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Not very active at the moment. Sorry in advance if it takes me a day or so to reply.

Typical Active Hours: 5PM to 8AM GMT || 12PM to 3AM EST (Cave Time)

IOUs accepted on a case-by-case basis.

BUILDING A PYGMY ARMY! All breeds/genders/lineages wanted!

If you have hatchlings that you're willing to trade, PM me~

ScrollCB CodesCB Name Codes • Pygmy Army • Icy Holiday Project

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    The apocalyptic wastelands of tomorrow!
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    Collector of icy holiday checkers, leader of tiny dragons and neat code geek.

    If you ever need a 3G common from a holiday x Ice, Winter or Frostbite checker, feel free to give me a poke. I'm always happy to breed what I have for free.

    Always open to IOUs/trades for pairs I'm missing. (See the list below.)

    *=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=Missing Ice/Winter/Frostbite Holiday Checkers:
    Starsinger x Ice, Winter, Frostbite (2G Starsinger)

    Male Arcana x Ice, Winter, Frostbite (2G Arcana)
    Female Arcana x Ice, Winter, Frostbite (2G Arcana)

    Alt Sweetling x Winter, Frostbite (3G common) **Pending**
    Val Sakuhana x Ice, Winter, Frostbite (2G Sakuhana)

    *=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=DR Stuff
    Star Signer Wyvern (WIP, spriting)
    Skirra Wyvern Hybrid (WIP, sketches)
    Red Drake/Spindle Drake (SockPuppet Strangler - WIP, sketches)

    ====Others - Credited
    Lilac Pygmy (amthystfire - Shading edits)
    Long-Eared Dragon (owlion - Redline/redraw)
    Revanant Dragon (Fun2HavRound - Pygmy sketches)

    ====Others - No credit wanted
    Pygmy Golden Dragon (TerraAnne - Color fixes)
    The Drake Diversification Project - Sabertooth Drake (Shokomon & others - Flats)

    -----Notes to self:
    If you think I've missed you, give me a poke and I'll double check my PM archives.

    DONE: WraithZephyr -> 2nd Gen Silver x Val '09
    DONE: LunarMoonlite <- CB Green Copper/2nd Gen Gold x Mint
    DONE: TOP -> 2nd Gen Silver x Alt Sweetling
    DONE: LibbyLishly <- 4th Gen SW x Tsunami (2015)
    DONE: chajava -> Red hatchling
    DONE: Emeraldmay --- 3rd Gen Winter Magi x Rosebud bloodswap.
    DONE: Torkie10 <- 3rd Gen (Stair) from M'al
    DONE: s0r0k4 -> 5 CB Autumn Hatchlings
    DONE: grammydragon -> 4/4 CB Frostbite/Stone Hatchlings
    DONE: hpenchantress -> 5/5 CB Frostbite/Stone Hatchlings
    Canceled: The_Bucket -> 1/12 CB Frostbite/Stone Hatchlings?
    Canceled: The_Bucket <- 3rd Gen (EG) from M'al
    DONE: Areous -> 4 Ribbons/WMs from Winter/Ice/Frostbite
    DONE: s0r0k4 -> 1-2 CB Winters
    DONE: s0r0k4 <- 3rd Gen (EG) from M'al - No egg, 12/30 ;; Gold, 1/6 ;; Tin, 1/13
    DONE: celis <- 3rd Gen (Stair) from M'al - No egg, 1/20 (No eggs, 10/30 and 11/7)
    DONE: Syferia -> 8/8 CB Stone Hatchlings
    DONE: Puredark006 -> 2nd Gen Frostbite Prizekin
    DONE: Miral -> 2nd Gen Solstice (Night) x Ice
    DONE: Miral <- 2nd Gen Wrapping Wing x Undine
    DONE: Dragon p --- 3rd Gen Winter Magi x Rosebud bloodswap.
    DONE: Shirosaki_Gin -> 4/4 CB Stone Hatchlings
    DONE: charlottekay62 -> 8/8 CB Frostbites/Luminas
    DONE: After Holidays: WWECornSerpent <- 3rd Gen Lunar from M'al
    DONE: WWECornSerpent -> 3rd Gen Silver from Moonfall
    ???: After Holidays: Enderkid <- CB Thalassa + Mageia (Thalassa done, Mageia sent Dec. 31st and grew up Jan. 5th. [O3spr])
    DONE: Arella -> 2nd Gen Silver x Alt Sweetling
    ???: Limn <- 2nd Gen Gold Lunar x Radiant Angel
    DONE: thenameisplissken -> 20/20 pygmy hatchlings
    DONE: Sylvan_Moon -> 2/2 Frost, 2/2 Lumi, 2/2 Purp
    DONE: AngelsSin -> 3G Silver x Marrow (f) or Cavern Lurker (f) checker
    DONE: bloodonmyfangs <- (RQ) 3rd Gen Nebula x Solstice checker
    DONE: Confused Cat <- (RQ) 3G Winter x SA
    DONE: Naughtrish <- 5G Dark Myst x Pumpkin (f) checker
    DONE: WoLfgIrLyS <- 3G from Mal (stair). (12/14, no egg)
    DONE: Painter -> Mistletoe x Winter, influ. male
    DONE: tishavara -> 2nd Gen (f) Frost from Frost x Mistletoe
    DONE: WWECornSerpent -> Frost x Heartseeking, Arsani
    DONE: Daiyachiri -> Frost x Rosebud, Radiant Angel
    DONE: Varekis -> Frost x (f) Marrow, (f) SW + Winter x (f) CL, (m) Desipis
    DONE: thenameisplissken -> Frost x Val '09 + Winter x (f) Marrow, (m) Caligene + Ice x Val '09?
    artiuslove <- Something special! (For 3G *Winter x G SA*)
    DONE: Feesh (IRC) <- Also something special. (Checker?) <3
    DONE: yukiblue --- 3G Silver x Sweetling w/ Alt base
    DONE: Varnayrah <- 3G RB x Heartstealing checker (cooldown ends Apr 26 ~6:33 PM)

    Isotta - M Holly Winter Checker

    Falconiform x Waterhorse?
    Frostbite x Geode (f)?
    Arsani x Mint?

    My wishlist post:


    Old project notes:
    *=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=RA Nebula Checkers - On Hold
    =====Purple Nebula x Brute
    CB Nebulas: 4/4 DONE!
    CB Brutes: 4/4 DONE!

    2nd Gen Nebulas: 0/2
    2nd Gen Brutes: 2/2 DONE!

    =====Blue Nebula x Red-finned Tidal
    CB Nebulas: 4/4 DONE!
    CB Red-finned Tidals: 4/4 DONE!

    2nd Gen Nebulas: 0/2
    2nd Gen Red-finned Tidals: 2/2 DONE!

    =====Green Nebula x Spotted Greenwing
    CB Nebulas: 4/4 DONE!
    CB Spotted Greenwings: 4/4 DONE!

    2nd Gen Nebulas: 0/2
    2nd Gen Spotted Greenwings: 2/2 DONE!

    =====Red Nebula x Red Copper
    CB Nebulas: 3/4
    CB Coppers: 4/4 DONE!

    2nd Gen Nebulas: 1/2
    2nd Gen Coppers: 2/2 DONE!

    *=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=RA Seasonal Spiral - On Hold
    Current Seasonals: Autumns x Winters
    Current Generation: 35th (kKqzT)

    Past Projects:
    Winter x Moonstone checker mirror (Vrs. Moonstone) - DONE 5-4-14! (fqUGR)
    Summer x Lumina checker mirror (Vrs. Lumina) - DONE ! ()

    (Updated: 3-18-16)