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    Concerning the Tinsel:

    - Ornixen is a male silver Tinsel.

    - 2G prize request is CLOSED.

    - 2G prizefail list is CLOSED.

    The prizekins are basically free to gift unless his mate is a metallic. Although I would be very grateful if you could fulfill one of my wishes as exchange, but it's not obligated really.

    His current breeding cycle involving:
    1. Bleeding Moon
    2. Daydream
    3. Bright-Breasted

    His next three mates are:
    4. Mistletoe

    | Ornixen's breeding log:
    | https://docs.zoho.com/file/mo2jq383bdd762bac40fabe62600d282b714e

    x x x


    -----Primary / perhaps-----
    Caveborn Xenowyrms

    ----Secondary / maybe----
    Caveborn Metallics just like everyone else. Never been able to catch a caveborn Gold...

    ----Useful but dispensable / Holidays----
    /not interested in these anymore/

    x x x