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Happy Valentine's 2018 Trading Thread!

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A 3g Arsani x Moonstone checker that's questioning her mortality. Perhaps you can help her find the answer?


.gif yDie7


Offer anything really. I like pretty lineages :)

Make an offer!


Bump! Still here :) send a PM if you want a prompt response!

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Have: Bunches of pretty sweetling hatchies from pink sweetlings


Want: (Preferably nice) Sweetling hatchies or eggs from alt sweetlings


3rd gen even with alt grandparent/marrows/pink sweetlings


4th gen even with alt great grandparents/blacks/alt blacks/pink sweetlings


3rd gen even with thalassas


4th gen even with blue nebulas


2nd gen from silver - Traded--tickled pink because I bred this one ;) Now available for trade below.


Have: 3rd gen from alt sweetling with blacks


Want: Other sweetlings from alt fathers


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user posted image 2nd G Sweetling from Alt Sweetling x Monarch (offer here or PM)

Want: a different 2nd G Sweetling from Alt Sweetling pairing, preferably from a red-colored dragon (esp. pyralspite)? maybe?

I'm inclined to hang onto this, but I am definitely open to a swap if the parents are named / or the pair looks good together.

**(This egg hatched, but it's still up for trade as a hatchling. I'm really busy tonight so I don't want to edit in a link right now, so just PM me, thanks!)

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Seeking the following 2G Mutamores (x Green Gemshard): 

ggvf9 & pp9BD


Offering: 1 CB Silver Hatchie for each:


CB Silver Teleport Link 1 : Clicky

CB Silver Teleport Link 2 : Clicky


Only seeking these two specific eggs. Hoping that I can manage to reunite with these 2 auto-abandoned offspring! 

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I Have:

2G RA from Caligene || Teleport

2G Mutamore from Spinel || Teleport

2G Heartstealing from Skyshard || Teleport

2G RA from Pillow || Teleport


ALSO HAVE: 2G Heartstealing from Holly


I Want:

>> 2G Radiant Angel from Gaia - I am looking for descendants of specific dragons, so if you have this pairing please offer or PM and I will check

>> 2G Mutamore from Jadeshard (green Gemshard) - the same applies for this

Will combine for the above if the baby is from the right parents

>> 2G Soulstones (I don't know what pairings I'm after, but offer away and I will accept if I like it or decline if I don't) edit: Soulstone from Speckle-Throat

>> Arsani from purple Neb (will decline if related to my dragons)

>> Sweetling from Hellfire (will decline if related to my dragons)

>> Other offers! Valentines offers are welcome, although I'm unlikely to accept high gen offers of pairings I haven't mentioned. Non-Valentines offers are also welcome!


I will combine for a 2G Radiant Angel from Spriter's Alt x Kingcrowne (not S e p h i r o t h) or 2G Prize/kin. PM me about the Hollykin!


:wub: Thank! :wub:

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Have :


2nd gen ~ Valentine_hatchi.gif ~ lineage: gdinM.png.2e965e61ed89236a23dbd1345392b043.png


3rd gen ~ Valentine_hatchi.gif ~ all number code: 11910



Want :


 2nd gen Val '09 egg or hatchling with bsa pink parent


best offers of messy lineaged,3rd gen or higher mutamore hatchlings for freezing ~ Mutamore_hatchi.gif ~o~ Mutamore_mature_hatchi.gif  ~


open to other nice offers



Trade: 2nd gen ~o~ 3rd gen?  



Thanks in advanced!! ^__^

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Rosebud_hatchi.gif 2nd gen Rosebud from Gaia, named parents - Offer here!



Rosebud_egg.gif Different 2nd gen Rosebud - would love one from Stone unrelated to her. Will decline pairings I don't like or already have.

