with vengeance, until the day came where they were found. Somehow Dark’s army had managed to track down both him and his father. Carted off to one of Dark’s many dungeons, both son and father were left in darkness for many days with only themselves as company. During those dark days, his father told him many disturbing and strange thing’s but worst of all, that he was Dark’s cousin.

Some hours after his father had told him this, still shocked by what he had learned, soldiers came and slit his father’s throat, Dark’s uncle, right before his eyes. Horrified, he became convinced that he would never turn out like his cousin. All feelings of vengeance drained from him at that moment, and they were left with a desire to be pure of the stains of his family. Like most young Agnimitra, instead of being killed like his father, Puppy was offered a spot on Dark’s army.

Seeing his only chance to escape the dungeon and death, he joined Dark’s army, with plans in mind. While among their ranks, because of his young age and natural innocence, he earned for himself the nickname Puppy. It was meant as a taunt, but Puppy liked the way it showed his true nature. Also he was called Golden Retriever, though some just shortened it to Golden or Retriever, because of his blond hair and golden scales. Also meant as a taunt, he enjoyed that nickname most of all because Golden Retrievers were known to be gentle and friendly. Training with the other brainwashed younger recruits, when he was sent off on his first mission, when no one was looking, Puppy slipped away. Now he is wandering the world searching for a safe house where he can escape the shame of his families stain.

Appearance as human:As suggested by his name, Golden has medium length shaggy blond hair. Funnily, his hair is slightly longer around his ears, almost like a dog’s ears. His eyes are mottled deep amber that shines with child-like trust and understanding. He still retains some of his baby fat, making him appear only that much more childlike. In contrast with his youthful appearances though, there are rings under his eyes from carrying the burden of watching his father die and the shame of what the rest of his family has done or has become. One family characteristic that he shares with his cousin, Stick, is not only the yellow shade of eyes, but the large stern nose, that seems out of place on his small child-like face.

Retriever is not very picky about what he wears. He wears whatever is available. The only piece of clothing he wears on a regular basis is a lightening yellow hoodie over any shirt he happens to be wearing. Retriever is also tall and skinny like his cousin Stick. He measures a respectable 5’5”, considering he still has many years of growth ahead of him he is tall for his age.

Appearance as Dragon:user posted image

In his dragon form, Golden is very small. He is the smallest a dragon can possibly be, measuring only 10 feet long. His body is covered in golden scales that shine brightly in even in the absence of a large amount of light. His eyes are the same amber color as they are in his human form. His body is extremely streamlined, light, and well muscled, which makes him perfect for fast flying and intricate aerial maneuvers. Tapered retractable claws appear from his foot when he gets agitated and his teeth are barbed for gripping and tearing.

His tail is pointed in the shape of a spear. The outgrowth on the back of his tail is actually a bony growth that grows for several years before falling off and growing back again. He can whip his tail around like a sword and the bony outgrowth on his tail will bite into flesh with ease.


Username: Dashidragon

Nickname(s): Stick

Age: 2089 (appears 18 or 19)

Gender: Male

Type of Dragon:Ice

Weapons/Abilities/Powers: Stick carries a medium-sized dagger that appears to made of bone instead of metal. It is pure white and decorated with intricate carvings. Stick has a rather benign ability to change his eye, hair, and skin color, but he also has a much more dangerous power. Because he is descended from Ice dragons, he can freeze water molecules in the air around him instantly, meaning he can coat anything he wishes with ice on a whim. He can also create intricate designs and even barriers made of ice, but this requires more time then just coating something haphazardly in ice; therefore, it is not much help in battle.

Personality: Stick has a daring and bold personality. He throws himself in the face of danger and tends to get in strange situations, always actively seeking out excitement; he will join a fight just for the pure feel of adrenaline through his veins and the joy of the fight. He is a dangerous enemy because he will doggedly pursue his quarries with unshakable determination.

Although brave, he is also brash and stupid at times. He never takes the time to scope out a situation and make a logical choice in the heat of the moment. Instead he will jump right in with little thought to the consequences. He is much the same in how he interacts with others. He will say anything that comes to his mind, no matter whether it could be considered insulting or unheeded.

When he isn’t in the middle of a conflict, his cold and calculating mind can throw out plans and schemes by the dime, but when it comes the time to actually put them into action, he usually chooses a rash action instead of what he was planning. Although he can take years formulating a perfect plan, he rarely has the patience to carry it out.

Background: Stick was born into the same family that Dark was. Because of their relations, they shared many characteristics, such as a lust for power and the need to be better then everyone else. In the beginning years, their father favored Stick, while abusing Dark. Enjoying the feeling of being superior, Stick didn’t interfere with his father’s abuse, but as time went on Dark developed into a creature more dark and evil then Stick could ever be.

Watching from the sidelines as Dark gained power and prestige, Stick felt belittled and worthless, something he wouldn’t stand for. Without the resources to stand against his brother directly, the older brother of Dark faded into obscurity and was forgotten by everyone else, but he was still around if anyone had taken the chance to look. In his jealousy, Stick had joined the rebellion in the hope of dethroning his brother and taking his spot as the honored son once again. Now residing within the rebellion, he is the only one who knows his true identity and his plans for vengeance.

Appearance as human: Stick has long red hair that he ties back in a half ponytail. His face is angular and hawk like, giving his face a slightly menacing appearance. There are the beginnings of frown lines although he only appears to be 18 or 19 by human standards. His mouth is always twisted in a sinister smile or a disapproving frown. There is no in-between. Having eyes like an owl, he has large yellow eyes, but he will change their color if he is going into a human settlement, so as not to give away he is something inhuman.

His favorite thing to wear is a deep green polo shirt and pressed khakis, which give him a deceptively polished and refined appearance. The only thing that will mar his refined appearance is an out-of-place sheath hanging off a belt. This sheath is decorated in strange golden writing and looks as if it could hold a medium-sized dagger.

The reason he is nicknamed stick is because of his long and awkward body. He stands about 5’10” and is all skin and bones. When he was a child he had the nickname toothpick, but thankfully that nickname wore off as the years went past. He personally chose the nickname stick because he believed it made people underestimate his true tenacity and toughness.

