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    Information for breeding from my Alt. Arsani:

    At the moment, I am not accepting requests for offspring (whether it be gifting or trading). Please do not approach me asking for such; if I wish to, I'll post in a gifting or trading thread.


    It is a fact that, to the other, nothing ever happens. I, a mortal woman, move through my life with the excited interest of a swimmer in uncharted waters -- my predilections are few, but intense -- while she, the other, is a mere shadow, a blur, a figure glimpsed in the corner of the eye. Rumors of "JCO" come to me thirdhand and usually unrecognizable, arguing, absurdly, for her historical existence. But while writing exists, writers do not, as all writers know. It's true, I see her photograph "my 'likeness'" yet it is rarely the same "likeness" from photograph to photograph, and the expression is usually one of faint bewilderment. "I acknowledge that I share a name and face with "JCO," this expression suggests, but this is a mere convenience. Please don't be deceived!"

    "JCO" is not a person, nor even a personality, but a process that has resulted in a sequence of texts. Some of the texts are retained in my (our) memory, but some have bleached out, like pages of print left too long in the sun. Many of the texts have been translated into foreign languages, which is to say into texts at another remove from the primary, sometimes even the author's name, on the dust jacket of one of these texts, is unrecognizable by the author. I, on the contrary, am fated to be "real," "physical," "corporeal," to "exist in Time." I continue to age year by year, if not hour by hour, while "JCO," the other, remains no fixed age -- in spiritual essence, perhaps, forever poised between the fever of idealism and the chill of cynicism, a precocious eighteen years old. Yet, can a process be said to have an age? An impulse, a strategy, an obsessive tracery, like planetary orbits to which planets, "real" planets, must conform?

    No one wants to believe the obvious truth: the "artist" can inhabit any individual, for the individual is irrelevant to "art." (And what is "art"? A firestorm rushing through Time, arising from no visible source and conforming to no principles of logic or casuality.) "JCO" occasionally mines, and distorts, my personal history; but only because the history is close at hand, and only then when some idiosyncrasy about it suits her design, or some curious element of the symbolic. If you, a dear friend of mine, should appear in her work, have no fear: you won't recognize yourself, any more than I would recognize you.

    It would be misleading to describe our relationship as hostile in any emotional sense, for she, being bodiless, having no existence, has no emotions; we are more helpfully defined as diamagnetic, the one repulsing the other as magnetic poles repulse each other, so that "JCO" eclipses me, or, and this is less frequent, I eclipse "JCO," depending upon the strength of my will.

    If one or the other of us must be sacrificed, it has always been me.

    And so my life continues through the decades, not connected in the slightest with that conspicuous other with whom, by accident, I share a name and a likeness. The fact seems self-evident that I was but the door through which she entered, "it"entered, but any door would have done as well. Does it matter which entrance you use to enter a walled garden? Once you're inside and have closed the door?

    For once, not she but I am writing these pages. Or so I believe.

    - "Joyce Carol Oates"

    Needed Hatchlings:

    Ungendered, male, and female two-head
    Male or female albino
    Male or female balloon
    Male or female curled alt black
    Male or female bluna
    Ungendered, male, and female blusang
    Male bright-breasted
    Ungendered, male or female brimstone
    Ungendered, male or female canopy
    Ungendered cheese
    Female chicken
    Ungendered, male or female coastal waverunner
    Ungendered, male or female alt vine
    Ungendered daydream
    Ungendered, male or female purple dorsal
    Ungendered, male or female red dorsal
    Ungendered electric
    Ungendered, male, and female flamingo
    Ungendered, male, and female geode
    Ungendered, male or female dayglory
    Ungendered, male or female nightglory
    Ungendered, male, and female shallow water
    Ungendered, male or female gray
    Ungendered, male or female green
    Ungendered, male or female greenwing
    Ungendered, male or female guardian
    Ungendered, male or female gold wyvern
    Ungendered, male, and female harvest
    Male hellfire
    Ungendered, male or female ice
    Ungendered, male, and female water
    Ungendered, male or female lumina
    Ungendered, male or female magi
    Ungendered, male or female magma
    Ungendered, male or female mint
    Ungendered and female moonstone
    Ungendered, male, and female nebula (including alt colors)
    Ungendered, male or female neotropical
    Ungendered nocturne
    Ungendered, male or female orchedrakes
    Male or female olive
    Ungendered and unknown paper
    Male and female pillow
    Ungendered and female purple
    Ungendered, male, and female pygmy
    Ungendered, male or female crimson flare
    Ungendered, male, and female dark myst
    Ungendered, male or female misfit
    Ungendered nilia
    Ungendered, male or female seawyrm
    Ungendered, male, and female tan ridgewing
    Ungendered and female purple ridgewing
    Ungendered and female royal blue
    Ungendered, male or female royal crimson
    Ungendered, male, and female of all seasonal alts
    Male silver
    Male or female skywing
    Ungendered and female soulpeace
    Ungendered speckle-throat
    Ungendered spitfire
    Ungendered, male or female stone
    Ungendered, male or female stripe (of all color variations)
    Ungendered, male or female sunrise
    Ungendered, male or female sunset
    Ungendered, male, and female sunsong
    Ungendered, male, and female swallowtail
    Ungendered, male, and female tangar
    Ungendered, male, and female terrae
    Ungendered, male or female electric
    Ungendered, male or female tri-horn
    Ungendered, male, and female tsunami
    Ungendered, male or female turpentine
    Ungendered, male, and female ultraviolet
    Ungendered and female water horse
    Ungendered, male or female water walker
    Ungendered, male or female whiptail
    Ungendered, male or female white
    Ungendered and unknown of all dino colors