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DoubleGoldstar5.pngAir_Humpin_Dragon_by_KawaiiAlan.gif Not accepting IOUs at the moment, only direct trades / Always looking for cool coded dragons, PM me to trade.

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    I don't use DC forum now, and when I do it, it's only for trading. I have no time.
    Unfortunately I also cannot accept IOUs at the moment either, so all trades have to be direct.


    About unamed dragons:
    I have many unamed dragons (so has my sis, who often trades throught me),
    and that's because of their cool codes. You can see their code as their name.
    We don't accept requests to name cool coded dragons.
    If you have preference on named parents, let me know before we trade.

    ~★ Always looking For ★~

    Hatchlings/eggs with unique Oddball codes

    Low gen Shimmers and Tinsels

    PM me so we can trade.

    [URL=http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=136238&st=180&#entry6541084]My nice coded dragons[/URL]