Appearance as Dragon:user posted image

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Black Dragon’s Army:


Username: Kira1

Nickname(s): Y Ddraig Goch (pronounced "a thraig goch." The 'ch' in goch is like the word Loch. Means the red dragon in Welsh. Goes by either Ddraig or Goch.)

Age: 1878

Gender: Male

Type of Dragon: Fire

Rank (in army): General

Weapons/Abilities/Powers: A sword is his weapon of choice, which he fights very skillfully with. He is also very good at hand-to-hand combat. He is a purebred fire dragon, and so his element is fire. Ddraig can control fire, and has a strong flame breath. Fire does not harm him either. (That doesn't mean he can't be injured though. X3)

Personality: Ddraig believes that what Dark is doing is for the best. That the humans need to be reigned in and taken control of because of how badly they have polluted the earth. If the Agnimitra were to take control of the humans then they could stop all the pollution and save the planet. He believes in justice and doing what is right and although he does not believe Dark's plans of destroying the temples is right, he gets through it by saying any Agnimitra who opposes The Black Dragon is an enemy that must be stopped. He's quite kind, very chivalrous and stubborn as well. The only person who he takes orders from is Dark since he has a very high position which is one step down from Dark's. He always keeps others in line, leading the troops and making sure everything runs smoothly. Dark sees him as one of his best generals and rewards him greatly for it.

Background: Ddraig was one of the first people to join Dark's army when it was first getting started. Before then, he lived in Wales (thus his Welsh name) and grew up in a normal family. At first when Dark came through, he was reluctant. Surely this man's plans were too far out there and could not be accomplished. But as he talked with Dark more he learned that this idea might not be too far-fetched. Soon he joined, leaving Wales with Dark in their attempt to gain more followers. After taking up a base in Australia, Dark rewards Ddraig with all the comforts this world had and the position of general. Not wanting to let the man down, Ddraig graciously accepted and lived his life to further Dark's ambitions.

Ddraig has had many lovers, but no children and he has not settled down with anyone. He has decided that until this battle is over that he should have a family which would always worry about him. A family that he would have to constantly leave to go out into the world to gain more followers for Dark. No, he couldn't do that to anyone.

Appearance as human:

user posted image

Appearance as Dragon:

Link to picture because it's so big. He's a dark red dragon ^^


Username: Kira1

Nickname(s): Koi

Age: 1754

Gender: Female

Type of Dragon: Water/Earth

Rank (in army): General

Weapons/Abilities/Powers: She wields her sword with grace and power, combining it with her powers over water for beautiful and deadly attacks.

She also has mild control over water plants like lilies and seaweed.

Personality: Koi is cold and distant, which makes her hard to approach. For those who don't know her, they see a beautiful woman, but when they start to talk with her they see she is beautiful but deadly. Her heart became hard and cold long ago, and there seems to be no hope of it ever warming up at all. When she speak, she is abrupt and straightforward, even if others would have preferred if she kept her comments to herself. At other times, she doesn't want to speak at all and will give people a cold, silent glare for them to leave her alone or she will chop off their head.

Background: Koi's father was an earth dragon and her mother was w water dragon, so of course she was a mix of the two. This didn't bother her at all and was fine with who she was. It was those annoying humans that bothered her. They were stupid creatures who thought they knew everything. Though, as long as they left her alone, everything would be fine and she would stay away from them and be with other Agnimitra. Well, one day this all changed when she was 14.

There was a mob of drunk humans who had decided to walk down the streets, carrying torches, and then used the torches to burn her house to the ground. Quickly, Koi and her parents ran out of the house and watched as it burned to the ground. Furious, her father turned to the mob and started yelling at them in such foul language that Koi's mother covered her ears. The drunk mob didn't like what her father did and turned on him to attack. Now, her father wasn't the best at fighting, and didn't stand a chance against the mob and it didn't matter if they had been sober or not. If he had changed to his dragon form he could have defeated them easily. But then that would put his family at risk. They would be seen as monsters and be chased down. Instead, he did his best to fight while in human form, but of course, he was beaten. They could have moved on from this if it had just been left at that, but then one drunkard had the idea to put a pitchfork through Koi's father's chest.

Koi and her mother watched in terror as he was killed, rushing to his side and pleading for him not to leave them, but there was no hope. The mob then turned on them and they could see their lust for blood in their eyes. Koi's mother yelled for her to run, and Koi took off running, not wanting to be killed by this mob. When Koi looked over her shoulder, she saw that her mother had stayed behind to fight them off to give Koi a chance to get to safety. Koi was about to stop and go back when she saw a sword protrude form her mother's back. It was then viciously pulled out, and the blood poured from the wound. She watched as her mother fell to the ground in a pool of her own blood, dead.

She ran in fear for her life, not wanting to be killed by the mob. She ran until she couldn't run any more and the yells from the mob were out of ear-shot. She stood there, tired and hungry, angry and sad. There was just a turmoil of emotions inside of her as the tears streamed down her face. She had no idea where she was now and had no clue what she was going to do.

Just when panic was about to set in, Dark found her and offered food and shelter. Since he was an Agnimitra, she accepted his offer. That night, she tossed and turned until exhaustion took over and she fell asleep. In the morning her eyes were dry, and they would probably never shed a tear ever again. She knew that crying over the death of her parents would get her no where. So, she agreed to help Dark who was just beginning to recruit people to help him complete his goal to take the world from the humans.

She learned how to fight, becoming ruthless and wanting nothing more than to see the humans suffer as the earth is taken from them.

Now she is a general in the army, and although she grows weary of the long wait to make the humans suffer, she perseveres to help further Dark's ambitions.

Appearance as human:user posted image

Appearance as Dragon:user posted image


Username: Skarx

Nickname(s): Sayuk

Age: 1334

Gender: Male

Type of Dragon: Ice

Rank (in army): Lieutenant General

Weapons/Abilities/Powers: Knives, all of them/ Astral jump (inspired by a spell... he can become unseen and cannot be sensed, heard or smelled, but can be touched).

