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    -I accept IOUs on a case by case basis.
    -I take breeding requests (Non-Metallic <- will do swaps for those instead)
    - Snow Angels: Tri-Colored
    - Sweetlings: Pink

    (LAST UPDATED: 11- 16 - 17)


    2G Prizefails needed:
    -Winter Magi from Female Bronze Shimmer (for Weatherwise)

    -Nhiostrife from Female Silver Shimmer (for Diva Zoe)

    -Silver Lunar Herald from Female Gold Tinsel (for Golden Altar)

    -3g Avatar from Female Avatar x Male Gold checker

    ||Need Following Holiday Maters||:

    - 3G Green Nebula from Rosebud x Green Nebula


    Angelicdragonpuppy - Holly sibling to https://dragcave.net/lineage/YkcQq
    jerzeeshadow - 2 x Wrapping Wings from Scripts (Both Wrapping Wings taken)

    - The trades/requests for off-season commons are CLOSED.
    - I am not taking HOLLY requests at the moment. (seriously does this option ever change?)
    x Gold - J

    - I prefer to put up eggs for trade when I actually have them vs. having a waiting list.
    - You *can* PM me with trades/swaps, but please don't take it personally if I decline.
    - tinselKINs are case by case. I'll usually be looking for a swap or some other bred common for these.