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23w7bch.pngUEM9xpv.gifI accept and honor IOUs. If I can't fulfill your IOU for any reason, you are entitled to a free 2G bronze shimmer.Scroll: http://dragcave.net/user/poniePre-prize IOU list is now closed. More slots will be opened at a later dateNote that I am currently not that active on the forums due to IRL obligations. I do have a list of all IOUs, however, and am attempting each every week. I hope to be reopening G2 shimmer spots sometime over the summer! Unfortunately, Kevin is proving a difficult breeder so everything is a little backed up.

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    I am coming off a brief mini-hiatus. All IOUs are being worked towards once again. If you think I may have forgotten one, poke me.

    2G Gamorth x Ridgewing (either color)
    Status: On cool down, one fail produced so far

    Shimmers from "The Kingdom Under the Mountain"- Alora and tjekan
    Status: On cool down, two fails produced so far


    As I took most offers at around the same time, I will rotate breedings through the list. Whichever breeding is successful first will be sent first. :) Hopefully no one will be waiting too long as there aren't very many of you right now.
    I am, however, open to fail swaps with other CB prize owners. Let's make EG shimmers happen this year!

    Trade slots for people with no 2G's will probably open in March-ish once I've got some idea how this thing breeds (the price will be 4-16 hatchies and nothing rarer than trio's will be accepted). General trade slots will likely stay closed until the summer although I may open one or two "bribe slots" for things I really need earlier.

    Please note that for general trades I set my prices according to the mate you want. I'm always happy to breed with rares or holidays for about the worth of a CB neglected (which may change once prices stabilize and pretty much anything can be included in the offer). Uncommon pairings are generally fine as well although I may ask you to switch mates if it takes more than a month or two. I'd prefer not to attempt "rare" lines and will only try them for very tempting offers (and will be more likely to be swayed by unusual 2G's, including prizes, HM's, spriter's alts. etc. than by CB metals.)

    I like continuing my own lines as far as possible, but I may offer up 3G's and 4G's for trade if I have extra. I'll generally try and offer them up for pretty easy things, but I may occasionally post a more expensive trade if I need to obtain something tough quickly for another project or IOU.

    Stuff I Collect:
    RW/RN Codes
    2g's from alt sweetling x carmine wyverns
    PB green coppers
    PB silvers
    Trio x prize lineages

    Currently seeking:
    BSA Hatchies
    CB Crimson Flare Pygmies