Personality: Sayuk is a cold-hearted and cruel person. He always keeps his distance between himself and others and more than just physically. While he does not care about others he won't just go around killing them, but he won't have any remorse if he does. He never lies and will never go back on a promise no matter the consequences. He is usually very silent and is sarcastic, when he does speak.

Background: He comes from a family of pure blooded ice dragons. His family was extremely strict about lies in any of its form other than turning human (which was never considered as such.). Other than that, he was raised like any other young Agnimitra, but he was always bullied by the other human child. He was the laughing stock of the school because of his white hair earning himself the nickname of “Old Geezer”. Because of this and the fact that his parents never allowed him to change his hair color saying it was a lie, he grew more isolated and cold and finally ended up hating the humans since it didn’t get any better later on. A couple of years later he snapped and killed all of his job partners that dared made fun of him and retraced all of the people that used to bully him at school and ended their miserable lives too. All of this with no human ever finding out he was the killer. They were found stabbed with knives they never found. He joined the black dragon soon after.

Appearance as human:

user posted image

A normal human 5'8" high with a really pale skin and spiky white hair, falling to his shoulder, with blue stripes in them. He is pretty thin and his eyes are gray. The only thing that stands out, except his white hair, are his fangs. His canines are longer than a normal humans' and he has more of them in the back of his mouth. He got a mark that he can keep hidden unless he's angry or actually showing enough emotion to stop controlling it, like anger, fear, laughing, sadness and the like.

Appearance as Dragon: user posted image

A 30 foot tall white dragon covered in pale blue and purple scale patterns that go from the top of his head to the tip of his tail passing by his back. His large and hard belly scales are gray while his wing's webbing is a really pale blue. He is really thin, but what he lacks in strength he compensates with better mobility and speed. His tail is almost twice as long as his body and the back of his head, shoulder blade and tip of his wings have ice looking blade on them (organic), with those in the back of his head looking more like hairs and not as hard and dangerous as the other. His gray eyes remain the same as the human ones, plus the slit pupil.

Other: He was never seen smiling and those that did are not of this world anymore parent included as they were killed for reason still obscure, but Sayuk does not care about this.


Username: Kira1

Nickname(s): Yin

Age: 1074

Gender: Female

Type of Dragon: Shadow

Rank (in army): Lieutenant General

Weapons/Abilities/Powers: Her powers are illusions, and it is quite a twisted ability that she has. With this power, she can create powerful illusions that look quite real, and unless the person either firmly knows it's not real or someone knocks them back into reality, they will be trapped in her illusion. One of her favorite things to do, is create the illusion for her opponent, that they are trapped in black nothingness, and are only able to hear her voice, which is usually an evil laugh or roar, and often she taunts them. She'll bring out someone's darkest secret or fear and rub in their face.

Another fun illusion of hers, is when where she makes it seem like her opponent has been stabbed or hurt in some way that would be enough to kill them. And yet they are completely unharmed, but it seems so real that it leaves them very much shaken.

Personality: For one who can seem so kind, she has a twisted mind like Dark's. She enjoys the suffering of others and loves to create such suffering with her illusions. And yet there are times when she seems like a normal person, but for those who know her, they know she's not. Seeing her smile often gives others the chill because they know she is most likely thinking of ways to torture others.

Background: Yin was an orphan and lived in an orphanage for most of her childhood. Her parents had died in car crash when she was four years old. They had been out for dinner and we're coming home from their date when the accident happened. Yin was left at home with a baby-sitter, so she wasn't in the car with them. When hearing the news, she became depressed and unsociable. She wouldn't hang out with any of the other kids in the orphanage, and would sit by herself, drawing some disturbing pictures. She believed the world to be a dark and cold place that only took away the things you loved, so she loved nothing. That way, nothing could be taken from her.

She discovered her powers one day, when the kids of the orphanage were playing outside. She had been sitting under a tree to avoid the sun, and another kid came over, wanting her to come play as well. Blankly, she looked over at him and just wished he would disappear. She tried to imagine him just vanishing from sight so he couldn't bother her, of course, it didn't seem that it would happen. That was when the boy started to panic, staring at his hands, as his breath came in short gasps. He started to yell that he couldn't see his hands, and he couldn't see the rest of his body either. Yin thought he was just crazy and it wasn't until she looked away and stopped focusing on him, that his panic faded. He sniffed, and began to cry as one of the ladies who worked at the orphanage came over. She looked to Yin, who hadn't moved, and she wondered what had just happened. The lady quickly took the boy away, leaving Yin by herself again.

Little did she know, Dark was not too far away, watching her. He hadn't been stalking her or anything, he just happened to be there when he saw the event. He could tell she had a great power and he wanted it for himself now. Getting up, he walked over to her, and greeted her with a smile. Yin stared up at him, wishing this man would just vanish as well. Dark just chuckled at her attempt. He explained to her that her illusions wouldn't work on him since he knew what was real and what wasn't. Yin was a little shocked when he gave this ability a name, specifically saying that this was her illusions. She smirked a bit, finding Dark a bit more interesting. Dark offered for her to come with him, since it must have been very boring in that orphanage. And so, when she was eight years old, she left the orphanage to go with Dark.

Despite her young age, she went to many places with Dark or Ddraig, often seeing the bloodshed of Agnimitra killing other Agnimitra and the destruction that followed. That didn't help her already depressed and twisted mind. She became even more depressed with all the death around her, but as she saw Dark smiling at the death, she wondered how and why. Wasn't death supposed to be sad and hurtful? Dark explained that death was sad, but it was something that must happen if they were ever to take over the world. And Dark also told her other little things like this that eventually turned her into the psycho she is now. She prefers not to kill though, since it is quite sad, but prefers to watch her opponents suffer and cry out in pain, wishing for death that she would not give.

Appearance as human:

user posted image

Appearance as Dragon:

user posted image

Other: Oh god, I created another psycho like Dark. XD


Username: Dragonhatchling (DH for short)

Nickname(s): Shadow

Age: 1076 (looks 18)

Gender: Female

Type of Dragon: Shadow/Fire

Rank (in army): Lieutenant General

Weapons/Abilities/Powers: Weapon: She carries an average sized sword that has a reddish black tint to it. Abilities/powers: Shadow as her name says is a shadow dragon but also has the fire dragon blood in her. Shadow being the dominate trait and fire the recessive. She can disappear in any shadow and control fire at will with some limits. The farther away she is from the fire she wishes to control the harder it gets.

