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Hi ! I'm Tehdragon!

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    Hi! I'm Tehdragon but you can call me Teh.
    I'm an easy-going collector and don't be afraid to ask me to breed an egg for you!
    I'm also an avid arrowhead advocate (try saying that ten times fast) and that's almost what I always breed to the AP. No ragrets.

    I try to answer all message/teleport inquiries as fast as humanly possible but my schedule is hectic at times and I apologise in advance for not being able to reply to you.

    Almost all of my dragons have a suffix of "Roanoke" or Roanoke somewhere in the name. I'm about a year behind on naming my dragons which I am in disappointment of myself. But not to worry, I shall get around to it :)
    What I'm always searching for:
    - 2nd gen Tinselkin
    - 2-breed stairstep lineages
    - 2nd gens from holidays
    - 2nd gen Sunsong from Sweetling
    - Stairstep Tinsekin
    - Honestly, I'm a sucker for any cool lineages
    Special thanks to Siliskor, CDM, Notori Morte, Raphy, Aderik, and Lagie for your kindness
    Zealous TF2 player S.O.S. I need to stop but can't