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    My brain is trash and I live on the internet
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    I name all my dragons except for those with special codes.
    I took the Aegis oath.

    My suggestions:


    Things I collect/breed:
    - Even gen lineages
    - CB dragons with cool codes
    - Z dragons
    - CB dragons (standard breedable only) with "fox" codes to continue this lineage: https://dragcave.net/lineage/e06SM

    List of "fox" dragons waiting for perfect mates: http://confuseddragons.com/foxcodes.html (NOT UP TO DATE)

    Things I'm not actively looking for:
    - Unbreedables
    - Stair and spiral lineages

    Here's a list of my CB holiday / limited dragons:

    PM if you need a 2nd gen non-holiday from them. The only problem will be to find a time when my scroll is not locked. ;)

    (I don't do holiday IOUs though. Holiday planning is too challenging already...)

    I like Star Trek and country music, among other things.
    I didn't enter my date of birth here, but in case you were wondering, I was born in 1978. I still don't feel grown up.


    Things that happen in my brain while I type PMs:
    Where do I place that emoticon to make sure the recipient gets the exact message I want to send? Should my message be shorter because they don't want to read that much? Or more detailed because otherwise there might be misunderstandings? Do they expect me to say or do something I'm not thinking of right now? Will they hate me if I say something wrong? Do they already think I'm stupid because of something I previously said? Am I being weird? Why did it take me 30 minutes to type 3 lines of text?


    I think I've been on DC at least once a day without an exception for years now. (Not always on the forums, but always checking my scroll.) If I ever "disappear" from DC without a note here or in my signature for so long that there are no growing things on my scroll, something unexpected must have happened in my life. There's no specific unexpected thing I'm expecting (lol) to happen; I'm just writing this to have _some_ sort of information here "just in case".