Personality: Shadow has always had a cold personality and always shunned people. If in a bad mood or provoked she will become a threat to most anyone because of this she tends to stay away from people.

Background: Born into a semi normal Agnimitra family she grew up happy. Her parents from when she could walk began to slowly teach her the ways of swordplay. As she grew so did her skills and eventually her father thought her ready to own her own sword. As a 13th birthday present she received this gift also with the knowledge of her family as a whole. Finding her wings she enjoyed her families secret for five more years. She attended a human school which was a huge contrast from being home schooled by her parents. A loner in school by choice she was picked on and almost always pranked by someone. After a few years of this she dropped out not wanting to be around humans anymore but her family insisted she still be taught. Being home schooled again she went out at nights for her enjoyment instead of being taught more. Kids from her previous school found her one night and tried to kill her as a prank for everyone else. Her parents called this a time of hardship after learning Dark intended to take over the Agnimitra. When Dark's army came to their town Shadow was held as prisoner after seeing her parents be killed before her. Pleading for her life she agreed to join his army as her views were the same about humans. Ever since then sh thought of her past as an odd twist on life for someone who hated humans so much she knew spending too much time around them had changed her original views temporarily.

Appearance as human: user posted image

The necklace she is wearing (hard to see sorry) is another gift from her parents for gaining her dragon form.

Appearance as Dragon: user posted image


Username: jaina

Nickname(s): Horo (Greek for complete or whole)

Age: 19

Gender: female

Type of Dragon: Wind/Shadow

Rank (in army): Colonel

Weapons/Abilities/Powers: A special longsword that she where's across her back that is almost as long as she is tall. She has the capability to move almost instantaneously from one spot to another, but will crash into something if it gets in the way. She has the ability to control the wind, and when she does so, the wind is accompanied by glowing blue-white feathers floating through the air. She can grow wings while in human form, although they are pure white, like an angel's to be used for flight. She is incredibly intelligent and could outsmart most anyone she meets except for the oldest and wisest dragons. She is a very good tactician.

user posted image

Personality: Horo is at first encounter usually a cold, haughty person, who would seem to hold grudges constantly. She truly doesn't, but her appearance of usually being seen leaning against a wall with her arms crossed leads to the impression. She despises killing, although she sees it as a necessary action to protect others sometimes. She is kind and gentle with those she loves and cares for, especially in private where she doesn't have to maintain her public persona of a cold, calculating commander.

Background: Found as a child by dark she was raised into a formidable commander. She is incredibly young in years compared to others in the fight, but training and a sharp mind have helped her rise through sheer will and ability almost to the rank of general.

Appearance as human:

user posted image

Appearance as Dragon:

user posted image


Username: Kira1

Nickname(s): Arasi

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Type of Dragon: Fire/Ice/Wind

Rank (in army): Second Lieutenant

Weapons/Abilities/Powers: She is skilled in hand-to-hand combat, and good with a sword, spear, bow, and other basic weapons like them. Not perfect, though, she still has room to grow.

Having a mixed bloodline of fire, ice and wind dragons she has gained the power over clouds, fog, mist, smoke, etc.

Personality: Arasi is kind and yet full of spunk which gets her into trouble with superior officers sometimes. Dark doesn't seem to mind her spunk however, and usually just chuckles when hears of things that she has done which would deserve reprimand. Even though this happens, it didn't cause her to become some spoil brat. Not with all the work she gets to keep herself busy. She also has a quick temper, and can easily snap when annoyed which also gets her into trouble. Though when not annoyed or angry, she's kind and fun to be with.

Background: Willingly Arasi joined Dark's army when she was 13 rather than suffer the consequences from not joining. She thought the mans had a point anyways in his plans to take over the world. It in order to save the world from the humans who were destroying it with all their pollution. From the time she joined she was trained to fight. Before she joined she had taken lessons in karate, but now she was learning more ways of fighting, in human form and dragon form. She progressed through the ranks quickly with her hard work until she reached the position of second lieutenant.

Her job consists of lots of field work which is something she likes since she can see the world this way.

She gets her nickname because of her stormy ways.

Appearance as human:user posted image

Appearance as Dragon:user posted image

Other: Just for a twist, she knows Leo!


Username: Skarx

Nickname(s): Garjax

Age: 907

Gender: male

Type of Dragon: Shadow

Rank (in army): Captain

Weapons/Abilities/Powers: Huge longsword/ Shadow walk (he can move through shadows as long as it is dark enough).

Personality: Usually calm, he knows how to party when need is. To him nothing is as good as a party to celebrate the success of his soldiers on a mission, any reason is good for it. He cares a lot about his troops too, especially the women, which pretty much always turn him down each time he does try to get close to one. He is always told it's because of the way he acts, but he refuse to acknowledge it. He is someone you can trust when he is on your side, he will not betray you once he has decided you were worst his trust.

Background: Born from a clan of shadow dragons, which usually lived away from the others, he learned how to move quickly around and use the shadow to his advantages. He was raised from his younger age to be a fighter, one that used stealth and would not mind not having any honor out of a fight. His lack of play time as a child is now going back at him as he does everything possible to have fun or to party, as long has he is off duty of course. He love to drinks and he can take a lot of it before getting drunk.

Appearance as human:Human form

Appearance as Dragon:The shadow dragon


Username: Dashidragon

Nickname(s): Mark

Age: 512

Gender: Male

Type of Dragon: Fire

Rank (in army): Second Lieutenant

Weapons/Abilities/Powers: Mark prefers to fight hand to hand. No weapons are carried on his person most of the time, but when a weapon is needed he is quite handy with a spear. Like most fire dragons, Mark has control of fire. Along with this power, he also has a knack for seeing into the future, but this gift is rather inexact. Many of the things he sees are subject to change and never happen.