Rosebud_egg.gif Radiant_Angel_egg.png Checker from the following list, unrelated to the linked line:

- 3rd gen Rosebud x Gold Lunar Herald

- 3rd gen Rosebud x Green Gemshard

- 3rd gen Rosebud x Spirit Ward

- 3rd gen Rosebud x Celestial

- 4th gen Rosebud x Falconiform

- 4th gen Rosebud x Indigo Lunar Herald

- 4th gen Rosebud x Purple Ridgewing

- 4th gen Rosebud x Chrono Xenowyrm

- 5th gen Rosebud x Nhiostrife

- 5th gen Rosebud x Neotropical

- 5th gen Radiant Angel x Desipis

Mystery.gif Rosebud_egg.gif Any nice Valentine, 2nd gen or checker, especially something I can breed an unrelated mate for. (Rosebuds. <3). Will decline pairings I don't like or already have.





Vday_2018_s1.gif CB New Valentine hatchie from Volcano, stolen on the 14th - Offer here!



Vday_2018_s1.gif CB New Valentine hatchie from another biome, stolen on the 14th

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-freezable Radiant angel s1 hatchie, 5d0h (so you can have it gender easily). https://dragcave.net/teleport/4913c8f39021476e2c78023f1cc17a8b




-s2 mutamore or heart stealing hatchie, (or s1 hatchie which is close to or under 5d) or a mate for one of the things from below:






radiant angel

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3G Heartseeker from both Heartseeker and Ribbon Dancer Spriter's Alts




Another 3G from 4 Spriter's Alts, particularly one from both Wrapping Wing and Hearstealing Spriter's Alts


Please PM me, as the egg is fogged for safety.

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have Rosebud_egg.gif    incuhatchable 2g rosebud x gold



soulstone x gold lunar

rosebud x silver lunar, gaia,  purple nebula, silver, almandine, ice, shadow walker

heartstealer x green gemshard, striped river, chrono, gaia



Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

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Soulstone_hatchi.png 2nd-gen soulstone from blusang. https://dragcave.net/teleport/6fa14607594a0ecc9c109ca0e3bdbb6a

Soulstone_hatchi.png 2nd-gen soulstone from purple. https://dragcave.net/teleport/3f4832fc04554907ec7e38f05909ee52

Soulstone_hatchi.png Messy soulstone hatchling for freezing. https://dragcave.net/teleport/47b0908cb546822ae8dba9ea78daae98



Other 2nd-gen Valentines, nicely named parents only. In specific:


SOULSTONES: from albino, black, blacktip, carmine, diamond, ember, blue firegem, harvest, lumina, silver lunar, nhiostrife, nocturne, almandine, red, purple ridgewing, royal crimson, winter, shadowwalker, spirit ward, sunrise, sweetling, thunder, tsunami

VAL 09: albino, celestial, electric, lurker, marrow, moonstone, nocturne, skywing, spirit ward, stripe, tsunami, undine, water, waterhorse, GoN

SWEETLINGS: antarean, brute, canopy, coastal, deepsea, red dorsal, red firegem, blue gemshard, hellfire, lumina, nhiostrife, nocturne, purple ridgewing, royal blue, soulstone, swallowtail, tea, terra, undine, black zyu, pink zyu, red zyu, GoN

ROSEBUDS: antarean, azure, lumina, red, striped river, terra, undine, pink zyu

HEARTSEEKER: cassare, frost


HEARTSTEALER: horse, pink, spring

MUTAMORE: blue gemshard, horse, lumina, royal crimson, spring


Also accepting CB xenos and zyus.


PM me or offer on the links, thanks!

