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Dragon Codes V2.0

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we want more funny codes!!! lol what else can i put.



-Don't post others dragons, post only ones you own-

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My husband got a '10 Christmas dragon with the code 1feb


Now that is not that amazing - until I tell u that my Bday is the 1st of feb - tell me - HOW WEIRD IS THAT

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Link to post - Oh ---- -Martians! - sounds like a grunt - looks like a crying face with one ear


tongue.gif I have some more, but if I open any more tabs the laptop will crash. xd.png




has a name and descrip. to go along with it. tongue.gif

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i found:

beAf- grown water walker

Go0n -frozen black

WaND - Grown white

4Rew - grown water horse

UpFc - Sweetling dragon o.o'

BOBI - grown wave runner

wile scanning my dragons

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I grabbed a mint off the AP just for its code - mnte (caps changed) tongue.gif Expect it to be named with some minty/mnte pun...

Well, that's a coinkidink. I have a lot of mints with odd codes.

LAJH- Dosen't really count, but it made me think 'lag'. Lagmonster something?

SmDX-sm=first 2 letters in 'smiley. DX, you should know.

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I just grabbed a Pink with the Infl Code.

Probably Infl. = the beginning of Influence, maybe that dragon loves to influence genders x3

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Fold - A sweetling in one of my shallow water's lineages

LINt - A magi in my red stripe's lineage

CheF - A vine/dark green in one of my black's lineages

MoRg - ^ A silver from the same lineage. He wants to work in a morgue ._.

then there's 2 of my black dragons:

Sr0W - she's sad all the time :c

sktl - she loves skittles lD

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9dAd - Ninth Dad or so


6BAG - six Bag


09E1 - Egg from 2009/ '09egg (Ei is german and means egg. "Funny" thing is: its an egg from 2010.


MDN5 - Mond 5 (Mond is german and means moon)


PnkH - Punk


1h2n - H1N2


rp01 - Rip '01


suN2 - Sun 2


FkK7 - Naturist zone 7 (Fkk is a german short form for naturism)


Aeeo - from aerodynamic or so


BUKI - a name from a video game.


NAS8 - i dont know why, I always read "NASA"


kGoD - k... something God


SMk8 - Smoke


That are mine. If you want to see which Dragon it is - the Codes are correct, i think.






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My Dragon Codes:


Snow Angel has the code of: LCOW

Split has : PPuR laugh.gif

One of my blacks has: ombE

Alt Black: eGro

Alt Black 2: eVap


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LgeE, my Christmas '10 dragon. Laggy. It's funny because I caught her on the laggiest computer I've ever been on x3 (No joke, it froze right after I got her).


And I just bred an egg from my Ice/Winter Seasonal pair- D0DO. WHY DID THEY GIVE ME THE EGG OF AN EXTINCT BIRD?

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One of my stripes had the code Dork...xd.png

I had one of it's children, and I gave it to my friend who thought it was hilarious xDDD She named it son of Dork or something like that xd.png



I got a white with the code Thnk. Think! xd.png

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