Background: Mark was born along with his brother Term into a family that was loyal to Dark’s army. Like many young Agnimitra, he was brainwashed into thinking humans were a plague and Dark was a great master, but his whole opinion soon changed. As he was on a mission in America he meant a girl, a human. The two instantly bonded and became best friends. They were almost as close as Mark was with his brother Term, who was like his constant shadow. Mark never mentioned his friendship to anyone to protect the life of the human girl, but it wasn’t enough to stop her death. Like everything else, time caught up with his friend and she died of old age.

The loss was devastating for Mark. After that, he promised himself he would no longer hate humans with the same vengeance he once had. He considered joining the rebellion, but something was holding him back. He had met Falcon. Where others only saw a bitter young woman, Mark saw beauty. He knew that Falcon was hopelessly twisted and dark inside, but love is never a rational thing. For some reason, he thought he could fix the damage to his wife brought on by her past, being the daughter of Dark’s brother, Stick.

Mark bid his time waiting for the opportunity to finally fix his emotionally damaged lover. Time passed. The two married. They lost a child at birth. Throughout all this, one thing was on Mark’s mind, getting Falcon out of this toxic environment which was fostering the dark feelings within the breast of his wife. Slowly, he started hinting they should join the rebellion. Falcon was vehemently against it at first, but one day she had a sudden rapid change of choice. Pleased, Falcon and Mark set off for the rebellion. Little did Mark know that Falcon had agreed to join the rebellion in a bargain with Dark. She had persuaded Dark when he figured out Mark’s intentions to abandon the army that it was a good thing. If she infiltrated the rebellion, that would get her closer to her father and bringing him back to Dark, although Falcon planned to break this agreement and murder her father.

Completely unaware of this, Mark and Falcon fled to a resistance temple. There they stayed until the day finally came that Stick and Falcon met. After separating herself from Mark, Falcon attempted to murder Stick. She did not succeed. Instead she died in the process, felled by a young Agnimitra named Golden who was simply trying to protect Stick the moment he fired the lethal arrow. When Mark found out, he was devastated. The wife he had worked so hard to fix was gone forever. Twisted by hate, he decided at that moment he wanted vengeance, but the only way for him to accomplish that was to return to the place he had once fled. If he wanted to kill Golden then he had to have Dark’s backing or else the resistance would tear him apart when the deed was done. The only place that offered protection from this was Dark, and so Mark resolved to rejoin the very thing he had once fled.

Appearance as human: Mark has a short and stocky build. He is a sturdy sort of man who can be intimating on first impressions. The way he holds his jaw and glares causes the toughest minded person to flinch. His bulging muscles don’t really help the situation either. He looks uncharacteristically similar to a boulder.

His face is broad and ruggedly handsome, but constantly twisted in some displeased emotion. He is constantly running his hands through his buzzed sandy blonde hair. Although he should look young still by Agnimitra standards wrinkles have already started to appear around his mouth and on his forehead.

Appearance as Dragon:user posted image

Other: He knows Arasi, Ddairg, and Dark from his earlier days in the army. He will rejoin Dark’s army very soon. He is awesome.

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Inactive Characters in Resistance


Username: Shirogane_Hikari

Nickname(s): Kiri

Age: just turned 500 (looks 15)

Gender: Female

Type of Dragon: Wind


Weapons: In human form, she uses a yan yue dao, which has a metallic silver sharp blade, and a white, with black designs wooden pole.

(in case you don't know what it is: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guan_dao)

Abilities/powers: She is a wind dragon, so she has control over said element. She can change it's direction and strength and temperature, and she can also create gusts of wind of her own. Changing the wind's direction and temperature allows her to slightly control the weather, and she can also create storms or hurricanes, but these requires so much concentration and strength, it's useless in battle, since she needs time, and she'd become a perfect target and get killed. Therefore, she usually uses strong, sharp wind as a cutting attack during battles, since it's much easier to control and perform.

Also, her senses are way above the human average, as expected from an Agnimitra, but her sense of smell is the most developed one, due to her species. This also brings a disadvantage, because her smell is so developed, strong smells can make her dizzy, and in extreme situations, she can even faint.

Personality: Kiri is usually the kind friendly type, and she'd give it all for her true friends. She sometimes trusts people too easily, but she's smart, so it's hard to fool her. She prefers to avoid any useless battle, unless it's against Dark's army, due to her grudge to them, but she will fight if needed. During a fight, she's the type to think before she acts, though she also relies on her instincts. She likes to have a plan, but if she doesn't, she can improvise something with no problem. Also, during a fight, she will analyze her opponents moves and think of a way to counter them, rather than just attacking aimlessly.

Background: Kiri's mother, though she doesn't remember her, was human. On the other hand, his father was an Agnimitra. He had given up on his powers, which meant never using them, in order to try to live a regular human life for as long as he could. He could hide easily between humans, and since he had the ability to sense when an Agnimitra was coming, he could hide relatively easily from them. When Kiri was born, and the fears of her being an Agnimitra too were confirmed, he left with her from the small town in China they had been living in, in order to find a safe place from Dark's army. Despite her father's efforts, the army found them one day, and Kiri's father stayed behind in order to let her escape. When he was near death, he communicated with her mentally, telling her about the resistance, and how she should find one of these safe temples to hide from Dark. And so, Kiri set off looking for them, and hopefully joining the fight against the Black Dragon's forces.

Her nickname comes from the Japanese word 'fog', because of an accident she had in which she brought down a cloud when she was practicing her powers. She likes it, though.

Appearance as human: In human form, Kiri looks just like a regular 15-year-old girl. Her hair is black, and straight, as is common in Asian people. It reaches her mid-back, and she combs it to a side, leaving some bangs that, if she didn't hold them with hair-pins, would cover the right side of her face partially. She has also dyed a blue stripe in her hair. Her eyes are a dark purple, though it looks like black, so no one has really noticed their color, not even her.

She usually wears comfortable clothing, her favorite being a long-sleeved T-shirt with black and light blue horizontal stripes, with a plain black short-sleeve T-shirt over it, blue jeans with music patterns on the back pockets and a pair of black converse.

