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AScrollLinkDragon.png firegem.png shoko.png Checker%20Database%20Tan%202.png  santa.png - Secret Santa

This year Valentine's: Looking for a Soulstone egg from Bronze Tinsel

Can offer a Valentine tinselkin from female Silver Tinsel x Any Male Valentine breed of your choice in return

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    -I accept IOUs on a case by case basis.
    -I take breeding requests
    - Snow Angels: Tri-Colored
    - Sweetlings: Pink
    - Aegises: One perma-Enraged, one perma-Pacified

    (LAST UPDATED: 01 - 15 - 18)


    - 2G Avatar from Female GoN x Male Gold (cuz I only have 1 female GoN)
    2G Prizekins needed:
    - Winter Magi from Female Bronze Shimmer (for Weatherwise)
    - Nhiostrife from Female Silver Shimmer (for Diva Zoe)
    - Celestial from Male Silver Shimmer (for Tomater)
    - Silver Lunar Herald from Female Gold Tinsel (for Golden Altar)
    - Soulstone (Val'17) from Male Bronze Tinsel (for Ylven Oractaniom)

    ||Need Following Holiday Maters||:

    - 3G Green Nebula from Rosebud x Green Nebula

    - 2G Green Fire Gem from Male Green Fire Gem x Female Witchlight

    - 2G Monarch from Ribbon Dancer
    - 2G Green Fire Gem from Ribbon Dancer
    - 2G Blue Fire Germ from Ribbon Dancer

    - 2G Blue Fire Gem from Snow
    - 2G Gold Lunar Herald from Snow (x 2!)
    - 2G Frostbite from Snow

    - 3G Bolt from Enraged Aegis checker
    - 3G Monarch from Pacified Aegis checker



    angelicdragonpuppy - Heartseeker sibling to https://dragcave.net/lineage/NRitJ

    and the 2nd CB Holly now too.

    - The trades/requests for off-season eggs are OPEN.
    - Would like a 2G Monarch egg from Male Holly

    - Looking for a HOLLY IOU for a Bloodswap from M Holly x F Silver Tinsel for Christmas '18
    (possibly found? Run interest check with prpldrgnfr a few months before X-Mas)

    - Trades currently CLOSED with the exception of a prizeswap for Tinsel egg from Female Silver Tinsel x Male Holly
    - Prize-kin requests are OPEN to Secret Santa participants needing help with their giftee's wishlists. PM and we'll see what we can figure out

    (for Soulstone from 1FE5W) x ?? - AM//PM after SS is done with