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shric debar

Dragon Codes V2.0

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I've been getting a little code crazy again. |D; They've been keeping me egglocked.


My recent finds: Moler, Buzz, 5n1yy (Almost matches 5N1VY. Too bad it's a drake.), a mirror code, Hail, four D's, and Sixty.


Edit: I finally get unlocked and what's the first thing I grab? Another code. But it's a palindrome and a perfect mirror~

Edit: Locked again, but Lutes!

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I think my best codes are... well, not very good.. but I like..


* IcqRU - I seek You, (where) are you?

* MysRr - A shadow Walker It's all.. Mysery, or Mystery or something.

* mmJ0Y


* 9V799


Like I said, not amazing ones, but they make me smile a little. smile.gif

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