Appearance as Dragon: In her dragon form, she looks like a Chinese dragon, long and four-legged. She can fly, even if she doesn't have wings, due to her control of the wind. Her body is covered in light blue scales, that gradually turn darker at her front and hind legs. She also has a line of white fur that starts at her face, then goes down her back, and finishes at her tail, where it's a bit longer. She also has pearl-white claws and sharp teeth she uses for attacking purposes.

Ref pic (similar, but not how she really is. Her fur is like that, just white. The rest of differences are in the description): http://bliss-greycloud.deviantart.com/art/...-Dragon-7456674

Other: None at the moment


Username: WonderBubbles

Nickname(s): Fluffy

Age: 598, appears to be a teenager.

Gender: Female

Type of Dragon: Water

Weapons/Abilities/Powers: Fluffy can create and manipulate water. She can heat it, freeze it and many other things. In human form she uses a scythe, the metal part is an extremely light gray, almost white. The wood is white, so old that the color has faded, but it is still very strong.

Personality: Fluffy is cold and quiet. She only wishes to be left alone. She loves gems and jewelry, her favorite gem is a diamond. She hates humans who sell other gems as diamonds.

Background: She was born to a pure blood family of Dragon People, she lived her first hundred years with them before fleeing to the coldest parts of the earth, where no human dared to venture. She found a mate in that frozen wasteland, but she perished in the cold. Since then, Fluffy wandered the Earth, avoiding Dark and his army for centuries. She is currently in Tasmania, hiding among the humans.

Appearance as human: Fluffy is pale, with white blond hair and pale skin. She dresses in a white dress that has blue embroidery across the torso. She also wears a cape that was made from the skin of a polar bear. When she is around humans, or it's a warmer climate, she puts the warm, white cape away into her bag. Fluffy has light blue eyes, which are almost gray. She has a necklace with a small diamond attached to the silver chain.

Appearance as Dragon: Fluffy is a long, white dragon that reaches the length of thirty-nine feet long, which is eleven meters. She gets her nickname from the line of light blue fur down her neck, back and tail. The fur ends with a big tuft on her tail. She has light blue eyes with slitted pupils. Her body is serpentine and she has four legs. Her forelegs are like arms, with two fingers and a thumb. Her hind legs have three toes, two are at the front of her feet and one at the back.

Other: Fluffy is lesbian.


Username: warewolves

Nickname(s): Kyla

Age: 1000(looks 16)

Gender: female

Type of Dragon: Shadow

Weapons/Abilities/Powers: Has the power to control the shadow's of people and can travel through them and make them real. Though when she is doing it she can't move or break her concentration or else it can go horribly wrong. Because of this, it is rarely used. Usually uses a 2 blade short sword ensemble.

Personality: Kyla is a quiet person, content to stare into the distance and rarely meet people's eyes. She tends to look to the sky at night, and is more of a night person. When angered she rarely shows it, other than glaring at them. Her voice is calm and rarely shows emotion. Her eyes are black with a dark sparkle to them, a mischievous glint to her eyes. When threatened she tends to back off, but usually gets revenge later on. Hates dragon's who think that because she came from Australia, she is an infiltrator. Or dragon's who are always happy about everything.

Background: Kyla was born under the Dark Dragon's rule. After getting into a few fights, she eventually escaped, leaving her with a scar on her eye from a dragon she had battled to escape. After running for so long she managed to make it to a safe place. Now she is biding time till she has an understanding of her powers, and an understanding of what to do to help.

Appearance as human: link

Appearance as Dragon: link


Username: futurelibkeeper

Nickname(s): Ren and Gabe

Age: 1060 and 1220 (Look like teenagers when human)

Gender: Female and Male

Type of Dragon:

Ren- ???

Gabe- Wind?


~Ren fights with no weapons, but is excellent at dealing the most damage in the shortest amount of time. It's rather messy as well. In either form, she drains a person or dragon's life force through skin-to-skin contact.

~Gabe incapacitates rather than tears apart. He has a staff though he would rather use his hands. He feels it is taking more responsibility, especially if the opponent is fighting without a weapon. He's also as powerful a healer as Ren is a life-sucker, although he cannot undo her life-force-sucking effects.


~Ren is wild. Mistrusting, unpredictable, shy, vicious when provoked. She does not form bonds easily with others and she'd rather eat something than look at it twice. She doesn't like wearing clothes or shoes and her hair is always in her face. The only person she allows to touch her is Gabe. She's always looking to get dirty and has no people skills to speak of. She doesn't respect people, their property or personal space. Has a permanent scowl, but can be very coy.

~Gabe tried to do right by others. He is polite, friendly, and is teaching Ren how to live with others, although it's no easy task. He's a gentle soul who he exudes a calm and a patience that sets those around him at ease. He's direct and to the point and doesn't pull any punches when dealing with people, although he is tactful when the need arises. He spends most of his time trying to undo the damage Ren causes with others.


~Ren was born and was immediately confined to a small cell with her mother when it was revealed that her mother had bred with an Agnimitra. They lived in a remote village in the Himalayan mountains. when the village was sure the baby was old enough to not die from the weather, they banished the two into the wilderness. Her mother was a fighter and they survived, but they both gave up their humanity to do so. They became raw hunters, covered with furs from head to foot. They were accomplished hunters and traveled as the food did. Around puberty, she started feeling weird and she knew something was wrong. And her power to drain a person's life force came with the age. An unfortunate accident left her mother dead and Ren shed her human form and lived as a dragon for a thousand and some years. That was when Gabe came into the picture.

~He'd been born into a pocket of resistance Agnimitra and raised as a peaceful one. He wanted nothing to do with the Black Dragon's war; he simply wanted to live his life with his clan and find a mate to live his life with. He was taught discipline and patience, and when he hit puberty and revealed his dragon form, he was taught how to use his powers and how to fight aerially. when he was deemed fit, he was sent to travel the world and find his mate. Although his Resistance family was small, they were always looking for new blood to bring in. He was flying over the Himalayas when he saw a purple dragon hunting rabbits. He thought that was obviously a waste of energy and went down to tell the dragon so. He caught mental flashes of pictures and broken words rather than thoughts and when she turned on him, snarling, he was certain she was feral. He caught underlying flashes of pain, and was intrigued.

