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    "A nut for a jar of tuna." Now read it backwards.
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157zps4.gif35k0o4m.jpg 2ntl2cj.png14vtp8h.jpg2cpdeah.jpg1081.png DoubleGoldstar5.png"Wednesday has been canceled due to a scheduling potato." ~ SockPuppetStrangler | I accept reasonable IOUs.A HUGE thank-you to Qualeo for surprise gifting me my first ever CB gold! I am in the GMT-7 (Cave Time - 2) timezone.

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    Utah, USA (moved from Ohio in June 2013)
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    I am in the USA Mountain Time Zone (GMT-7, or 2 hours behind cave time). I love books (and thus bookstores and libraries), Marvel superheroes, Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis (but not SGU), learning German (and I want to be clear that I AM still learning), Sherlock (both the BBC show and the books by Arthur Conan Doyle), Doctor Who, Lilo & Stitch, ThePianoGuys and Lindsey Stirling, cats, snakes, frogs, birdwatching, fishing, praying mantises, icecream, funny T-shirts, Lego video games, word games, and puns. I do not like horror movies that are actually scary, plain tomatoes, super-high heels, mosquitoes, ticks, big scary spiders (but I like fuzzy little jumping spiders), and being short. (But there's nothing I can do about that, unfortunately.)

    I accept reasonable IOUs--things you've been able to breed before or can prove you have the capability to breed. I also accept IOUs of alts like gendered nebulas, blacks, or vines. If you need clarification or want to offer me an IOU please PM me. I answer all PMs and do not bite, despite the banner in my sig that says I do. :)

    I collect CB and PB EG whiptails, pillows, and reg blacks and could always use more purples for their fertility BSA. I also like PB EG seasonals whose lineages are one season per generation (for example, a 4th-gen winter whose CB ancestors are springs, 2nd-gen grandparents are summers, and 3rd-gen parents are autumns) and metal x common checkers and stairs/spirals. I'm still missing a lot of tinsel and shimmer lines, so I am always looking for new ones. I am usually willing to breed my dragons for free, but I cannot guarantee the speed with which any pair will produce the egg you want. (My scroll name is the same as here on the forum, MissVampire13.)