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 ═ Current trades: none  ═ Always want clean mimic hatchies ═ 


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═ Seeking 2G swaps: user posted image from male chrono or male deepsea 

Discord user name "Dr. Corgitron#2874" - I answer much faster there than via forum PM!


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    Murder Chicken Coop
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    https://dragcave.net/group/4677 is my "Needs Mates" groups.

    I will only take IOUs from people I feel comfortable doing so. If you have references, I'd love to know about them, especially if you are trading me something harder to get (such as CB metals).

    I am very serious about honouring my own IOUs, and if my dragons are being stupid about producing them, I'll usually trade for the right outcome in order to get you what you want ASAP. For this reason, I'd really like to see your exact lineage so I can make sure I don't trade for a related one. You can see my own fulfilled past IOUs on my above link.

    THINGS I ALWAYS WANT (As long as the value equals what I am offering)
    CB mimic hatchies
    CB Coppers
    CB Silvers
    CB Golds
    Purebred Thuweds
    2nd gen Thuweds
    Spriter alt base dragons (the lower gen the better)