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Trade 1


Heartseeker_egg.gif 2G Heartseeker Silver Tinsel-kin


Trade 2


Sweetling_egg.gif 2G Sweetling x Winter


Sweetling_hatchi.gif 2G Sweetling x Aria, stunned


Sweetling_hatchi.gif 3G Sweetling x White checker, stunned 


Heartstealing_hatchi.gif 2G Heartstealing x White, stunned


Trade 3


Mutamore_egg.gif 3G Mutamore x GOLD-winged Snow Angel checker, with 1 SA Mutamore in the lineage




For Trade 1,


Mystery.gif 3G Snow Angel sibling to the Mutamore of my trade 3 (I was lucky enough to catch another egg with the same lineage but from another SA Mutamore, so it would be great if I can get a Snow Angel as its mate; the purple line in the sig applies)


Heartseeker_egg.gif 2G Heartseeker from CB Gold Tinsel or Shimmer


Mystery.gif 2G Valentine (or other Holidays) from Spriter's Alt / CB Prize / CB HM (may be a little picky about the latter two offers, but feel free to offer, I'll respond ASAP; the purple line in the sig also applies)


2G Heartseeker Tinsel-kin


For Trade 2,


1 : 1 (You : Me) for


Sweetling_egg.gif  2G Sweetling from SOULSTONE unrelated to FRZEn  (preferably the parents to be named without "cb" in the names) 


Soulstone_egg.png 2G Soulstone from HEARTSEEKER unrelated to XibWR, or other pairings, especially from GOLD/Aria/Brute/Golden Wyvern/STD/Teimarr/Blue Fire Gem or Zyumorph  (preferably the CB parents to be named without "cb" in the names)


1 : 2 (You : Me) for


Radiant_Angel_egg.png 5G Radiant Angel x Silver Shimmer checker, unrelated to uqtxj


Radiant_Angel_egg.png 3G Radiant Angel x Gold Tinsel checkerunrelated to Borg Queen & Gold Epica


Arsani_egg.gif 3G Arsani x Bronze Tinsel checker, unrelated to Army & Galletian Victory


Heartstealing_egg.png 3G Heartstealer x Gold Shimmer checker, unrelated to Endless Butter & N2K14


2G Sweetling x Winter

2G Sweetling x Aria

3G Sweetling x White

2G Heartstealing x White


For Trade 3,


1 : 1 (You : Me) for


Mystery.gif 3G Snow Angel sibling to this Mutamore (I was lucky enough to catch another egg with the same lineage but from another SA Mutamore, so it would be great if I can get a Snow Angel as its mate)


Mystery.gif ANY one of my wants above, may combine for the right offer


For Trade 1 + 3,


Mystery.gif Any CB Valentine with ALL-NUMBER or FIVE-LETTER WORD/NAME code


Please PM me if you want multiple of my offer, I'll answer ASAP.

Would gladly breed the future Prize offspring in return if you could help with my Valentine x Prize checkers.

Thanks for your time reading this post and considering!


3G Mutamore x Snow Angel

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Soulstone_hatchi.png  2G from Silver  -traded- Thank you! ^-^

Soulstone_egg.png  2G from Gold  -keeping-

Soulstone_hatchi.png   2G from Gold  -gone-

Soulstone_hatchi.png    2G from Golden Wyvern  -gone-

Soulstone_hatchi.png   2G from Golden Wyvern  -gone-


Want: (wiling to combine; also highly tempted to keep the two from Golds)

Mutamore_egg.gif 2G Mutamore x bronze Tinsel for Bronze Cupid

Mutamore_egg.gif 2G Mutamore x Silver

Soulstone_egg.png 2G from green Copper (<--- priority)

Heartstealing_egg.png 3G Heartstealer from red Dorsal (will consider 2g unrelated to this)

Heartstealing_egg.png 2G and 3G Heartstealer from red Gemshard (unrelated to this)

Rosebud_egg.gif 2G Rosebud from Gold (unrelated to this)

Heartseeker_egg.gif 2G Heartseeker from Royal Crimson (unrelated to this)

2G bronze Tinsel x Soulstone as a mate for this


Willing to consider other offers - will decline those I'm not interested in - bonus to whoever can offer a 2G and 3G of the same but unrelated lineage (example 3G and example 2G)

(I will be unavailable for a few hours for reasons - PM me if you feel your offer is urgent)

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