Thus he began to follow her until he slowly won her trust to be in her presence and help hunt. Then he worked on the human aspect. She was confused when he used whole word thoughts so he used pictures but he got her to turn back to human. He's been reteaching her language and when she explained her power, fashioned her gloves to wear so she didn't have to think so much around him.

Appearance as human:The Two Of Them

user posted image

Appearance as Dragon:The Two Of Them Again He's the furry blue one, she is the spiky purple one

Other: He gave Ren her nickname as she has lost a lot of her memory from when she lived with her mother. He also wants her to be his life-mate but is facing several challenges. The touching issue, obviously, as well as the fact that he doesn't want to break the trust he's built with her. She also likes him, but it is confusing her so she ignores it, pretty much unsuccessfully. He doesn't show that he likes her that way so she doesn't show him. He settles for being an older brother figure until she can meet someone else before trying to fight. He's also found a way to combat her powers of draining him. He creates a healing barrier around his hands that repel her effects.

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Inactive Characters in Dark's Army


Username: Monkeyboy225

Nickname(s): Brick

Age: 1030 looks 19

Gender: Male

Type of Dragon: Earth

Rank (in army): Specialist

Weapons/Abilities/Powers: He carries a spear on his back, the spear point is encased in the skull of a dragon he killed. He is an earth dragon, he and his pure blood line have the ability to move through earth as if it was water.

Personality: Brink is normally a friendly person who would rather convert someone to the Black Dragon's ways rather than kill them since he just saw it as a waste of someone's life. He likes to meet new people, but if they don't convert or he doesn't get along with them he will turn on them. He will follow orders from his superiors when he needs to and always shows respect to those above him.

Background: He was born to a pure blood line of earth dragons which lived in Australia for over 2000 years before the Black Dragon came and took over the temple in the heart of Australia. Brick was one of the survivors which joined forces with Dark so he wouldn't be killed for being friendly with humans. He is always moving around searching for those who don't support Dark either trying to convert them or kill them if they prove too resistant. He is always looking for the rest of his blood line if they hadn't all been killed when Dark first attacked Australia , he has already searched through the slaves but none of them were there. He is also always looking for someone to carry on his blood line even if he can't keep the blood line pure he wouldn't care, he just wants to find someone before he finds himself dead somewhere without someone to carry on his heritage.

Appearance as human: linl

Appearance as Dragon:


Username: Truewing

Nickname(s): Scarface (a joke put at him based on a human movie) Red stone (the fact that his burn scared skin turns into faintly red scales and the fact he is a earth dragon.)

Age: 195 (but does not look more then in his 20's)

Gender: male

Type of Dragon:Earth

Rank (in army): Colonel

Weapons/Abilities/Powers: He rarely carries his weapon unwrapped; a massive cross. (yes I took it from Trigun) Unwrapped it is capable of becoming a multitude of different fire arms. As for powers, he is a earth dragon so basically powers over earth.

Personality: Calm, forgiving, kind of a tree hugger, and prefers not to kill. Yet oddly when he thinks of what he has seen in his long life, war, deforestation, smog, he goes into a rage. Otherwise he is a man too wise for his years.

Background: Weakness! Wasteful! Shameless of their own actions! They are killing this planet and they seem to enjoy it. Going about their lives like the trash they are!

He was not always hateful to the human race, in fact he loved being around them more then his own race. Yet he hated what they had been doing to the earth. Burning the forest, throwing trash on the ground, it hurt him. So he set about the first idea of "protecting the planet" encouraging people to try to keep the forest growing and the ground clean of trash.

Of course they were happy to end his 'strange' ways when they lit a hotel he was sleeping in on fire. Being a dragon of some level of resistance he survived, but not without getting a massive burn.

"The fire....it was like a sign of what humans are, destructive, violent, taking down anything in their way." He woke from his sleep in a rage, history said he died in that fire, the thing is, anyone who saw him died, and it seemed like most were ripped apart. He gave up on humanity at that point and decided the world would be better off without them.

Appearance as human: user posted image

Appearance as Dragon: user posted image

Other: Considers his own judgment above all others.

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If it was approved, you'd know. And a moderator moves it.


But anyway... I've been told to look at this by certain individuals and so I... err...


It's big.


It's detailed.


My brain is exploding.


I critisize illiterate RPs and ask questions concerning the plot or setting. I don't have any questions for this.


Maybe I'll read it again in the morning. And then again, just to be safe.

Edited by Dusk Raven

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Wow, thanks! happy.gif To know that I've most likely covered everything is wonderful!


Sorry about your exploding brain though. lol

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((The spelling is still not perfect.


Actually, I don't see why you shouldn't write literate posts if the others do not. If they don't, then make them write long posts. If you're aiming for this to be literate, you need to be more convincing and bossy.))

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((instead of saying the spelling isn't perfect, tell me where I have errors. saying there are mistakes isn't going to help me change them because I don't know where they are. And last time I checked everything is spelled correctly.


*sigh* yeah, but I don't see why you have to write a four paragraph long post when one grammatically correct paragraph will suffice.))

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((All right, so I had this RP up before, but it wasn't as complex as it is now. So, hopefully I've covered everything. If there's anything that needs changing let me know so I can look it over. Also, I want this to be literate but I'm not going to try and do amazing posts that are over four paragraphs long. That's such and eyesore to see. I mean, sometimes things can be told in a posts that's only ten sentences. It doesn't have to be super long. I also prefer quality over quantity.

This also goes in other RPs.))


You have this thing for forgetting capital letters. RP is the shortened form of roleplay so it's written with capital letters.


7. While talking in OOC please use (()), [], or {}.


You need a full stop there.


8. IMPORTANT! If you are going to be absent from the RP or are leaving the RP let me know a.s.a.p.!


This is another example of capitalization mistakes. You forgot another full stop.


-Private (lowest position. Obviously.)


It's a nice roleplay, but it doesn't have any sufficient posting requirements. The minimum post requirement for a semi-lit roleplay is 5 detailed sentences per post. The minimum requirement for a literate roleplay is 2 detailed paragraphs of at least 5 detailed sentences per post. I won't approve it on a literate level before you add that requirement. Quantity is just as important as quality is, not only in advanced roleplays.))

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Will someone just come and approve this already!? It's been ten days! I'd would rather not have to go and pm an approver, but if none come around I probably will. Though it says in the rules that after a week it's okay to pm an approver.

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Yay! Kja is alive! XD


And I didn't change that because if you take out the parentheses bit it does make sense. "Humans didn't know they existed."

And now I will go and do this just so then this place can getting approved already.


It will be changed to this: "humans didn't know they existed and still don't."


See, it makes sense, I just had it all in a different order.

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Not really, because they still exist. 'Existed' is past, as in 'the dinosaurs existed.' I may be wrong, but it just seems incorrect to me.

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((Kira1, you haven't corrected anything what I've asked you to... Why not, if I may ask? Should I get out of this roleplay and leave it to Kja? I don't mind.))

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((Lorienne, I did. I noticed that I forgot a few of the RPs that I didn't capitalize but they're capitalized now. It is unfair of you to say that I didn't correct anything you asked me to because I did correct things.


okay, you know what, that sentence is becoming the bane of my existence practically. so I'm changing it just so then you guys'll be happy and approve this already.


heh, heh, I didn't change it, I killed it. lol))

Edited by Kira1

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((I can still find words which lack capital letters. RP, PM.


And the posting rule isn't up.


“races” should be 'races'.


7. While talking in OOC please use (()), [], or {}.


You forgot this.




You forgot this as well.


-Private (lowest position. Obviously.)


You forgot the full stop.))

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((what is full stop? do you mean a period? and i did put a posting rule!


3. I would like to keep this rp as literate as possible, so please no one-liners or horrible grammar and spelling errors that cause your posts to be incomprehensible. Posts should be at a minimum of six good sentences and make sense.




and why does it matter if RP and PM are capitalized? Also, I would've fixed it all of it already if you had been more specific about these tiny things. I mean, just because you tell me that RP needs to be capitalized doesn't mean I can read your mind and know you also mean PM and A.S.A.P


Also, read this:

Quotation Marks Beyond Quoting


Quotation marks may additionally be used to indicate words used ironically or with some reservation.

The great march of "progress" has left millions impoverished and hungry.

I found that here: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/577/02/


Sorry if I sound harsh. I'm just backing up what i believe to be right.))

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((You have the right to believe in what you think... But I have that right too. It does not convince me because I have been told otherwise.


Because I dislike baby feeding. Really. You're supposed to be able to find them on your own by now. People don't learn anything if I correct everything. They just copy paste what I write and do not pay special attention to it. It's a vicious circle.


RP and PM are grammatical rules.


A full stop is also known as a period.


But I have posted a.s.a.p..))

Edited by DarkLorienne

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((do you think I am not dense? I'm really dense at times. Sometimes I get it, other times I just don't see it. and, i don't copy and paste corrections. I go in, read my self and type out the correction. i think that if i do that eventually i will get in the habit of remembering those things.


and if PM and RP are grammatical rules then I'll do it, even if it seems a bit trivial to me.


oh, you wanted a period after a.s.a.p. i guess since there was an exclamation point after it i forgot about the last period.


and thanks for posting a.s.a.p. I don't hate you! Really! I want to be friends!))

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((Dense? I don't know you good enough and I don't judge people immediately.


Yes, the shortened words rule. It probably has a real name, but for clarity's sake I've renamed it. Like... OoCC (Out of Character Comments) or LotR (Lord of the Rings). Unfortunately, people always misspell OoCC and write it as OOC which is wrong. It could stand for Out of Character though - but that would be wrong too; Words like 'of' are always written without a capital letter in a shortened version of a word. RP stands for roleplay. PM for Personal Message. That means that 1 word which consists of 2 different meanings doesn't need a space between the two capital letters - nor do two words. End of the explanation.


Friends? I had the feeling that you disliked me. I'm doing my job, that's why I'm here... Otherwise, I'd have avoided you. But I'm a bit over sensitive to written words as a writer, so I'm all to blame.))

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((yeah, I can be pretty dense. X3 and, it's good that you don't judge people.


I've always seen it as OOC (Out of Character) and never really thought much about it. So, is it really that important to you that I change it to OoCC? or even OoC?


I don't dislike you. I just get frustrated when I'm trying to fix my work. Especially when I see that I keep having errors. And I appreciate you doing your job. ^_^

I think we can all be a bit too sensitive at times as well. That's why it is important to communicate properly! XD and use funny faces 8D ))

Edited by Kira1

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((Yeah, funny faces! ^^ I usually try to use them because people don't bite my head off if they see them... That's what I have noticed. But sometimes they don't fit my serious mood...


Yes, it's important... But there's nothing what I can do because the older roleplays have been approved by others who clearly don't know about this rule or sleep during English. If people get used to shortened words like that... Well... Let's hope that I'll be able to start a 'new trend'. This is why I gave up on the 'you don't need a comma before and' thing as well. It was just too tiring to repeat the same thing over and over again. 0-0;


Sometimes I just feel like saying 'it's 1 AM, what are the other approvers doing?'. I usually make typos during this time if I don't bèta read my posts... I'd like to go and sleep, but otherwise these roleplays won't get approved forever. :/


(Lor, being serious is boring. Be half silly instead! 8D))

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((Yeah, I guess seeing silly faces make people laugh and they know the other isn't being too serious or anything. Which is why I can say I use xd.png way too much. and now i've been using this one. 8D

lol, I even have a little button with the xd.png face on it.


Well, if it's that important then I'll do it.


And I would become an approver just 'cause I am on the forums a lot, but then I remember last time I tried to become an approver. I don't think Lord Dracogangake likes me. He was being so harsh when I tried to be an approver. Slifer had suggested me as an approver, so I thought hey why not. Now I'm like, I don't to try because I think it'll be pointless since I don't think I will pass his test.))

Edited by Kira1

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((Now, every roleplaying mod is allowed to add his/her own two cents. Slifer? Well... I suggest that you wait for an approver to tell you that you should apply. He's not an approver.


Okay, thank you, I'll look at it again as soon as possible...))

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